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Simon Ryan Apr 9
She does too much in a way always caring
Big heart inside she’s forever sharing
She can’t see her angels but there here protecting and appearing
for her love and pain there cheering.
She has a wild side too she is a lioness at heart, her love is real no end when it starts
Her love will never depart she sliced a side in me like a cherry ****, she’s the cherry to
The love of my being, her beauty is something my eyes have never seen, the sky is bright blue the fresh grass is green she’s my divine nature she’s my gorgeous queen
Words for my love. ❤️
Simon Ryan Apr 8
There’s a light in the darkness we can’t yet seem to see
There’s a deeper unknown behind the words you and me
Perfect we aren’t there’s no need to be
We’re a lot more powerful at nature than our problems and fees
We can shine as bright as the sun and feel as strong as the trees
We struggle when we feel our chest tighten and start to squeeze
We can feel frightened when our mind is weak and words tend to freeze
What lies behind our fear is a care free loving being with a gentle breeze
Random thoughts again or should I say mysterious.. I love mysterious ways and discovery’s, find your purpose and you find your way..
Simon Ryan Apr 7
Let the pain stay
From night to day
The wall is here for your back to stay
put your hands close and begin to pray  
This pain will hold you if you let it
This pain will resent you don’t forget it
Maybe by staying it teaches you things
With all the nasty thoughts it brings
Putting your mind in Cheerio rings
Maybe it’s a dark friend waving hello
Showing you pain for you to let go
So for now let it stay
Tomorrow is another painful beautiful day
Wrote this piece about personal pain I held in too long and finally realized it was my friend teaching me life lessons all along #pain #wisdom #life #poetry
Simon Ryan Apr 7
There’s a sweet beauty behind pain called peace, a feeling that brings joy and the lift of stress release, a stressed mindset can lead to misery and doubt leading us astray with no love around or about, we suffer in our mind from letting it control our well being and behavior little do we know god is watching and protecting us as our forever savior, stay strong through any confusion your here for purpose not your minds illusion,
This is a short piece about how our mind can play tricks on us sometimes and take away our day to day joy! Let me know what ye think of anyone has opinions. Thank you

— The End —