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H N Aki May 30
How can the world survive us?
How could it still turn without us there?
How will mountains climb to the heights?
How will the birds soar through the skies?

Will they cease to be once we're gone?
For nothing can survive without us, right?
Don't the heavens circle around us?
Won't the very universe crumble with the last of us to die?

Maybe the seas will turn to sand?
Could the forests wilt and burn?
So, they'll try to live on?
Maybe we can take it all with us?

Have we hidden the truth in veils of deceit?
Did we really make them ourselves?
It's not just part of our nature?
Then how can we change?

We should learn how to live?
And that will teach us how to die?
We'll find the answer on the other side?
Are you sure there's something after this?

Who will we see?
What will we do?
Don't you know how scared we are?
Have YOU ever seen what's there?

...I guess there's only one way to find out, huh?
I should wait for my time?
Live life to the fullest, you say?
I need to love?

Then I guess I'll try...
H N Aki May 14
We live within a world full of glass.
Where light and sight
are strayed when they pass...

The things we see;
monsters that loom...
Twisted creatures all around me.

Razor shards sting;
gashes with each step.
Screams from the people ring.

through the pieces lives the demons face.
A terrible, ungodly sight.
Yet, it took me to a familiar place.

Just then became plain to see
the closer I came to the shard.
This is a world of mirrors

The creature is me.
Sometimes we have to remember to look and realize that we have demons. It's the best way to keep them at bay.
H N Aki Jul 2018
Light. Keeper of all become cleansed.
Ward of the worthy.
Guardian of the good.
Blanketing all with radiance.
True kindling to the soul.

But what of those without?
Those with spirits dragged throughout.
Wandering about...

Ones without eyes for the light
Who live in fright. the night.
H N Aki Jul 2018
Maybe the day
When I open my eyes
And the crumbled world
Rests beneath the skies
I'll see you.

Maybe the moment
When I speak your name
The distance closes
And you do the same
I'll know you.

Maybe the season
That breathes life anew
Breeds and blooms
And brings forth the dew
It leads to you.

Maybe the era
When time is bygone
No more twilight
And no more dawn
I'll remember you.

...Maybe the hope
That still burns true
Will let me look in those eyes
of Cerulean Blue.
This is something small, currently.
Yet, it flourishes.
H N Aki Dec 2017
The haze caused by the Southern Fall
pales to shade cast in your heart
once bright
once beaming
now covers
it veils like the dead of night

Whatever happened to those eyes I once knew
of deep cerulean blue
that cut through the midnight air
and lit up my whole life?

Yet cold stares are all I now see
shown from you
and carried to me
when I gave you my all
made you my sky
and gave to you wings
that you needed to fly

And here mine lie
not able to spread
singed and scorched
from what I thought was my sun

Though now I know
in all of my pain
that this wasn't love
so to forever let it go
onto there let it burn.

You were never worth
what I thought of you.
when the heart speaks the mind listens. ...and when it screams, the mind derides.  ...The title is spelled correctly, by the way.
H N Aki Sep 2017
Do we strive to thrive?
or strive to only survive?

What guides the waves
to our destined shores?

Do we will it well?
Or do we disdain and abhor?
H N Aki Aug 2017
Rise and raise
both head and heart
name and nation
to the cause.

Futility felt
through bone and bruise
by man against Machine
Our arduous war.

Struggle and strive
for life and liberty
from dark and death
by giving your hand.

Now is the time to fight.
Roar through like boisterous levin
with steady swords anchored souls
Stand tall and shake the heavens.
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