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May 30
How can the world survive us?
How could it still turn without us there?
How will mountains climb to the heights?
How will the birds soar through the skies?

Will they cease to be once we're gone?
For nothing can survive without us, right?
Don't the heavens circle around us?
Won't the very universe crumble with the last of us to die?

Maybe the seas will turn to sand?
Could the forests wilt and burn?
So, they'll try to live on?
Maybe we can take it all with us?

Have we hidden the truth in veils of deceit?
Did we really make them ourselves?
It's not just part of our nature?
Then how can we change?

We should learn how to live?
And that will teach us how to die?
We'll find the answer on the other side?
Are you sure there's something after this?

Who will we see?
What will we do?
Don't you know how scared we are?
Have YOU ever seen what's there?

...I guess there's only one way to find out, huh?
I should wait for my time?
Live life to the fullest, you say?
I need to love?

Then I guess I'll try...
H N Aki
Written by
H N Aki  M/Side 3
(M/Side 3)   
     Fawn and mercy party
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