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H N Aki Aug 2017
can love
do to our souls
that hate

the fires
of passion within
and burn

can hate
do to our eyes
that love

with shade
the purity of life
and sully
H N Aki Jul 2017
There's no point in telling a story
In a world that's destined to burn
For what good will it truly do?
...what lessons will we learn?

Take up your pen
Find the fiction you must fake
The world you've made
The life you'll take

With speed of god
Through believer's breath
Glide your pen across the page
And bring about it's death

With the final act in spin
The beginning far from sight
These worlds will surely burn
By The Writer's omnipotent might

The end sees complete
And our scribe sets to leave
But OUR story isn't over
We'll make it, if you believe.
Music played a part in this piece. Hopefully you have a good eye, ******.
H N Aki Jul 2017
Your heart will now fly
from the shackles of your life
to the limits of the sky
by the warmth of your love

for I knew that one day sure
you'd find your way
to something pure
the horizons you've been waiting for

and now...
I strain my sight
as I see you ascend
towards that which is your right
a freedom forevermore...
Ascend onto the moonlight. The only thing pure enough to define your spirit. Maybe the musings of the crazed can one day find its place within the minds of the many. It's very rarely that a gaze can invoke that kind of emotion. ...Even if only seen through circuit and glass.
H N Aki Jun 2017
If June came through
Like December's grizzly chill
Would you still see as brightly
And still sing as true?

And if the Winter thawed today
To reveal Spring's grace
Would pain still strike as deep
And tears still leave your face?
H N Aki Jun 2017
Will we be guided
by the flutter of wings?
Do they take a silken, feathery form
or are they scaled, demonic things?

Will they take us to the clouds
and leave our souls intact?
Or drag us to the abyss
and create The Impact?

Only the wind knows.
H N Aki Jun 2017
Turn to ash, O Great Sea.
For onto thee, hath shadows been cast
Speak with but a whisper, from thy final breath
And eek out life, whilst life still sings
Its solemn requiem.

The stories of man, like ebb and tide
Shalt crash in the rocks; sink beneath sand
Yet once again we shalt mix with the ocean abundant
Stir to a whirl, and choose thy true form
The choice is yours.
H N Aki May 2017
With silken sway
Life passes us by
like bow met by string
and vibrato's slow decay

With the pedal's release
and the damper set in play
the hammer's dulcet tones
grow weaker through the piece

The act reaches end
and another soon begins
whether in this life or the next
music is what makes the spirit mend

Always hold it dear
the music that follows suit
let melody encompass you
and live life without fear.
Chopin's nocturnes always invoke feelings.
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