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The death will cry
when there is no
any one living on
this limited sheet

Oh! Dear Palestine cry ******* crying we believed that the sun will one day fade away.
The cry version of her is
no longer available
Craving essences of inner thoughts
toward picturesque portraits,
to be created by soulful words--
The Artist lets emotions run rampant
through mystical sounds and touches'
A heartfelt design from a whirling frenzy
of mindful notions,
framed into a mosaic which carries this message:
"As long as life perseveres,
there will be fables following us
leading us out of the darkness."
While lilies are asleep
Her dream has taken its wings
A promise of spring
You are the luckiest if your mother-in-law is on your side,
For behind every successful man is his wife and mother-in-law beside her.
You’ll never have someone want you as badly,
until I want you that bad again
I said to my guardian, lover, and friend
as well as many other nouns I could append
as our grins hang profound and in a suspend  
at a duration that knows no end
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Happy Mothers Day/Guardians Day

To all the moms/parental figures who give the world and ask for nothing in return (but deserve the universe)
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