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It's never too late.
The sun also takes
Time to rise,
But the sky
Never remains empty.

- Christian
Go slow but go far, it will be difficult but don’t give up. That’s it, don’t give up.
And with the longest night,
You become
Stronger and heavier.
I have not slept hundreds of nights thinking about her,
But I realized those nights helped me to become stronger and eventually heavier.
Her breath smelled of
Winery Yard,
And the mix of daisies and lilies,
When my lips caressed hers
For the first time.

- Sharlinson N.
I am a monster but you are delicate,
You're beautiful and my darling.
  Sep 2019 Sharlinson Christian
10th July 2017

To My Husband

As I watch your life, slipping away
We share all the things we want to say

We have time to reflect, encourage and love
To be grateful with warmth, to look beyond and above

We remember the good and laugh at the bad
And take time to listen and embrace the sad

It is a rich time, this time that we have
What has been, what is now, is what will be had

As your strength fades, and your eyes slowly dim
We look beyond the body you are in

When death approaches and your final breath taken
We know your spirit, will soar with elation

You will look at this world and say your goodbyes
And peace will take you as you pass through the sky’s

All the best for your journey
Your loving wife
My husband was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer we only had a few months to say goodby and make peace. It was the richest time of our marriage
Love them,

But do not fear losing them.
We might fail in loving back or more often expressing our emotions, but never fear losing them. If they are meant to be with you, they will.

Each end had a beginning

And Every beginning will end.
It starts with a soft hand shake and mostly end with swollen eyes.
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