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Under any light,
I find art within her eyes,
As like stars found in the night's sky,
She's a masterpiece no darkness can hide
Words were merely words--
And only that to me,
Until she became the words--
The words to my poetry
 Jun 20 Shalley
In my dream last night
I was blunt and brave
I have my own voice
In my dream last night
I wasn't afraid to stand alone
And made my own decisions
In my dream last night
I was a puppet who finally cut free
From the strings controlling my behaviour
And have my own muscles
In my dream last night
I have my own capitalized 'I'
 Jun 20 Shalley
 Jun 20 Shalley
my parents warned me about drugs on the street
but never the ones with the chocolate brown eyes and the broken heartbeat
 Jun 20 Shalley
ok okay
I wish winter could stay a little longer
And my dreams could last forever
Thoughts are better left in the past
Just like any other pain
Reality has become a loose connection
My mind tells me stories in the calming rain
Life is torture if you think it is
And I can't think any other way
 Jun 20 Shalley
Infamous one
Feelings within agonizing pain
Doesn't always make sense
Not one to present emotions
Going through the motions
Have spoke for days
Long week days such a daze
Frustrations all time high
Will get through it
Rise overcome the drama
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