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Haley 4d
tonight, what am i to you?
am i a toy?
Haley Jul 6
it was golden in the sky
when the day met the night
Haley Jun 26
they’re cursed
cast down from their families
she, the girl with secrets to bare
he, the boy with the cursed heart
them, the boy and girl with the secrets and the broken heart
they come together to form one beautiful, broken disaster
Haley Jun 26
what has this world come to?
hating each other just by the way we look
criticizing our appearances
judging the way our body look
basing our judgment by what other people think
what has this world come to?
killing each other’s spirts out of love and hate
drowning our sorrows by the bottle
slowly killing ourself by grief
what has this world come?
what happened to love your neighbor as yourself?
what happened to showing kindness through the darkness?
what happened to us?
what has this world come to?
we are better than this
Haley Jun 21
today, i discovered that my life is worth it
today, i discovered that my life means something
today, i discovered that my life paints a picture to this world
i wonder if today is the day that you discover that your life is worth it
#today #life #worthy
Haley Jun 19
my parents warned me about drugs on the street
but never the ones with the chocolate brown eyes and the broken heartbeat
Haley Jun 18
tell me the truth. what makes you beautiful?
is it your hair?
how about your eyes?
maybe your thighs?
could it be your lips?
or could it be the way you dip?
i wonder, is it the way you lock hips?
or is it possible the way you smile?
whatever it is, you are beautiful, inside and out
you are your own galaxy
you are the beauty of today
poetry tells us the beauty of the world. but what about the beauty of the writer? what makes you beautiful?
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