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Haley Dec 2019
every time she laughs, she hopes that he is watching
hoping that he will fall for her smile
just as hard as she fell for his
Haley Dec 2019
i make eye contact with your chocolate eyes
we meet under a cotton candy sky
we fall in-love under a lemonade sun
Haley Dec 2019
some nights, i wonder if you’re looking at the same sunset as me
Haley Dec 2019
standing in a field, the sun beaming on your face
you look so peaceful and at rest
i called your name, hoping you would respond
but you didn’t respond
i ran up to you and called your name again
you looked at me and smiled
but then, you continued to look at the sun as if i wasn’t there
as if you didn’t care
Haley Dec 2019
i feel trapped
caged in my own thoughts
people are staring at me
watching me dance for them in my cage
can’t they see i’m starving
tired of the attention
but they won’t help me
i’m trapped in my head
captured in a cage of my own making
why is my brain still in this cage?
Haley Dec 2019
your words spill in me
your lips tell me your stories
your hair sprinkles memories on my head
your arms ingulf me with y’all tales
you show me things i could never see on my own
Haley Dec 2019
do you look out on the horizon and wonder where does the world starts and end?
do you ever look in the mirror and wonder where your dads eyes are or where your moms hair is?
do you ever read a book and wonder why the characters are the way they are?
because i do that
i question the very world that we live in
why are we here?
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