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  Jan 2018 Sen
Thomas King
How am I
To live a meaningful life
In a world full of misery
Inhumanity and strife

To dodge all the pitfalls
That lead us all to sin
Knowing good and well
It’s a battle we’ll never win

How am I
To be able to cope
In a society full racism
And a world who’s lost hope

To be reassured of a future
Where mankind still has a place
On this planet we have treated
With devastation and disgrace

How am I
To teach my children to cope
To surpass my expectations
Is there even still hope?

Will they be left with a planet
***** and poisoned beyond repair
A wasteland of religious hatred
Do we even really care?

How are “WE”
As a species expect to survive
If we all continue with the mind set
That only “MY” race and religion
Deserve to be alive.
  Dec 2017 Sen
Thomas King
Stuck in this place
Full of empty space
Where the deafening silence
Awaits a verbal embrace

Just one utterance of hope
To be given the strength to cope
And I will unwind the noose
From the end of my rope

Just one ray of light
To regain my sight
To be able to be set free
From all of the anger and fright

Unable to bear
This mask of shame I now wear
To keep living this lie
That anyone will even care

But now it’s too late
My feet now fully off the crate
And my body is now free
From my minds loathing and self hate

— The End —