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Sen Sep 26
I believed in you.
I think we all did.

But you just took the throne;
And became King.

Without me, or them.
We were just pawns, weren't we?

But even so, I was there to provide aid.

I wanted to see you achieve victory..
With me, right by your side.

But I never realized you weren't seeing the same things I was.

How foolish could I be?

But I can't help but think..
If I had just taken the risk, and asked..

Maybe things wouldn't have turned out like this.
Maybe there could've been a different path.

Though I just couldn't see what you were seeing;

A world with no one else.

A world without them.
A world without me.

How foolish could I be?

Then again.. it was my mistake.
But maybe, there was just no choice.

— The End —