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saige Oct 2019
I swear to god if you smile at me like that one more time I will not hesitate to fall in love with you.
I will not hesitate
saige Oct 2019
I know my brain isn't perfect.
There are a lot of things about myself that I'm not brave enough to share yet.
And honestly, that's ok.
My grades don't define me, and they don't decide what I'm capable of
I am a different person than I was before, and I have grown so much.
I am me, and that's the best thing I could be. :)
hey, you're ok. Whatever it is that might be gettin you down, it'll pass over eventually. Read this to yourself, being positive can help more than what you think. You got this. I freaking love you.
saige Sep 2019
Hey, text me when you get home safe.
Please dont drink and drive. And always let the people around you know that you love them. Who knows when they might be gone
saige Sep 2019
I just want you to look at me the way you look at her.
love is a cruel game
  Sep 2019 saige
you say im skinny
but my hands dont wrap around my wrists the same way they use to
And i dont think im okay with that
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