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Bubbling within, smiling without
Wearing silk of Egypt on all the wounds
Presenting on the stage what I suffer them to see
They read the front stage and say it's me
Only if they'd have a breakthrough of the stage,
Raise the curtains and see what's my make
My audience and fan base would shrink

Singing like a nightingale and mourning like a young widow
Chest out to prove strength and heart buried in woes
With glory smeared on the sorrows
We're taught to be gentle in wrath
So like a star, my role I act
But the conflict between self and script is so sharp
If tears were an ocean, there'd be no shore left
No balm seems the ache to soothe
This is my world, yet they have what I give them
The unnatural hunger for knowledge we picked,

Knowledge hunt in which we lose self,

Embracing the being offered by books,

Such a pursuit it is.

We harvest what they plant and rarely plant ours,

It’s a world teaching that knowledge is out there,

Knowledge that needs a refining,

The search keeps growing.

The newest and seeming sound knowledge,

Once researched may be refuted,

We’re rare successes in our job,

Right today, disproved before the morrow.

When counter-evidence makes our knowledge void,

Our fat egos get hurt and deflated,

But by our oath, we accept defeat,

But then we begin other searches.

Hopefully, we’d die before they find out,

That we were false academic prophets,

Like how we fought the ghosts of those gone,

May they continue our ghosts to fight unending.
You asked me to stand strong.
That I ground my foot to earth,
But how firm can my weak limbs hold on to these slippery grounds?

You asked me not to shed tears.
That I hold back my tears and be a man,
But for how long can the weak walls of eyelids hold back the stormy seas of tears from flowing out?

You said, I must show myself a man.
That what I feel always be faked,
But for how long can I fake strength and show might that I don't have?

Can I ask? Is it wrong?
To cry, admit weaknesses and seek help?
Must I always act unhurt, happy and strong even when I'm hurt, crying and weak?
The network that makes you work to enrich owners
It can allow you create personal space too large to fill
It ***** time and you n'ere know it
Keeping your fingers busy and eyes fixed
Feasting on the newest and reviewing the oldest

Suggesting closeness to them that live miles away
Keeping you worlds away from them around you
Smiling, crying, angry and depressed for the unknown
Caring less, annoyed by and disregarding kin to be popular to the world unknown

This network illuminates and misleads, connects and disconnects
Builds the world away and destroys the one here
It sells much folly and offers little wisdom
It is a world outside our world
Very social yet asocial
The title the coward knows is won by commitment to fear
Fear to die to self and be humble to a greater truth than himself
The coward finds for himself solace that travels not beyond himself
He's too scared to trust power greater than what was placed in him

The origin of his power is the truth he has continuously rejected
He knows he's not the greatest yet would not believe there's a greater One
Rushing through life with no desire for the Light
The coward leaves bare his broad chest and begins a muscle show in the dark
Burning others, burying his glory and hurting himself with the pain he hopes to bring some gain to his name

But this coward must not end the day without seeing the light
With every step he nears gently the end with no hope to win
The light keeps waving and yelling for him to yield
This coward must be brave amidst his fierce tears to change his woes
The strongest, skillful, boldest and wisest of men would fail at the end
Unless they accept they're frailty and cleave to His might and Perfection
The bravest knows his woes and calls for help
It's a vow you made
Never to trade your love
Faithful like a Japanese soldier
You kept the orders
The vows gave your life
Protected it as your life
You're stronger than your words
So you kept them all

I smashed it like a glass
You bled from the pieces
Viewed your fragmented image therein
Your grips were firm on it
And my loyalty was absent

My unfaithfulness was the one
That nursed griefs in your heart
But again, your worth shined,
You treasured your vow
My trade was to betray
So I did again

No bait could lure your taste
No hurt made you hate
No failures made you fail
No date was late
So you endured and tarried

Your wounds still hurt
Your tears still run
Yet your commitment so strong
Never did I return
But somewhere out there
You still are waiting
I know, you'd be soothed
You are my betrayed hero
One-way LOVE
This poem may be my worst but tells my best story
It would be sad to me if you don't read on
Don't seek the rhyme scheme nor the vocabulary
Dig deeper to seek the message
The message of this poem is older than this age
It would outlast this age and see beyond the next
To get the message of this poem, patience is vital
This poem was born by an old tale which is new everyday
This poem borrows it's diction from the creator of the author
Unless you agree to be broken or have been broken,
The message of this poem would be useless to you
Never your life continue spending
    and forever forgetting the judgment pending
Never your pains and chains suffer
    and forever a change not dreaming
Never your ways by works strive to build
    and forever  the done work of the cross never believing
Never on your lips praises sing
    and forever His grace a home in your heart denying
Never a day your plans complete
    and forever His face refusing to seek
And never on the pay rely so much
   yet forever a prayer to him not saying
Cos all your spending an end never will see
Till the pending judgment meet
Faith with no faking in Jesus will change your fate
Decisions are incomplete without a complete faith
A reptile just grew out of nothing
In a forest of dried leaves
The parents somewhat weren't at the delivery
Lonely homeless introduction of the young

The harsh world's pressing ******* its tender flesh
Too young to fight but young enough to be hungry
How do you eat in the animal's world without strength?
The old are a sleeping so it crawls their cave in
For the first hunting try out

In search of just little enough to train his toothless mouth
The snakes wiggle and hissed around
The traffic lights of the forest was red
Unsafe driving it is to venture out

He knew no rules of the game and so jumped uproad
Nobody to warn that the cracklings sound nice,
But are deadly!
A venture for a meal turns the baby to a meat!
Dear Sin,
You have always been but rarely is seen
Your bait, Mr Temptation looks great till you get us jailed
The gate of your dungeon is a thing the world’s heart dreams
At last, alas! The devoted captives you own cry
Dear Sin,
We have walked, talked and worked,
Our times together never are less than a mess
But like the fool I was, I loved you in full
All these while swimming in your pool
Believing the lie that told me you’re cool
Dear Sin,
I call you dear not because you are but just so you lend me your ears
Yes! The years we shared in your bed,
The moments when you clad your lies in your wide smiles
Teaching me lust and calling it love
I followed on till you led me astray and ready to be slayed
Dear Sin,
Alone in my heart you made your safe abode
But Dear Sin, today your rent expires
And the tents of your spies are rend
The deep scars you left on my hearts wall,
I’ve found a healer who’d seal
Dear sin,
I miss how you made a toy of the boy I was
Your lessons were costly; I spent a valuable part of me to learn them.
You made me love the now and robbed me of love for the best
But I'm glad to be freed from the capture of your spirito-myopia spell
I'm dead to you yet alive, the One who once for me died, to serve.
Dear sin,
I’m the captive you lost
But I am the happy son He freed
Now at home, I plead to be alone
Away all days from thee and always with Him
His bruises do more than your vices can dream
I resign and signed for Him my life to reign
Forever, Dear sin, dare me not, never!
We confide in you to keep that which their eyes must not see
You are a dress of confidence to us who embrace thee
The princes of Solomon always crave for us because of your wonders
If not for you, our hunters would assume our cracks to be our barrenness
Keep concealing and shielding us till they see the gold in us
In a world presenting a hoisted  stage for our acts,
Surrounded by huge uninvited audience,
Pleasing all the audience would mean a total disregard for your script, That is disobeying your programs Director.
The desire to amuse audience is great
But greater is the need to not forget the script from the Director
Remember because He recruited you into His crew,
He owns the right to question your performance after all the play is done
I guess I have stayed in Europe for years and enduring dishes strange to my tongue
But I believe this isn't it because I can feel the sun doing what it does best to our skins
The cravings the heart and mind has constructed for this much longed for meal can't be tamed
But I know this dish is forbidden by the systems and the divines that guide us

With my selfish and wicked soul, I stole a look
And the look it offered was pleasing to my misled mind
With unguided pleasure I bit into the treasured unripe fruit
Still green but sweet on the first bite
The juice on my tongue struggled to resist another bite
A bite, a bite another bite and I was eating
The fruit was eaten all but the fruit was not finished

Before I finished eating, I was satisfied
The joy of the consummation was short-lived
I needed to eat more to keep the state
But that fruit was forbidden till I owned the three
The sweet bite and stolen meal left me ashamed of the light that's in me
The world of friends has never been devoid of conflicts.
They just choose to place more value on their friendship than the conflicts.
When they share with each other, it is not because they have so much,
But because they learned that group joy exceeds personal happiness.
Friends know how to live alone, but understand that people need people.
Friends don't agree on everything but they move together anyways.
They decide to see the needs of each other as theirs
By time, they'd feel and move to ensure the best of the friendship together.
Friends do not ignore the value of the investments their friends make for the sake of the friendship.
To ignore what your friend does for the friendship and refuse to make a personal commitment to invest in it is an act that kills the friendship. Charles Deku
He goes and promises to return
He always does - so we believed
He's faithful as a healthy heart
Never missing the time to return

He is gone! Reported a messenger
Yes we know was our retort
Of course he is gone and said he would return
No! I mean he is gone was the messenger's next line

The man of valor fell prey to the claws of death
The innocence of our minds took long to comprehend
What does it mean to be gone and not return?
What city is that far and strong to keep the strong man?

We're growing to only know that he was
Nobody who in his stead steps seems to know,
They never know what he means to us,
Nor what he does, they're all unreal actors

If that city still exists, we too one day would be gone!
Painfully we'd leave here but hopefully we'd meet him there
Maybe he still lives with his smile and bravery
In his arms by his help, we'd build our world in that city
I have friends but I have a Friend
A Friend who loved me before I knew Him
He's an old man who is very modern
This Friend was before Eden and Adam
He knew the Sauls, Paul, Matt, Mark, Luke, John and me too

He is diligent in selflessness
No Friend has ever loved this DEEP
A great friend with DEEP love for simple fellows like me
Times alone with this Friend is a great company
No faking, I'm DEEP in love

When I offend Him I sob
I become joyless and worried
Yet He comes from behind
And whispers, "I forgive you"
He's always there and promised to always be
His counsels are wise
This love, I don't understand
He knew I won't understand
So He said, "Only Believe"

He's the wise God and guide
The faithful, GRACEFUL and merciful God
Full of POWER and abounding in justice and LOVE
He's trustworthy and simply beyond description

He invited me from the world of filth
I met him in the world of faith
When I got there, He was waiting
This friend wants knew friends
Call Him now on faith
He's never out of reach, only if you'd call

© Selorm Deku Charles
This was written for a friend for a program under pressure
It's freaky late
We feign ate
Boring chats we're eating
With boredom as the spice
Hoping tomorrow would be pay day
I'd say no more
Only than i'm a second banana

That thought
Thought of being a second banana
Not to any other but the one i dream
l stopped dreaming and saw reality
T'was real life with bad breathe
written to aid sleep when I was sleepless
This is no poem.
They are my thoughts and views.

Nobody wants to give service but everybody wants to enjoy service.
Politicians would misuse national assets and wealth, deny citizens of the deserved services but chase them for taxes.

Citizens lazy around their work, avoid tax, act irresponsibly when using national assets but are first to cry out for what they deserve from the nation.

Certain pastors would not spend time to prepare a good sermon but would be expecting all church members to be all punctual and giving off their best in might and wealth for the church.
There also are church members who would go to church late, sit, sing and leave early but still complain bitterly about how things are not going right in the church. They easily see how unkept the church premises is and would do nothing about it but seriously expect something to be done about it.

Husbands want to be loved but are the last to show love to wives. The same it is with certain wives as well.
Fathers want respect from children but act all irresponsibly and shirk their responsibilities.
Children want care, love, protection and provision from parents but would not respect and obey parents.

So everyone wants something but wants to give nothing.

When we **** that selfish attitude in our views of life, relationships would at least improve a bit and peace would find feet.
please this is in no wise a poem by my standards
The shiny stars gave way to a gloomy dark night
A night as deadly as the lion's den
No light and no guide
Nobody had the compass
There we stood, dwelled and all misled

Hope was in extinction
Struggles and fights normal
Vice was a norm
Venom of the serpent was at work
We all were at our worst
Though we struggled our best

There was nothing to hold on
The most enduring men fainted
And life was in danger
The venom struck my liver
I drew closer to the grave

A grave deeper than normal
I could see beyond what they saw
Of course I was closer than they were
All were born to follow my trail
I wasn't the first nor last
I was just the next victim

Thank God for grace
The light came down my heart
And lifted me from near the grave
It shone in the night of my life
That light was hope

It gave hope to the misled
It was triumphant over death
This light is life for the lost
Cherished by the saved
Salvation is a gift
You must long for it
i love this. this was the poem i wrote within the shortest time
Wired within us by nature or nurture we feel this thing
The one that stops the clock, mind and rewrites decision codes
The strong get weak at it and sometimes it uplifts the weak
Even when you say no, build defense walls, and inject yourself with a universal immunity drug, it disregards all.
Is it unstoppable or we're just yet to find the solution.
The antidote to it has been more of a placebo
Do we even need a solution at all for something that all who don't have want to have?
Maybe yes, cos the ones who land in the wrong jails of it cry out for freedom
Nobody seems to have the help
When it knocks and you ignore, it keeps knocking with persistence unimaginable
It gets frustrating and exciting sometimes to know it is love knocking again
Before your heart over comes your mind
And another's being captures your thoughts
When pictures are seen with love-lense,
Who earns your love deserves your respect
Know it!

When partiality grows and you accept she's best
A beast chooses another beast as best being,
The rigid part of you begins to know emotions
And you feel complete when she's near
Regard your standards before the final choice
Forget it Not!

She's my love not because she lacks flaws
She activates my best so for her I'd fall
With her, life's all day and never comes night
That moment when even you become a poet!
Still get time to reason or pray
Be not Misled!

I'm adamant though you paint her black
You don't have to understand my choice;
Thus you say and hold her dear
And you're armed to teeth against  unwanted counsel
In all, remember others have travelled that road
Listen To Wisdom!
Her palm is rough and soles of her feet cracked,
Her waist so stiff, yet strong,
Bending and rising beneath the sun's blows,
Yet her smiles as wide as a queen's,

Always adorned in tattered fabric 'graced with daily sweat'.
She didn't love it, but she must do it;
Waking to meet another beautiful day of 'peanut hunt'.
She has many mouths and hopes looking up to her,

Almost like a curse, she must hurt alone to give them joy.
Her labour yields much but she earns only peanuts.
Pruning, spraying, harvesting and processing all year,
Only to share at a loss with the powerful men.
She can't quit this trade though she hates it.

She does all, not to free her self,
But to grant her seeds a break from the curse;
That old foe - poverty always before her,
Tho uncertain her seeds would make her proud,
She never returns home till the day's work is done.
When far away and thinking you're all alone
And all of a sudden, your name echoes from behind you
Yet you turn, look and looked again but found no one
Don't be scared, it's my heart saying your name at every other beat
I love you more at every breathe
It's here, a world built around the screens and inspired by the graphics.
These kinda lovers are always in neat clothes and eat good food.
They know all the antics and vocabulary of love and find no trouble imagining it(they never live it though).
The well-built and rich guy marries the cutest girl.
Weddings cost the wealth of a nation and last in movies forever but in reality, for only 9 days .
The passion and love of movie love is so strong BUT  very fragile that it breaks before the morrow.
And l wish you could have a feel of the sore in my eyes
The one left behind by no sleep
And welcomed by early day
Only if you know
You'd lay me a bed
Sing me a lullaby
And caress me into a journey
Sleepful journey that sweetens my eyes
And gives my body rest
The world is not bad because bad people tell too much lie.
It is neither bad because they are too loud and imposing their views on people.

It is the way it is because the good people shy away from speaking the truth, doing their good duties and being bold to be different.

The world is the way it is because Christians are scared people would not like them if they look obedient to the ways of God.

Oh yeah, Christians are ruining the world because peace with men is looking more important to them than peace with God.

They know much about righteousness but would neither say nor do nothing about what they know.
They are full of knowledge and they lack actions which match their knowledge base.

The supposed lights of the dark world are scared to shine because they feel people would complain about how bright they shine.

The world is lacking seasoning because the salt of the world is gradually letting go of its saltiness.

It's a sad situation and you are a part of the cause.
Can you start your part while we wait for others to join the CHANGE?

© Selorm Deku
i don't know if this is a poem. it wasn't meant to be anyway
When an heart inflated by true love gets deflated by denials
When opportunities seem absent for dreams
And nursed love finds no bed to root down
Failure inscribes its signet on wandering hopes
Highflying balloons of love brought low by a puncture of "no"
It scares the mind and drills scars in the heart.
But new hopes keeps you going

Some nos are better than yes after all
Love Things
Somewhere within my me beyond me I found Reason
Reason in Season to accept I was Weak
Weak and unable to secure Tomorrow
Tomorrow unknown beyond my doom
Doom inherited at Birth
The birth that landed me into Hopelessness
Hopeless till I accepted my state
My state was a fate of damnation
****** in the dungeon unbreakable

Like a freed slave I smiled when I met the KING...
Les soldats de la vie sans cesse peiné.
Il était un rêve, de ne jamais devenir le sol.
Ces hommes ont vu de vieux camarades à se joindre départ.

Toutes les forces et les compétences a été égrenée dans la douleur.
Avec des chemins et des outils conçus smithed nouveau à gagner.
Victoire o'er la tombe reste le prix qu'ils attendent.

Peur de mettre fin à la course pour la victoire générationnelle.
Ces soldats de la vie ont gardé le rythme dans leur chasse pour la gloire.
Mais pour la Grâce, leurs vies ont peut-être eu la même histoire.

Non étourdi par la lumière de sa sainteté.
Les contemplaient Son don pour la défense.
Aujourd'hui, les loua pour son salut si désintéressé.

La bataille leur bravoure a échoué à remporter.
Sa Grâce péniblement gagné et a donné à travers Lui.
Ces soldats propre paix et pour son service sont aptes.
Si vous aimez cela, ne pas hésiter relire et partager
She's seriously humour infested
She wears seriousness underneath her joy
Fighting always for the best
Determined to surpass the traditional landmarks
Not dreaming wealth but aiming the world
To make a better place for all she meets.

With a heart burning with passionate love
She lights the world around her with her affectionate aura

She's firm with choices but rocks all off their feet with her joy untold.
And she's called Stella my friend

With how sharp and deep you pierce, I'm sure you must have the sharpness and height of Goliath's spear.

No matter how many horrorful stories about you are told, nobody understands it until they have a personal feel of you.

Even when we tell them how we feel when you hit us, we remain the only ones who know how it feels to be crushed

You are almost like death - unknown until we cross the line.

Blessed are those who never met with you. But I wonder how much they would know about this life without an encounter with you.

Maybe every young man and woman must meet you sometime because if they choose well, they'd not leave bitter but better.

When you pass through a life,  it feels like drinking a full keg of cold liquor mixed  with broken glass pieces and more

Even chocolates are tasteless and love poems become meaningless once you arrive.

Your power can **** love, hope and joy and leave those who believed in them with momentary emptiness.

Though you once in a while  give the hint that you'd be passing, you mostly come unexpectedly to do your worst.

You are like the night that replaces the sun and feels our eyes with tears so we can't see the stars of night.

You see, those who are dead know they are dead but those whose hearts are broken never know exactly what it is they are going through.

Broken hearts don't heal, even when they come together, the scar remains like a tribal mark under makeup.
Eyes met, thoughts grew and hopes fueled
A seed of you found place in the heart of mine
With no nurturing, but tortured and starved
This seed like all others is expected to sprout, burn and see death
But it went on lasting, growing and always maturing

Saline Injections and Misoprostol pills failed to claim life from this fetus
Unlike lust, this seed of love lasts
Amidst your smiles, frowns or mean treats, growth rate stays same
It gains weight and waits to be born
Delayed birth, fast growth is the hope of this unborn child in me
In case you doubt it, it is still unaborted!
The best remains our desire but the fire that sends our feet and hands to the worst keeps burning
Sometimes, our hearts get connected to the holies, but from nowhere an asp lets in a venom drop
We train our minds and hearts to be fit soldiers for His army but then we quit once the snares invite
We almost cried the other day to be saved from this wretched cloak of a body but we seem to love it too
The battle remains fierce the more we choose to keep moving up,
A forward step is met with the threat to quit moving,
The desire to give in seems foolishly reasonable,
We dwell there and deem progress arduous,
The highway robber grabs our joys,
He plants a fast-growing seed,
A seed of fear,
It crowds all our self-worth and faith and teaches us that we can’t do right.
Who will answer with an arm strong enough to slay this liar?
This poem is not a poem
This poem may be meaningless,
Weightless yet worth reading
This poem lacks vocabulary
It holds nothing unique of poetic essence.
But carries simple words of a message
A message that seeks a place to land
Traveling within the walls of a heart.
Imprisoned, Ignored, Tortured.
Violently cracking the bricks of its cage
A message fighting for its own freedom
Seeking a break through.
A message desirous of overcoming solitary confinement
The message wants to meet others.
But others seem to have no message for this message.
This message refuses to quit fighting to escape the ******* of a home in one heart.
It hopes to locate its friend in another heart.
Futile journeys this message have walked.This night the message is discomforting.
It fights with vigour for escape.
I was up late on my bed
The same bed that puts me to sleep
The bed that invites me to rest
The bed that convinces me to forget unfinished task and rest
The bed with the magic to infect with the virus of forgetfulness for a moment
Is the same bed making me remember the message’s violence
Dreaming wild dreams and thinking wild thoughts
Opened-eye dreams
Plenty dreams
All about one figure.
When will be sleep time?
Having communion in my mind with you
I see you close though you are afar off.
In my heart I hear a voice singing your name.
The song wasn’t harmoniously great but lyrically strong.
The lyrics of the song preach truth.
It says I love you.
I fight against the thoughts with all strength
I knew I would lose the fight.
Nothing in my hands I bring.
Simply to your heart I come
Holding love in my heart.
Love looking for a place in your love
It’s homeless love
Homeless yet not hopeless
Hopeful for a place in your heart.
At your heart’s door I keep sounding the same words of old
I love you.
Dedicated to the lady I admire secretly

This is our world,
It has a grin on its face caused by its greed

This is our world,
We have religion to be miles wide and only an inch deep.

This is our world,
Fetish groves have changed to church grounds and old churches are turned into casinos.

This is our world,
There are so many light skin people who once were dark.

This is our world,
Clothes are very expensive and yet they cover only little.

This is our world,
Truth is called hateful speech and love is a lie.

This is our world,
Love is found more on lips than in hearts and deeds.

This is our world,
Relationships begin very quickly and break ups are quicker.

This is our world,
Brightened by the lights of technology but as the dark ages, very lightless.

This is our world,
Where there are many rules and many vices as well.

This is our world,
So much wealth is created but only few are allowed to benefit from it.

This is our world,
Every citizen pursues more rights and frowns at responsibility and patriotism.

This is our world,
We relate more to the internet than to family and Facebook friends are closer than spouses.

Yes! This is our world,
Anyone can get married to anyone or anything in the name of freedom and rights.
I Caught me Again Thinking and Dreaming

Fresh air by the road that paints my shoes brown in the day soothes my lone self at night.
Sitting in a slum and envisioning life in mansions.
Troubles no matter how enormous I'd outlive
I won't think like my comrades cos I don't want to end like they do
With the zeal with which we chase the game I'd hasten my dreams to reach.

If I can think the good thoughts here, then my eyes would see and my feet would step there.

©Selorm Charles Deku
Something I think young men and women ought to know.

Every woman or man is replaceable in a relationship unless we decide to make them irreplaceable.
You see? The guy or lady you are in a relationship with had options but chose you.  
It becomes a problem when you interpret his her love as just a sign of desperateness.

Often,  people ( young people) begin to feel too important when their partner loves them so much and begin to stand on that same love to toy and maltreat the one who shows the love.
Be careful, the one who loves you so much may need you so much and may be deeply hurt when you disappoint.

But also remember that there are options and you were chosen.

Just because it is not right for your relationship partner to keep jumping from one person to the other doesn't mean that you make him/her feel and look a helpless prisoner of your love world.
Rain drops on a leaf and makes it nod up down up down

Love travels from one heart and tickles another heart and it beats up down up down

The face faces fear and the eyelids can't stop going up down up down

We're happy and then we're sad and our moods keep swinging up down up down

We're quiet, lost for words so we sat smiled and your eyes stayed on mine yet our feet tap dance up down up down

Only our hopes keep going up, up and up to farland
Thrown into a phase of no words.
Powerful denies the powerless of choice.
Humanity is stolen
We're victimized again
Because we strive for change
Someone needs to be crazy
Someone needs to be bold
Are we all going to watch forever?
Will none of us utter words?
World in jeopardy
And men walking in a line
I'd jump the queue
Just to present my words
I'd break the rules
Just to bring order
Even if I fail,
I'd be glad I tried.
The soldiers of life ceaselessly  toiled.
It was a dream, never to become soil.
These men saw comrades of old depart to join.

All strengths and skill was churned out in pain.
With paths designed and tools smithed again to gain.
Victory o'er the grave remain the prize they wait.

Scared to end the generational race for victory.
These soldiers of life kept the pace in their chase for glory.
But for the Grace, their lives may have had the same story.

Not dazed by the light of His  holiness.
Them gazed on His gift for the helpless.
Today, praised them for His salvation so selfless.

The battle their bravery failed to win.
His Grace painfully won and gave thru Him.
Those soldiers own peace and for His service are fit.
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You were smart till you tried to outsmart me.
Your brilliance was tainted by your lack of morality.
I wish I could be more harsh but I am too gentle to be.
Hope you understand.
And don't get ******.
I am framed to manage attitudes like yours.
But you need to know your limits
You bought only a field.
You need not cultivate two.
Know your limits and stay within.
I may endure your insanity
But your 'brilliance' I can't take
She glories in how projected her butts are but forgets how minute her brain works.
The length of her fingers and nails gives her confidence but she doesn't see how short her life is.
She gallops from door to door wherever wealthy men dwell but never bothered to get the the key to the door leading to the life after here.
She pities the churchy lady for not catching fun, but deep down her, she has no joy herself.
The fragrance of her perfume still could not conceal the odour her character produces.
She is wise at getting all she can now but never thinks of securing the future after life here.
Her elegant physique and graceful skin is her choice asset.
Walking with straight neck and wobbling **** to lure her preys, she forgets the day she would need a walking stick.
She indeed is myopic in her thoughts.
She flouts the morals of her society just to please herself.
She constructs a world she can't sustain.
Like a missionary sepulchre, her outward beauty glows but within her are the wiles the wisest of men can't resist.
She trades her  beauty for pennies.
She's a *******!
The wall was walking and the rivers stopped flowing,
Life stopped and the rocks grew bigger,
But the dead beats of my heart told me I was alive.
Nobody was speaking and only ghosts were murmuring from afar,
I was still in yesterday when tomorrow bypassed me.
My keys failed to unlock my doors and my loads grew heavier.
My dreams went behind me and failure beckoned from before me

To run didn't seem wise; my limbs seemed to fail me,
Even if they hadn't failed, to where do I run?
For the door remained locked and the keys still useless.
Quitting seemed wise, but the voices of my numberless dependents cried;
So I looked on them, smiled at them to give them hope
Then I turned, walked and cried my heart out unending,
My lips seemed sealed but my heart spoke to my God
They are a heartless population who depend on us,
They ate the eggs, chewed the meat, drank the palm oil and left our young malnourished,
They drank our wine but failed to give us water,
When I think of how the gods depend on us, I feel more god than them,
With their powers, they never move without our aid and never eat till we feed them,
These are gods that are spoken to, never hear and never talk back,
We see them but their eyes are closed and their ears deaf to our plights,
When their priests bring their supposed messages, it is wrath and curse with no blessing.
These gods have no peace and so offer none,
Anytime we looked up to them, our hearts remain restless and our minds peaceless,
Can they give what they don't have?
Because they were carved from our finite thoughts, they are limited in power and exploits.
They **** but never give life,
Are they gods who can't make?
Are they gods when they can't forgive?
They never wrote to us, so we never knew how to please them; yet they accused us,
That's why we left them behind when the God who was LOVE called us.
His light outshone their dark ills, cleansed our stained selves and offered us peace and Hope.
I present to you Jehovah.
Like a lioness, you fought your house to keep
And swift as deer, you ran ahead of time
Fearing neither the Western rifles nor barriers of the African culture
Setting your eyes on victory, you left behind the cooking role
Refusing to be betrayed by coward men leaders
Angered by colonial disrespect and maltreatment,
Your love for Asanteland and pride was greater than gender
The brave feminist of Africa, whose fights preceded Beijing
Yaa Asantewaa,  the shoes you left behind are too big to fill
But like you, we'd dare, our nation to defend
And our people we'd love enough to die for.
Yaa Asantewaa, like you we will step to fight, though without guns
Our brains, hearts and skills the point would prove, that we're descendants of thine
Gone with your body but in us, your nature lives on
We'd fight beyond Seychelles and return our land to rule.

— The End —