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May 2017
He goes and promises to return
He always does - so we believed
He's faithful as a healthy heart
Never missing the time to return

He is gone! Reported a messenger
Yes we know was our retort
Of course he is gone and said he would return
No! I mean he is gone was the messenger's next line

The man of valor fell prey to the claws of death
The innocence of our minds took long to comprehend
What does it mean to be gone and not return?
What city is that far and strong to keep the strong man?

We're growing to only know that he was
Nobody who in his stead steps seems to know,
They never know what he means to us,
Nor what he does, they're all unreal actors

If that city still exists, we too one day would be gone!
Painfully we'd leave here but hopefully we'd meet him there
Maybe he still lives with his smile and bravery
In his arms by his help, we'd build our world in that city
Written by
(Ghana, W/A)   
   --- and Keith Wilson
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