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abigail j s Feb 2019
I've begun to summon
a voice of my own
but it still falls short
when I need it the most.

I still have so much left to learn and yet
it just feels like I should
already know all of it.
I have only just begun
to dig my own place
in confidence and wonder and transparent faith.
but every time I look up it seems
I'm always losing my grip on more than I keep.
I am not hopeless, but
a little out-of-world, I spose.
it's been a while since I've had
a glimpse of where my path goes.

(stay by my side, Lord,
lend me Your hand.
together we'll walk
upon the dry land.)
written October 26, 2018.
It's a vow you made
Never to trade your love
Faithful like a Japanese soldier
You kept the orders
The vows gave your life
Protected it as your life
You're stronger than your words
So you kept them all

I smashed it like a glass
You bled from the pieces
Viewed your fragmented image therein
Your grips were firm on it
And my loyalty was absent

My unfaithfulness was the one
That nursed griefs in your heart
But again, your worth shined,
You treasured your vow
My trade was to betray
So I did again

No bait could lure your taste
No hurt made you hate
No failures made you fail
No date was late
So you endured and tarried

Your wounds still hurt
Your tears still run
Yet your commitment so strong
Never did I return
But somewhere out there
You still are waiting
I know, you'd be soothed
You are my betrayed hero
One-way LOVE
This is our world,
It has a grin on its face caused by its greed

This is our world,
We have religion to be miles wide and only an inch deep.

This is our world,
Fetish groves have changed to church grounds and old churches are turned into casinos.

This is our world,
There are so many light skin people who once were dark.

This is our world,
Clothes are very expensive and yet they cover only little.

This is our world,
Truth is called hateful speech and love is a lie.

This is our world,
Love is found more on lips than in hearts and deeds.

This is our world,
Relationships begin very quickly and break ups are quicker.

This is our world,
Brightened by the lights of technology but as the dark ages, very lightless.

This is our world,
Where there are many rules and many vices as well.

This is our world,
So much wealth is created but only few are allowed to benefit from it.

This is our world,
Every citizen pursues more rights and frowns at responsibility and patriotism.

This is our world,
We relate more to the internet than to family and Facebook friends are closer than spouses.

Yes! This is our world,
Anyone can get married to anyone or anything in the name of freedom and rights.

— The End —