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Red, like the blood that runs in our veins

Orange, like the shirt that I ‘accidentally’ took because I secretly like the way it smells like you

Yellow, like the sun that’s dancing across your face, highlighting your freckles as you smile

Green, like the grass we lay on while your old radio plays a slow hum of music out across my yard

Blue, like the ocean we swim in, clothes and secrets left on the shore

Purple, like the butterflies I get in my feet whenever I get near you, tripping over myself as I dance around confusing emotions
Rain hits the roof and with a shattering bang, like a canon being fired, I am thrown back into reality

Back into a world I have attempted to escape for so long. Into a gruesome realization that I am not unique.

I am not witty or original. I am one of many in the loop, and how could I not let that define me? When in my final hours, as I face a hard truth, I shall have that realization alone and ask myself the final question; where shall I be born next.
The day I’m defined by the materialistic value of my poems, is the day I will no longer write them
I will write for the ones who will listen
Dark grey contrasting against marble white.
Clouds parting just enough to make room for pale blue sky.
The light a promise, that this too shall pass.
Noah Rein Aug 6
I guess I’m like a houseplant
I’m fun for a while
But if you forget about me
I wither and die

I’m dependent on you
And the attention you give me
I’d love to be a wild plant
In a garden, beautiful and free

I’m not as social as the plants outside
I only have the ones I’ve met through you
I spend my days looking out the window
Sometimes seeing you return with someone new

I’m not very popular with the other plants
My leaves are yellowing and my dirt is dry
I’m left in the corner of your windowsill
To slowly be forgotten without knowing why
Noah Rein Aug 6
Lying hand in hand
Looking up at the night sky
Grass soft against our backs
Watching as the stars fly by

A shooting star here
And a shooting star there
We close our eyes and wish
In the cool night air

Some people wish for love
Some wish for fame
Some wish for immortality
And for the world to know their name

I wish for the same
As I’ve done many times before
I wish for peaceful growth
And not anything more

I wish that this night
Lying here with you
Will help me grow and shape me
As few things would do
Noah Rein Aug 3
Who can outrun Death, the patient old god
Who dare not face him when their end has come
For what is Death but a helping hand towards something new

All we can do is prepare for the next adventure
We are given all the time we need, for it is he, Death, who knows what we need

The world is cruel and demanding, but he is patient and kind
So do not fear, when he comes knocking on your door

For he knows what happens and would not send you onward if he did not deem it worthy of your time
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