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  Jan 2015 Oliver Sireen
Logan Harps
Across the table
Alongside the cups and plates
Beyond the crazy people
Since the dawn of time
Over the green hills
Around the tall tees
Amid the infinite sky’s
Lays a taco
Ready for Tadly to eat
Despite it being there forever
It somehow is still magically fresh o-o
Oliver Sireen Jan 2015
Unable is what they called me
Foreign voices around the lonely tree
Inhibitions tugging the roots
Despair eating the fruits
This tree has nothing to lose
The seed’s already dead and there’s no one to accuse
Logan is awesome and thy cannot disbute
For he is the best person that has ever taken a breath
All those hail the Logan for he is Thor
Too late

friend of mine added the 3 last sentences xD
Oliver Sireen Jan 2015
No matter how many papers we write, protest we have, and laws we pass, we will be surrounded by Hatred. Hatred isn't just a emotion you feel. It's in everything we do and say. It's the voice telling you who ur suppose to be. It's society defining u in numbers. Hatred is this world. It doesn't make sense to me becuz we're created to be an individual standard, yet we're always trying to fit into a standard. But out of all the never ending hatred, inequality, unfairness and agony, only u can define yourself. You have a short amount of time on this earth. Be the change you wish to see
It's your choice

Don't follow others unless u ACTUALLY deep down really want to
Oliver Sireen Jan 2015
Our fellow "*******" people, or should I say mentally handicapped, have two eyes, a nose, and a beating heart far more large and caring then any1 else's. Everyday people abuse the word "******" We use it to describe something slow or stupid. The problem with this is that everytime you use that word, you're insulting a group of people that cannot defend themselves.
  The mentally handicapped aren't locked in dark basements to rot and die anymore; they're out in the world living as every1 else. And becuz of this we've "accepted" them right? We're a big happy and accepting world to every single human being becuz we're all equal! WRONG. We glorify freedom and how wonderful it is, but with freedom comes hate. With freedom comes words that r always going to be there forever, just to remind the human race that some1 with an extra chromosome is different.
Oliver Sireen Jan 2015
I walked into the airport with my usual grimace  
Seats colder than my heart when I heard the news
From Ohio to Washington, such a distance
I complained to my parents but their decisions were tightened with screws

People walking, phones ringing
Luggage strolling, my head exploding
This place functions like my worries, they never stop
So rushed, so focused, the ball never drops
No time to stop and hear what I think
You’d have to read an endless book printed in faded ink

People never try to see behind my disguise
My smile dies but mind survives
The struggle to board the plane that would change it all
I wish time could stop, give me time to stall
Out of their hands, the tickets would melt
Along with the ton of ice my heart felt

That’s what I needed right then and there
But I’m sick of this line, “Life isn’t fair”
A dreadful motto I can’t bear to listen to
Or the breathing of this airport
Its well-deserved smothering is well overdue

But they got something running here
Something that can’t be delayed
An intangible eternity
Ignorance perfectly portrayed
Oliver Sireen Jan 2015
Motivation is a remarkable flavor
Either leaving you bitter or craving to savor
It can help a bird learn how to glide
Or convince a person to commit suicide
A gift always taken for granted
A gift that has left my mind stranded
I was full of it
Problems far from heaving
But after awhile
I stopped believing

I was pleased like the sun healing from the flu
I was wrapped in an atmosphere of peace    
A blanket I could never burn through
But it was snatched, it was too good to be true
Leaving this star with a shattered debut
Abandoning dreams that I’ll never pursue

I thought the fight would be harder than reaction
But these faces are just unwanted attraction
I didn’t do it well but I survived the distance
But they’ll never stop questioning my existence
It’s funny how one mistake can change so much
My heart is injured and in need of a crutch
But I don’t think I’ll ever recover from this permanent smudge

My clothes are ***** and my thoughts are unclear
I’m starting to believe that I shouldn’t even be here
All I can think of are the bad possibilities
Of what’s to come in the future of me being guilty

But if you’d just take a chance and have faith in me
Break the shackles and let me free
A prisoner no more, a citizen I could be
One who could clean all the mistakes and all the debris
For death by doubt is a painful decree
The human mind can be cruel only to a certain degree
All I ask for is redemption, oh won’t you end the agony?
Before I make another mistake, before I lose my sanity

— The End —