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The winds of ******
The waves of death
High--tide flow and blow evil.
The evil and bad people in our societies,that always plan bad against the good ones.
Dark smokes fill my lungs
A pure undiluted blackness of sort
It sinks my soul into streams of despair
And my eyes tears in blue
Leaving me a token offerry

To a world with beasty feats and icy claws
I have been sold out by life
The sunken teeth of reality tells me that
Truth is a specter and life is but a dream

Mystery and mysticism are let out in the fields
Left for infants to decipher even though they faint and tire from exhaustion and this despair.
"Untill you allow life to pass through you, you will not understand life"
This poem is all about experience.
When the evening comes
Everyone is moody
But only the stars in the sky
Can tell of my kind
When the insects whistle
"The birds are silence in their nest"
And the men are noisy with their nets
Throwing in the forty five cl seas.

Catching up their vibes
While the feeling lives in me
Starring at faces of different colours
But their smiles justifies
The tale of joy
And the reasons are still
value in my thought.
This poem is about everyday drinking habit that is now unstoppable in our society(ies).

— The End —