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Andreas Peter Jun 2018
My steps have gotten lighter
unaccustomed to hardwood floors
It's not that I'm afraid,
don't want to make a noise
Rather, my heels can't seem to settle
and I always feel like dancing
now that I'm finally
just a few steps and through a door
from kissing you
Andreas Peter Jun 2018
I don't like it
but it's not for me to say
how best to deal
with internal silent
deafening mockery
still, I wish I could do more
than simply comply
when trough cracking dams and swelling waves
you ask
to be left Alone
Andreas Peter Jun 2018
And I'll wade through endless clich├ęs
to find a single exquisite syllable
in a still inferior word
to describe her
Andreas Peter Jun 2018
Ever gone back and looked at old video games, old movies
on an old TV and thought
did it always look this bad?"
Colours all a washed out grey
Playing "count the pixels" has never been easier!
And that old-tech-buzz,
so prevalent you'd swear that it's part of the soundtrack.
Life looks a bit like that sometimes
Switch back from your top end
4K HDR 60 frames per second beauty you've gotten used to.
See what vibrancy and detail you can squeeze
out of an old CRT
Hardly impressive.
Does look a lot like that sometimes
All a washed out grey
When saying goodbye

— The End —