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Jan 6 · 131
Do you like it?
Nao Jan 6
Do you like it?
Hurting me I mean.
It seems I'm never enough,
and I wonder,
If I'll ever be.

Do you like it?
Loving me I mean.
I feel bad a little,
mostly all the time.

Do you hate it that much?
Living I mean.
Because it seems,
You can't let me.

My chest is filled with men,
who enjoy seeing pain,
and yes,
you're one of them.
But this is a poem.
So I guess,
you can be beautiful.
Dec 2019 · 82
Drunk and naked
Nao Dec 2019
Drunk and naked in the dirt,
Softly wasting all I had,
Sinking in earth's dress,
covering the screams,
with my mistakes
Oct 2019 · 824
Nao Oct 2019
I was a girl
who believed in god
until they told me
I myself was a sin.
Oct 2019 · 287
Nao Oct 2019
Heaven was when you understood
Oct 2019 · 109
Nao Oct 2019
Your fingers resting on my eyes,
I see red yet all is black,
You're everything I despise,
Yet you call I'm running back.
Oct 2019 · 179
Nao Oct 2019
My love for you never changed,
It simply faded over time.
I can feel the days in my mind,
I count the nights we exchanged.

Inside your hands rests my smiles,
Now they're gone but I can remember,
For you I'll never get better,
I'll wait and stay immobile.

Now that you've broken me for good,
I slowly fall without making a sound,
My feet are sinking in the ground,
Heaven was where you understood.
Sep 2019 · 61
I'd love to like me.
Nao Sep 2019
it's true.
I would love,
to like me.
Sep 2019 · 98
Nao Sep 2019
vomitting words
that don't really matter
just going through stuff...
Apr 2019 · 154
Sick. Really sick.
Nao Apr 2019
It's raining.
I think of you.
I'm sick.
really sick.
I'm sick of people,
of beings,
of myself.
I'm sick of the bull**,
sick of the lies,
sick of being there,
sick of being alive.
Please fix me.
Complete me.
Love me.
Because I'm sick,
of myself and others.
I'm sick of everyone,
but you.
Apr 2019 · 53
Nao Apr 2019
Make be bleed
over and over
until I'm ******* dry.

Break me,
before I break myself
Apr 2019 · 205
Nao Apr 2019
If I were a flower,
you'd be the ground
and I'd pierce your skin,
to find what makes me live.

But boys are never the ones
we see as fragile flowers,
and if I keep hurting you,
it's because I couldn't live without,
the light of your presence
The title has no particular meaning, if it isn't for the fact that magnolias are flowers and I love saying that word. Magnolia. It rolls on the tongue, don't you think?
Mar 2019 · 176
Nao Mar 2019
Once again,
I discover
I can't trust you.
Oh, it's not a surprise,
But it hurts everytime.
Darling can't you see
I can't forgive you anymore?
Mar 2019 · 818
Take me to your garden
Nao Mar 2019
I get bad days,
when knives seem soft,
and roses dissapear.

Take me to your garden,
tell me all your troubles,
because they're all nice and simple,
they make me forget mine.

Take me to your garden,
Cut me with your thorns,
So I can see some colour,
and forget the emptiness I feel.

Take me to your garden,
let me die there,
because I'd rather fade away,
than face the outside world.
Feb 2019 · 1.2k
My sweet nightmare
Nao Feb 2019
You and your sweet, sweet lies,

I'll miss your bitter taste.

Everything had a price,

Put your hands on my waist.


You and your sweet, sweet smile.

Both' your hands in my hair.

You were so versatile,

Loved you like a nightmare
Feb 2019 · 78
Nao Feb 2019
You say writers
don't listen.
You say lovers
don't sin
Feb 2019 · 140
Nao Feb 2019
His name made its way through my lips.
In the reflection of his amber eyes, I saw my face.
I didn't want any of this.
I did not want this intense, primitive desire.
And yet, slowly, inevitably, I dragged myself to him and pulled myself up on him.
My hips against his, I ran my tongue on his throat, on his Adam's apple, on his jaw.
- Come closer
Feb 2019 · 113
Nao Feb 2019
Soft and sharp like a blade.
New and so familiar.
Dangerous and so desirable. 

As Harmless as a serial killer.
Jan 2019 · 270
Nao Jan 2019
Would you want to be immortal ?
- Never
Interpret this like you want, In my case. somebody asked me
if I would have liked to live forever, and there was no hesitation.
Jan 2019 · 476
a million years
Nao Jan 2019
If you announced I could live a million years,
I’d **** myself.
Jan 2019 · 66
Nao Jan 2019
Quand tu me dis “je t’aime”
Ne me regarde pas dans les yeux.
Tu sais bien,
Que les mensonges me font mal
first time I publish something in french. Don't know if I like it or hate it,
but it was worth a try.
Jan 2019 · 88
Nao Jan 2019
If the earth were flat, I'd walk to the end,

To see the void,

To dive into it.
Jan 2019 · 76
Did you know?
Nao Jan 2019
did you know the sun became brighter after you left?
Jan 2019 · 115
see you
Nao Jan 2019
see you!
He said, like was coming back.
see you!
He said, like he had ever seen me.
See you!
He said, like he knew I' d cry.
See you!
He said, and I never saw him again
Jan 2019 · 77
Nao Jan 2019
sometimes I just want to
fade away.
I do not want to get hurt
nor i want to hurt them...
I just wish I disappeared
and it became like
I never even existed
Jan 2019 · 48
miss you
Nao Jan 2019
I miss you.
Nothing new here...
Jan 2019 · 50
When a girl cries
Nao Jan 2019
When a girl cries
hold her in your arms
but don't say anything.

When a girl cries
hold her hand and caress her head
but don't say anything.

When a girl cries
admire her scars and her strength
But don't say anything.

When a girl cries
hold her in your arms.

But don't say anything.
Jan 2019 · 57
Nao Jan 2019
you hurt me well
so nicely that
I could't even stand up anymore

you hurt me well
so sweetly that
there's nothing left that I want to explore
These are lyrics to a song I wrote... Hoping you'll enjoy. ^^
Jan 2019 · 48
Nao Jan 2019
you could never stare long enough,
but had to keep staring
to find out why
you couldn't

- Call me by your name
Jan 2019 · 26
Nao Jan 2019
I can almost remember.
how intense was my passion.
Or was it jealousy?
Jan 2019 · 38
Who are you
Nao Jan 2019
who are you
that you fill my heart
with your absence
Jan 2019 · 46
Nao Jan 2019
Our love has come gently,
it spread very slowly,
it took time,
until it remained.
Jan 2019 · 64
You can't
Nao Jan 2019
But you cannot leave
"for my own good"

'cause it's not your decision to make.
Jan 2019 · 514
Nao Jan 2019
Nothing was true. Nothing was wrong.
Nothing was there.
and yet...
Nothing had gone. Nothing had left.
Nothing had stayed.
and yet...
Jan 2019 · 54
Nao Jan 2019
The things I create,
come from the wholes you created.
The things I discover,
I come across them running from you.

I don't want to be me because you were you.
Jan 2019 · 43
Nao Jan 2019
Did you know?
I didn't.
Jan 2019 · 45
Nao Jan 2019
When I dive into the depth of you,
breathing becomes easy.
Dec 2018 · 41
Nao Dec 2018
Don't ask me how I feel.
Don't touch me to comfort me
And don't even think about smiling,
like you know
like you understand.
You don't.
Dec 2018 · 31
Nao Dec 2018
Do you remember?
The first time I saw you,
you were a beast.
Invincible, untamed, savage.
A hunter.
You smelled like the forest and the rivers,
you're eyes started fires,
and I was the one burning.
I was the prey.

Do you remember?
The last lime I saw you,
you were a boy.
Lost, unsure, broken.
a prey.
I was invincible,
ready to face life without  you.
Never to be hurt again.
Never to be hurt again.
I was the hunter.
Dec 2018 · 36
Nao Dec 2018
How are you.
I miss you every second of every day
I feel broken
Come back to me, if you don’t I might die
Just say it wasn’t real. Say it never happened. Say you’re mine and I’ll forget
Surprise me. Run to me. Take me in your arms and say I love you
Love me.
I miss you.
Come back.

- Hi
Dec 2018 · 42
Nao Dec 2018
His tears were my strength,
The fact that he was broken made me stronger
And all the times he could have pulled away
I lured him in yet another hope,
Just to hurt him even more
When he looked at me with those eyes,
I could not do anything but to show him
How much he mattered,
How much I needed him to live
How much I needed him to die
And I stared at his beautiful face
And there was nothing I desired more,
Than to see him bleed
Dec 2018 · 56
Nao Dec 2018
I would've loved

To have my heart

Broken by you

I did it once again,

I ruined everything,

I did it once again,

I fell for the one human being

That wouldn't love me back
Dec 2018 · 62
What we need
Nao Dec 2018
What we need is someone
you surprises us everyday.
A person, not a discourse.
I don't need you to explain things to me
I need you to lay by my side and say
"I care"
Dec 2018 · 116
Nao Dec 2018
A tear falls down your cheek
you wipe it away
you wipe it away

You say love makes us week
so you wipe me away
Apr 2018 · 56
In between
Nao Apr 2018
Between my tears and your joy,
there is a grey zone,
where we both belong

Between my flesh an your bones,
there is a grey place,
where we both belong

— The End —