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Orion Lesneski Jun 2020
Neve before,
Have I felt this way,
Never before,
Have I wanted nothing,
Never before,
Have I hated you!
Never before have I fallen for such a ****** girl in my life. You are nothing to me! Baylee Gentry! I’m done with you!!
Orion Lesneski Jun 2020
Never felt alive,
Till I meet the word goodbye,
Feeling like I’m worth it,
Making sure I’m not broken,
Ever again,
Till I’m dead.
Orion Lesneski Jun 2020
Never been dead,
But I did get head,
When did I get fed?
Just at work and was bored 😑 ig
Inhaling clouds to excuse your lies;
High erupts in a fog of shattered and false hopes but only I,
and I am lonely as a drop of rain before the connect,
can hope to revive a high of shattered happiness.
Drop, cut, swoop down from your
pedestal of Narc and join society
before your shattered high of lies destroy your face and cut down your faith.
Join me before you bleed all your blood and fall(DOWN); In a heap you’ll lay.
You’re destined to decay.
My world is whispering
For every lost soul
I could not
Because I was
Lost myself.
I need you to help me breathe
I sat there choking on the thought of losing
Yet I let those words come out of your
I miss you.
But I know when I **** up.
So I'll let you go...
Orion Lesneski Jun 2020
Why is it when i get close to someone they always turn on me in the end? Am i not worth it to them? Am i just a side toy to them or something? I cry myself to sleep knowing you treated me as such😭... it hurt knowing that you used me. Why am i such a failure?😩😩😭😩
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