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Humans perform their best,
When they are at their worst.

The maximum shine comes,
When discarded from all sides.


The success reaches it's pinacle,
When all hopes are dead.

Sparkle In Wisdom
Vast expanse of
Yellows and Reds,
Blazing Reds on greens
And greens becoming orange,
This magic occurs,
Under a clear blue sky
with white clean streaks.

Here Comes
Fall with
A loud cheerful greetings
A loving Hi, from beautiful natural bouquet.

The hiya and hellos
Of nature and beauty,
The valuable treasure
Of scene and dreams,
The serene paradise,
Of poets and painters,
The perfect blend of nature and imagination.

Welcome Fall,
Welcome Life,
Welcome Change,

Welcome to the Dreamers Paradise.

Sparkle In Wisdom.
Inspired by a pic taken by my cousin of clean fall expanse in USA.
In the corner of the room lies the old vase,
Always decked with freshest of flowers,

The old dried flowers
are removed from
the vase,
To adorn the dustbin outside the house.

Is it not how humans behave in
their own life too?

Only freshest
relations matters,
Old ones are always
shown the door!

Sparkle In Wisdom
World was supposed to become a better place to live,
Where humans will not **** humans for piece of land,
Where respect for making will prevail in highest form,
Where all will be equal with no queen and King,
Where it will be surrounded by peace, liberation and calm.

This could not be,
Civilisation taught us to be craving,
Craving for luxury,
Craving for better food,
Craving for better transportation,
Craving to reach the space,
Craving to be better than other tribe.

Had become a jugular a circus,
Had become unruly and tumultuous,
Had become unforgiving,
Had become painful,
Had become demanding,
Had become dominating,
Had become anything but loving.

Different borders are at war,
Threatens are heightened by super powers,
Global trade is politics,
Politics is economy,
Ruining a country is a flicker away,
Breaking a human a blink of an eye,
Trolls are everywhere,
Troubles for all,

Has become one platform,
But the love has just gone away.
The givers refuse to give,
The takers refuse to take,
Everyone want a say,
But don't want to share.

was imagined to be better place to live,
Imaginations has highly failed miserably.

Sparkle In Wisdom
Affected by "World news" on
France , US, Azerbaijan Armenia war, UK, India, Libiya, Mali, Chad, CHINA, Taiwan, Middle East.
Crime against women, crime in name of religion, racial crime.
You were never mine,
I was always yours,
I moved away.

You never expressed your love,
I always did,

I have stopped.

You wanted a tissue,
I chose to be one,
I refuse.

Relationship was never equal,

It is!

Sparkle In Wisdom
Lots of girls/women in India are in this type of relationships, many post marriage.
  Oct 2020 Sparkle in Wisdom
My tongue is tethered to the words which have failed me.
‘There's really no such thing as the 'voiceless'. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.’
- Arundhati Roy
A trivial pain
becomes a storm, severes the
words, bleeds the truth.

My legacy travels
with you to discover the ruins
of forgiven mistakes.

Do we belong to
primates, in evolution from
humanoid to god?
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