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My sister's birthday
How could I forget?
Well maybe it is because I am older now
Dementia, maybe hit.
She can't be 71
It's impossible
Are we old
No, we will never be old
We will always be
Two little girls
Playing with our friends
Til the end.
Words can have meaning or they can be confusing.
Thoughts are sometimes words and other times only pictures or feelings.
What should we do if we feel that our words are confusing to others?
Just the other day I met a friendly man
His career is air conditioning
He spoke of growing up on a farm
And seemed pleased with life.
Then I noticed one of his arms-the right one
Was undevolped
I thought this man has gone through life
With this disability
I'm sure at times he must have suffered rejection
By seemingly normal people
Yet he seems content now.
Later that day as I walked into a convenience store
I passed and smiled at a man barely five feet tall
He smiled back at me
And I thought
It must be a tough life
Being a man and being so small
What discrimination has he had to deal with?
Many that we meet in our daily lives
Have problems that don't show up as easily as these did
So let us remember wherever we are
To smile, be kind and try to make everyone's life
A little easier.
By doing this, we also bring happiness to ourselves.
Our smiles and small kindnesses are amplified.
Yesterday I met a woman
Who seemed to be a decent person.
Last night as I spoke with her
She told me that there was a young exchange student
From Germany
Who described Donald Trump as ******.
I told this woman that I thought so too.
After that she said that the Germans don't get the true news
From the USA so they do not realize what the Democrats
Are doing to Trump.
After that, this woman turned away and did not wish to speak to me anymore.
So sad that we in this country cannot openly speak our thoughts
Without angering those who are in opposition.
Is there an answer?  It feels like we are dug in in our foxholes
Refuse to see the white flag of surrender or truce or exchange of ideas.
This type of behavior will not get us anywhere.
We must talk. We must talk.
I’m sitting here, watching the sun ball fading so slowly
Daydreaming as the evening falls into the night and wishing that I had you by me

Oh dream love
How I cherish
Minutes, hours, days and days on end
When I wish that someday we’d be more than friends
My dream love
Thoughts I relish
How good it would feel in your warm embrace
Dream love

Sacredness like prayer enfolds me whenever I think of you
Pure silver light engulfs me, bathing me with desires unknown before yet so true

Oh dream love
To you I call
I will love you all the days I live
Either or not my love you would care to receive
My dream love
My one and all
Lord I pray someday I’d be his one and only
Dream love
Words spoken by my teenage daughter,
Just because I am strict and not easy on her.
My love,you haven't a clue,
Why I am ******* you,
For the path you have taken,
I have already trodden.
Don't be angry on the lines I draw,
I hope you will in time understand me so.
Don't judge me dear,
Where you are heading is what I fear.
To stop you heading the wrong path I must my child,
Less you turn wild.
he panted heavily
muscles twitching in his naked body
running frenzied, without looking back,
he shouted, “He is after me.... my life”
a rip roaring cry....!

the traffic halted
pedestrians stopped
people from shops came out
women through curtained windows peeped
children stopped their play

“so drunk”.... a man murmured
“A crack”.... someone shouted
“coming right after an ****”
sneered, an oldie...
“pity on him...! Take him to an asylum”
one gentleman suggested.
he needs help, majority opined
‘nab this plague’, the moral police quipped

what is he running from...?

an Assailant....?
corona virus....?
his own phantom...?
two sane men staying,
at a corner wondered.
they had masks on their face

“must be a health worker”..!
one of them said...
“yes, the subtle nuances of an agonized mind”
the other agreed!

as the scene on the road,
had grown into a high voltage drama,
dissensions grew and multiplied!
That’s all it takes to make a woman quiet,
to silence her.

A slap, a word, a scream, an eye
and perhaps a kiss too.

But there’s a different story for my mother.
For the three words, she spoke
while her heart was struggling to keep alive,
She was given a slap.

A slap whose loudness,
I still hear somedays
when I go to bed and when my mother wakes up.

I think she has been silent for too long
to even count now.
So, I pretend I never heard her speak in the first place.

But there is a different story for my sister.
For her Thumbelina sized request,
she was shouted on like Lady Tremaine did.

In a voice so loud that
It was all she could hear for years to come by.

So, while hearing that, she forgot to speak.
She did not know who to search for
when your ‘Prince Charming’ becomes your ‘Wicked Step-Mother’.

But there is a different story for her.
For tears in her eyes
and the words that were just a zygote in her mouth’s womb,
she got a stare.

A stare, that froze her down
and her words had to go through a miscarriage

So, she went through an unplanned abortion
that made her mouth infertile.

But there’s a different story for her.
However, somehow, they are all the same.

Because that’s all it takes to make a woman quiet,
to silence her.

A slap, a word, a scream, an eye
and perhaps a kiss too.
Times are changing…
when reckless emotions inundate worldwide devices
with unfiltered sentiments to taint minds thru vices
nibbling on compassion and wisdom like rabid mice
allowing the beastly nature to dominate and entice
one's humanity to heed selfish or superficial advice

Times are changing…
when tolerance and forgiveness are fading dreadfully fast
with echoes warning us not to repeat an unforgettable past
where deathly anguish and heartless souls were the cast
of catastrophic drama epitomized by flags flying at half-mast
and prayers from the charitable, the humble, the meek were vast

Time are changing…
when the caretakers of the globe care less about harmony
seemingly beguiled with the hunger of power and want to be
rulers of wealth, consuming limited resources lacking empathy
until this earth becomes nakedly barren and can no longer be
home to descendants who cannot claim their manifest destiny.
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