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29.6k · Aug 2018

Do I have a tongue,
Can I speak too?
In this strange world,
Am I a human too?

Do I have a heart,
Can I live too?
In this strange land,
Am I alive too?

In the midst of Oblivion,
I search my visions,
I once used to dream,
As a young teenager,
In Sea of Paro s
I try to remember,
The faces of people
I had once lived with
Father, mother, brother
Of all those people
I had once called family.

I came here as girl,
I am shared in the family,
I born plenty children,
I am sold and re-sold
In and around
To any men who
Can afford to buy,
I am kept but
Seldom married,
Each street have
it's own paro,
They all have
But the same story.

After some years
I cease to exist,
For the people
Who bought me
I am an old cattle
Who no longer
give them pleasure,
I am now a burden
A liability soon
To be shedded..

They don't throw
me though,
They leave me alone
In a small room,
I have become a mother
Of a girl or two
I have new family
But no identity
fits me ever,
When I come here
I became a Paro,
When my times up
I die a Paro!!

Paro is short for
Pardesi, a foreigner,
I am the girl
Bought for men
From another land
Into there land,
To born son's
For there motherland.

This is ordeal of
A soul that once lived,
Now it's just a body
With no role,
No fiction this
It's a real story
A reality of some
Distant land !!

That land for you
Is so very strange
Where eight young man
**** a pregnant goat!
And the strangest
thing is they
go away and
Roam scot free..!!

Soon the elders in the village
Will have a big meet,
They will give compensation
To the owner of the goat,
And free from the sin
There precious young boys
The martyred goat
Will also have new name,
And so it will soon
Be christened to
A new species of
a first of it's kind
A Welcome from
an animal world!!

And so I ask again
Do I really exist?
What form of life
Do I have here?
In this strange land
Are they human too??
Does even a little atleast
A thing called
Humanity exist???

Sparkle in Wisdom.

Wrote this poem after reading this article.
14.4k · Oct 2018
Special child, Divine child.
A doctor's sorry for birth complication
A sea of CP cases in physiotherapy centre
Siblings, twins, triplets
All with defects

Advice of

unheard names of unknown place...
Children I never thought existed
Parents I couldn't believe laughed
Joy in the eyes of kids with severe disability
Waiting for acceptance but yet unknown..
Blanked eyes of a mother
Whose 4 yr old child can die any day
Income reduced expenditure doubled


multiplied many folds...

Coz they are the chosen one
God believed in them

And so God sent to them
The special gifts in
to make them
Sparkle In Wisdom
Sep 2018
11.8k · Nov 2018
Festival of Lights
Festivals of my
land are

Filled with

The brilliance of colors..
The elegance of attire..
The resonance of lights..
The flamboyance of richness..
The essence of laughter..
The sense of happiness..
The fragrance of love ..
The immence feeling of Joy..
The exuberance of festivities..
The relevance of celebration..
The Perseverance of culture..

Its all about
My Motherland....
My India..

Yes !! Its that time of the year
When 1/7 th population of the world
The Festival of Lights..
On the dark night of No Moon ..
The whole country is filled
with lights..
From earthen lamps and LEDs

Celebrate the win of
Good over evil..
To celebrate
The homecoming -
after the win..

The brightness of lights..
The purity of air..
The brimming faces..
The laughter echoes..
Elders, kids, adults
all come together,
To fill the land with
Sparkles and Divinity....

Diwali it is !!
Diwali it will be !!
The festival of love..
The festival of respect..
The festival of sharing..
The festival of caring..
The festival of loving..
The festival of giving ..

The young kids rhyme..
We teach them by action,
That we want them
to remember...!!

Happy Diwali..
The festival of lights..!!
Sparkle In Wisdom
Nov 2018
#Sharing #Caring #Loving #Giving... Four golden words I taught my daughter very early in her childhood..!!
7.9k · Dec 2018
Farmers Plight
Agony and Pain,
Filled in the eyes,
Gaze seeing beyond..
Future is unpredictable
Life is futureless
You, My Farmers you toil the soil...

Year after year,
You keep on working
Tilling the land,
Sowing the seeds,
Waiting for the rain..
And watch clouds pass by...
The shower doesn't happen,
The seeds don't germinate,
The crop doesn't turn up .
Yet again,
One more year of despair...!

The pain in eyes..
Hurts the heart
Lips always smile..
They have a task of,
Explaining your child
About how next year...
We will buy
New dress
New toy
New shoes
New bag

It's been years since your child saw anything new...
Since your wife bought a new dress..
You anyways are not even in list...

The family understands..
The years foods is collected,
Bare minimum...
Child education should continue
The loan goes

You cannot bear the thought...
The farm being in mortgage..
You don't know what to do...

You are tired,
You decide, as your neighbor..
You shall too end your life...
Go away in peace..
Away from all these...
Hurt is too much
To bear,
Pain is too much
To wear,
Life is miserable
Lips refuse to smile..
Child s haunting eyes,
You can't decipher...
You end your life....
Your wife now bears it all...
All alone...
Life continues....!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
Dec 2018
6.2k · Jan 2019
Humble Kid
To raise
humble kid
is my priority.

I can
Make my CHILD learn
By preaching
By teaching
By giving
Knowledge of

She will not learn
by preaching!!
She will learn
By my ACTIONS..!!

If I don't
Share MY things
With My

She will learn NOTHING..!

I can make her
learn to share.
By making her give -
Clothes to needy
Toys in orphanage
Candies to the deprived.

she will
just learn to be PROUD

If she learns by
seeing me
She will become HUMBLE..!!

To raise a humble kid is my priority..!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
11 Jan 2019
Inspired by a incidence I heard at friends place.. after the whole episode the first thought that struck was
What actions will the kids remember and grow on??
5.8k · Jul 2018
Did I notice little birds early in the morning,
Flying and hopping, chirping and tweeting..
Different families of birds chirping..
Brown, yellow chested, black with long tail and orange beak, house sparrow too,
Hens and ****'s crow too...
All are busy talking
Do they ever listen too??

As a child I remember,

I Came back from school and twittered about my day,
Each evening my family sat around each other,
And all had to speak at once,
None of us there were listeners..
So what one could hear was lots of twitterati..
My mom just said hmm and hmm..
Never really heard my endless stories..

My brother was gem...
He always heard..
Don't know how much.. Though
Each sentence of mine ended
.. Is it not bro?... And yes said he always..!

From those carefree twittering to this day,
Life has moved so much..

Life always moves, one always grow,
From constant chatter to a deep silence.

And so

I wonder do birds ever become silent..
From Cuckoo to Wisdomed Owl
From experienced Eagle to the chirping house sparrow..
Do they too grow silent when old??
The early morning chirping,
Is it from young birds??
Are the old one just saying hmmm
Are they listening ?
Or are they talking?
Ever wondered what happens in birds world??

Though nothing much changed now in my house..

We still speak at the same time
We hardly have ear for other's stories..
But now we don't speak our heart out..
We are not those chirping type anymore,

We speak about our performance,
We speak about our achievement
We speak about the praises we receive..
We give our Wisdom,
We give our advice..

But we hardly speak about ourselves..

Sometimes, I still long to be that child again..
Twittering my tongue constantly..
Till my mother yells "Shhh! keep quiet"
And my brother says.. I am listening.. you say..!!!

Alas, life moves on, life always make one grow..

Sparkle in Wisdom
# life
5.0k · May 2018
...... SMILE.....!!
When my world was collapsing,
You came as a pillar,
When my dreams were fading,
You came as a light,
When my thoughts became blank,
You filled it in with color,
When my smile started dying,
You became the reason for me to rejoice,
When tears in my eyes overflowed,
You bought solace in them,
When I started feeling lonely,
You bought life back in me,
When my mood became emotional,
You made me practical,
When I missed terribly my people
You mimicked each one for me,
When darkness came near me,
You bought brightness with your presence,
When I felt it to be end of road,
You showed me new path, new goal,
When today I think of you,
So many emotions surge in my heart,
Love, Gratitude, Guide, Philosopher,
The best one though is last to come,
Coz’ I make you my dearest friend,
You have given me so much I can never repay,
But promise I make, to be always happy,
Promise I make, that I will always smile
As in my Smile lies my dearest friends Smile.

Neha srivastava
Written long back for a dear friend... A friend I can talk just like that even after not being in touch for 10 years...
4.1k · Aug 2018
God's Own Dreams
Dream !
Dream !!
Dream !!!
Ever wonder
Why dreams matter?

Do we dream fiction,
Or we dream our fears,
Or we dream our aspirations,
Why do we dream at all??

Sometimes of
A drowning floods,
A ruined fort,
Babies playing around,
A chaos, a commotion,
Sometimes of loved ones
Who are long past dead,
Sometimes of the ex-lover,
Who had once been our friend.

Day dreams,
And sleeping dreams,
Subconscious dreams,
And coma dreams,
Next life dreams,
And death bed dreams,
Near death dreams,
And God vision dreams,
Dreams to see us on top,
Dreams achieved against all odds..!!

I wonder
Is not our lives,
A God's own dream?
And that's how we
move around HIM!!
Some days are
happy another
too heavy,
When our whole
world goes
Topsy turvy.

Just like scenes of our dreams,
If we become characters of HIS dreams,
Doesn't life become better understood??

If we become part of His dreams,
Can we not better understand -
Why are we stuck
in between the sea?
Why is our town flooding?
Why did the accident
**** our loved one?
Or why did our baby die?
Why did we fail?
Why are we blessed
with success?
Or just the thought

This thought makes life less complicated,
To love,
To move,
To live,
To die,
The smiles,
The cries,
We are just HIS walking dreams,

And so,

Now we don't have to blame HIM for our hard times,
We just have to wait for HIS better dreams..!!!

Just a thought...
If God dreamt...!!
3.7k · Sep 2018
You can't grow
By erasing someone,
You might reach the top
But his curse cannot be ridden.

You might reach the sky
But you can't be proud of it
For when they will discuss your success
They will also implore the grave of his failure.

You might reach the zenith one day
But your name will always fight with his
He may have lost in oblivion
But your bad name will never let him perish..!!

Don't be blind for your success
But try and be humble
You never know your future
But history witnesses all!

As one day,

When you will become history
People will decipher your life
The goods will be forgotten
The wrongs will be highlighted.
Written with the thought when one try to pull someone down to reach the top.
3.0k · Sep 2018
Praise the Creator!
I wonder why we define boundaries
The LOC's, The island, The territories
Do we ever understand our existence?
Do we ever question our existence?

Intrigues my mind these thoughts ever
Reasons my thoughts over and over
Do we really think we are big?
Do we really exist the way we think?

Andromeda being our neighbor in many
Thousands of these galaxies surround us
Milky way is one such in plenty..
One dot is our planet
Unique, beautiful, lively, colorful..
Colors are recent addition not too old though..
The time when existing boundaries were drawn
Colors and flowers too were born..
Do we believe we created colors?
Do we really believe we created boundaries??

We fight for territories
We define continents
We be so proud of countries
Our existence, Our proud, Our nationality, our Identity,
Do we feel we exist because of countries??
Do we really feel we are nothing beyond countries??

Religion, Ethnicity, Culture, Color,
Do animals have it too??
Sentinelese, Jarawa, Onge tribes
Living in archipelago of Andaman & Nicobar for 60,000 years,
Who are these people living in tribes?
Which religion do they belong?
What language do they speak?
How without fire do they survive?
Do we still think we exist because of names given by us?
Do we still doubt our Creator?

To bound self in boundaries is sin
Sin against the Creator
Sin against the Soul
Sin against the humanity
Sin against belief of life..
To partition our nations is to belittle
the Greatness of His
Who created us, who created universe
Who created "Himself" to keep our belief..

Continents, Rich, Poor, Oldest civilisation, Countries, Big, Small
Are these parameters to be proud of?
If we observe us from the top of universe
We will be a fly or a microorganism
They may name us Earthica humane
Do we have to fight for land and land marks?
Do we still have to divide the mother Earth?

Is it not high time we rise and decide?
United we make our Earth unique
Souls wander the whole universe
But to live they decend on Earth
Can we not be proud of planet as a whole?
No boundaries do us part
Can we not end the hatred forever?
Bringing peace, solace and love as treasure!!
Wrote this after reading about Sentinelese, Jarawa, Onge tribes
Living in archipelago of Andaman & Nicobar for 60,000 years.... They live there undisturbed, sovereign, Part of India, no one took today have been able to communicate with them, decipher thr language etc. They are not able to light a fire, fight with arrows.
2.9k · Sep 2018
Special Life.
Did you see a special child,
Moving on its own
Waiting for a smile from
strangers faces around!

Did you see a special child
Sitting in the park
Waiting for the ball to come so
He can give a pass!

Did you see a special child
Sitting near the lake
Waiting for the fish to be caught
In the fishing rod straight!

Did you see a special child
Moving it's wheel chair fast
To catch that metro rail
Which is about to depart!

Did you see a special child
In your child's class
Sitting in a corner waiting for acceptance and cheers!

Did you see a special child
In your neighbor's house
Waiting to be befriended
By the whole society!

Did you see that special child
Whose innocence is unbound
Smiles are genuine
And eyes are pure shine!

It's 'not' you alone who
did not see him..
We tend to not register
there presence,
We deny to register
there existence
I haven't seen a special child
till my 28th birthday.

Till I became a mother of one...
That day a mother was born
A special mom of a special child...!!!

Then I became friends with
Many such special mom's...
Beautiful kids became
my son's friends too...

And the special journey
of Special Life thus began!!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
Sep 2018
Cerebral Palsy.
2.2k · Jul 2018
Last year with a heavy heart...
We moved in to this new house..

Human emotions are so confusing..
I am in a country far away from my own,
I don't connect here though,
Still when it comes to moving
First old temporary house seems more mine than the other new one..


When we came here,
The house was full of trees..
But strange things happened...
Each day my daughter came back with tiny red beads with no holes in it...
They were perfect red beads
Triangle in shape, slight elevated in the middle..
Each time she came with one my curiosity grew many fold...

After few months. . We got the surprise of our life..
The trees with tiny leaves had brown dried beans..
The fully dried beans had split open and stuck out from it
Were the same red 'beads'.... Today was found they were 'RED BEANS'..

After searching the web.. And settle the curiosity
After breaking each dried beans from the tree..
After storing each red bean..
I found out they are beans of RED SANDALWOOD..
The strange fact too..
In The old times..
Due to uniqueness and perfection of shape
Jewellers used it to measure gold!!
In my quest I found
The seeds are valuable even today..!!

But for me and my daughter it was a treasure of our new house
Memories building for a 'new temporary house'
To make it a loving old house,
The new house which was call "forest"
For it's various insects, bees, & multipedes.. Both brown and albino,
We finally forgot our old house..
We started loving our new house..
Almost after a year we moved in..
We love it equally if not more..

Sparkle In Wisdom'
#new house #curious daughter.
2.0k · Feb 2019
Soldiers Wish Forever
a dream with childish eyes,
Burnt in the belly the flame of patriotic fire,
Decided to become a soldier and dedicate my love to my land.
The promise I made,
I cherished, I fulfilled.

Imparted soldiers duty filled with passion,
For my motherland,
My heart was filled with proud and patriotism,

Promise to die for my motherland held above all.
Today proudly,
I am enfolded in tricolor of my country..
For my last journey,
For my final abode.

Dream outlived me.
I will be born again to serve my motherland.

Sparkle In Wisdom
27 Feb 2019
Salute soldiers of our motherland.
1.9k · Dec 2018
Shining Smile..!!
I give each name an emotion
Each emotion a name.

I form with each face a relation
With each relation a face.

I give each story an ending
Each ending a story..

I give each smile a reason
Each reason a reason to smile..

Emotions for me are each moment of my life..

Happiness is a binding emotion.
Life has only one purpose
And it's to always smile.

Be it,
Tough times
Rough times
Hard times
Happy times
Me times
Share times

No matter what the Time...


Smile should always Shine

Sparkle In Wisdom
Dec 2018
1.8k · Oct 2018
What's A Birthday?
A day

When - We are born..
When - Our parents are born..
When - Multiple relations come in existence
When - We get our Identity .

Celebration of this day continues..

It may be
Just another day in the year
Just another year added in life..

It's always,
A day
When we visit our past ...
The multiple events throughout the life..
Celebration took place
Gatherings happened
Over - Decorated House
Over - Dressed Us
Over - Dressed our Siblings
Over - Served Delicacies...
Over - Invited Guest list...

When we sit back and remember
When we travel down the memory lane
Reminiscing the time gone by...
Those past moments are birthday's for us...!!

The time of the year
to go and sit in
old teasures

To - Sit in memories..
To - Sit with old albums..
To - Remember friends..
To - Remember long list relations..
To - Remember bursting of balloons..
To - Remember that knotted thread which grew each year...

That's what birthday should be for..!

Sparkle In Wisdom
Oct 2018
Once daddy decided to teach his son,
His favorite being politics,
He set to teach Civics..!!

He said,
Son let's begin from home,
If I be the head,
I become Prime Minister,
And your mother,
She becomes Home Minister,

At this point,
Mother who was listening
to all the commotion,
From her undisputed department,
The kitchen...!!
Came out and
Explained casually,

Your daddy is the Head,
And he becomes 'President'...
Who has to give formal approvals,
To what is sort from 'The Parliament',
He also gives approval for the budget presented,
And be guest of Honor at various public events,
He gets to speak few times a year,
And he is still the 'formal approver'...

I manage few portfolios,
Prime ministry and Home ministry,
At times I have Finance ministry too,
Defence ministry too mostly stays with me,
I am the 2/3 rd majority, I decide how to run 'The House'!!

And most times I have solid 'Opposition' too,
The leader of Opposition (LoP) is very strong,
She being your grand mother,
Is also the head of oldest party in the house.
Her party has now lost and so she is in opposition,
Disputing every new law I, the PM try to bring.
She is Old Monk with a Gin,
But with her experience and wisdom,
I the PM, is always trimmed !!

Your grand dad, is a gentle politician,
He keeps changing parties from government to opposition,
When he is with us, we give him portfolio,
We make him a minister for Agriculture, Food and Health.
In some houses he is the Retired Former President.
Living a comfortable life with benefits that come with retirement.

You dear son get to keep Games, Education and Tourism ministry.
Nothing more comes your way,
You are forced to believe you are our future,
And so your ministry always need to perform,
To brighten the future is supposed to be in your hands!!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
August 2018
This is a funny light humored comparison of Indian joint family set up with Indian political system.
We live in a family mostly where grand parents, parents and kids live together in one house.. In country we have President and Parliament headed by Prime Minister and also opposition headed by leader of opposition.
1.6k · Oct 2018
Actions vs Reactions
Our actions are reactions
we get in return...

Love give love...
Hatred gives hate...

Smile returns smile ..
Anger returns anger..

Choose your actions to
make a better world ..

Sparkle In Wisdom
Oct 2018
#Grooming my kids nature for future
1.4k · Aug 2018
Life Partner -1 and 2
I am getting dragged
behind you
Just like a rope
Lifeless, hopeless.

The diversion you take,
Me too turn behind,
Dumb, subconscious..

Your destination is in your thoughts,
I just walk behind you,
You walk to achieve something,
I walk behind questioneless..


Is not my destination
my determination..YOU?

Do you realize
I walk behind you?
Can you hear my footsteps..
Dragging with a hush??

Why am I
Asking you all this?
Was walking behind you not my own decision?

You are moving for your own resting place,
I was anyways never the whole final destination for you...
Then why should my ubiety in your 'moving life' should have any mention??

I have made you my destiny by choice,
Should my life have any other diversion than yours..??


Life partner - 2 (Reply)

I could feel you getting dragged behind me,
Your presence completes my existence,
You are walking behind with held breaths,
I move ahead counting your breaths..

I am moving with a great speed,
To wait and rest for few seconds is impossible..
I could hear your heavy weezing,
But to slow down is impossible..

You speak the truth,
You walk behind making me your destiny,
And so I walk on the good road till today,
Thorns will come surely in my path in future,
But I am trying to take bit longer but smooth roads..

Neither animosity nor complains you have for me,
Neither questions nor answers I have for you,
Our life will pass harmoniously this way..
Me ahead and you behind tagging along.

Hold me well with power of your determination,
Give me courage by your silent smiles,
Keep your faith on me always,
You will be given credit for my journey of success,
Hold me strongly on the ground after the success..!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
#Saw today a loaded truck at traffic light secured with a rope,a portion of the rope has gotten loose and was dragging behind it...

It can be hypothetical talk between truck and rope
A situation where a wife follows a husband,
Or a devoted girl friend Madly in love will tag along her love...

English translation of my Hindi poem.
Jeevansathi hindi - 1 and 2
1.3k · Sep 2018
Room In A corner
In a corner of a room lying is the table,

A vase placed on it
A chair besides it,
A cot placed near it,
Me sitting on it...
Each morning,
every evening
This is the look of
A room which has
White walls
And glass windows.
The room that's in the corner of the big full house ...

House is filled with voices,
And cooing of babies
And whispers
And laughter
With people that are mine,
With guests that are visiting...
But the white room in the corner
Have just me and my silence.

Its not happening
with me alone
It has happened with many
before me,
It will happen with many
after me
Some will call it fate
Some will call it compulsion..
Sitting here alone
I think,
I have learnt to live alone
I will manage my remaining
life alone
But my son and after him his son
Will they be able to live in
old age alone like me??

Some have all the living relations but house is lonely,
Some don't have any one around and house is silent
Those born in my time have long gone
Those death do us part had too gone away
And I am still alive!!

I write sometimes on the table lying beside
Sometimes a poem
Sometimes old memories
List of old friends
Those who are still alive
Those who are no more...

I am waiting to become a
photo frame
To be adorned on the wall...
Though in a photo frame,
but waiting to be part of colored walled that's main room of the house,

I am waiting to be once again in the center of whole voice filled house,
I think,
The day I am hanged on the wall of colored room
Knowingly-unknowningly I will become part of there talks too...

I have lived a long time in this white walled room,

Maybe then I will leave this room
Maybe now I will leave this room.

Sparkle In Wisdom
1.3k · Feb 2019
Life is struggle,

Everyday is
You get up to plan
Ends up in pain

Life always have
it's own way
To communicate
With you...

Never underestimate
The life and it's doing

Life is just a passing line...
We move in direction
Up, down,
forwards, backwards
Don't ever believe
we do
Is done by our
own power...!

Life is so turbulent
Even leaf doesn't know
It will fall next second...

Life is so unpredictable
Next step is not in know

Happy or sad
Truth or false
Real or fake
Life is here to take..

Life is unplanned,
We say,
"My life is
planned, it's

Fact is,
All born are to live ..



Sparkle In Wisdom
3 Feb 2019
1.2k · Aug 2018
Walking in the path,
A small foot path,
Made under the shade of trees,
By flattened grass of walking feets.
Walking and moving in endless thoughts,
I have reached a narrow muddy path,
I look behind and see a long empty lane,
I look forward again.....

I see a small endless muddy lane,
It's covered
Datura and Gum Arabic trees...
One is poisonous vespertine flowering plant another a thorny ****...
It's a narrow Lane we call it "Pagdandi"....a narrow Lane made in mud by people walking on it over and over again,

This lane has been unknown to me,
Miles and miles and destination less....
I heard my heart,
and here I am walking on this lane...
For unpredictable future...
It was dusty, dry and thorny...

I don't know IT'S destination,
I don't know "MY" destination..

Life is also just like this,
Endless lawns of meaningless green pasteurs...
Empty, silent sprinkled with colors,
When I move a nameless destination awaits..
And the desire to reach the destination keeps me moving...

In between I cross the tarred black roads, long like snakes,
I compare the black tarred road to relatives and friends who knock on our door,
They come smile, laugh and go...
And when I cross the road
I am left in the same muddy lane...
This muddy lane, I wonder,
Is it not a reflection of Life??

Everyone has a dream,
some even work on fulfilling the dream,
But, If one does achieve the dream even then,
Is not life just the same again??

Don't we all finally desire
Home cooked good food,
Eaten around happy faces,
In a place we call home,
Where our family lives...!!

Is not the life we had before is what we want later ??

But somewhere in the corner of heart
One aspires so much..
Wealth, Comfort, Desires, Name, Fame, Success...
All this in the name of HAPPINESS....!!

But the road to all this is same muddy lane we call "Pagdandi"...
Happiness is with all of them,
Who were thr in my thoughts...
When I walked in that lane...
Happiness is in the "muddy dusty lane"
Filled with thorns of Gum Arabic tree (babool)
Poisonous vespertine flowers of Datura plants...
Happiness is in walking in life what path we come across...
Happiness is making memories and filling it with laughter, stories and smiles.


Sparkle in Wisdom.
#pagdandi is a small muddy lane created by people walking on it.
1.2k · Jul 2018
Dear Teacher!!
Drench us knee deep with high words of your experiences,
Fill our heads with your tender words,

Let us have our glass of wisdom,
From the words that will flow from your memoir,

This side are we, meek with folded hands awestruck...
That side be you... Our shining star..

Sparkle In Wisdom
# today in the full moon day, we in India celebrate "guru" poornima... Which is reverence of our teachers both physical and spiritual...
1.2k · Jul 2018
Being a Father is a special being...
only father can understand...
or a child can understand....

When a mother is carrying a child in her womb...
for 9 months...
a father is carrying his child in his brain...!

when a mother is taking care of covering the baby all night...
Father is busy arranging the roof over that room where the baby will sleep...

When a mother is busy teaching the baby first letters...
Father is busy arranging funds for the best school the baby will study...

When mother is busy arranging food on the table..
Father is busy making sure the groceries reaches the house for the family to feed...

When mother is lovingly saving child from getting scolded from father for some mischief or other...
Father is busy making arrangements to make sure the child can be prepared to live a boarder's life in hostel....

All those moments when a child is getting cosy with mom...
loving mom to the bottom of its heart....
father is making sure the bond stays like that ever...

Having a father is a privilege,
having a father as rock in your house should be appreciated,
taken care of & loved...!!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
#Just for father s...
1.1k · Jan 2019
My Shadow - My bestie !!

With each turn passing
My shadow was following me
Winter wind was blowing
My shadow was freezing cold..

With each turns and hedges
It just ran through the corners..

With sun getting high
It got wild and strong

With my frequent desperation
to get rid of it
It got bigger and bold..

The more I disliked it's free attitude..
It showed me it's competing style..

The more I drove faster
It lingered me thin and bigger..

Finally came the setting sun..
It became taller than me

I called it loud names..
It grew bigger so could
not hear me..

Tall mountains and tall shadow
Was both chilled and freezed..

It continued it's run behind me
Guess that was the reason it did
not freeze..

I was getting annoyed with it
My whole time went away
Watch and try to shed it away
So I could move free..

It lingered around me
With claws of it's own
The more I drove reckless
The tighter it's grip grew..

With night setting in
I searched for it in vain..
In desperation to rid from it
I had driven deep in terrain..

Now darkness engulfed me
It hid some where,
frozen cold winds
knocked my car away..

I started missing the company
My shadow had given me
Instead of trying to rid from it
I started longing for it's company..

In that winter night
With that smoked air coming
from my month,
I tried calling it with my shaking voice
I looked for it's company to keep me warmed..
Yet it disappeared till
night waned away
Sun came by..!

In those colder dark hours
I realised the value of my shadow!

From undesired company
It became my closest friend
From unwanted distracter
It became my priority partner..

And now me and my shadow are company together
I never feel lonely again..
Anyone who join me in my drive
Feels like a intruder between the two of us..
I sing along, my shadow keeps dancing and both of us make a perfect

On each passing turn
It blends to take a bend..!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
1 Jan 2019.
Wrote this in semi sleep condition... Just got the flow of words one morning at 5:00 am.... Took my mobile and typed it with errors.. (some errors are still there)And phone falling and me snoring...
It did happens many times with me when words just flow out from somewhere...I just have to trap them or they will flow away...
Thank you
1.1k · Jan 2019
Never learn a gesture
that don't make one
believe they are above God ..!!

SHARING is gesture
which makes one understand
they are all one big family -
The children of God..!!



Make a better world for
All and Everyone


Sparkle In Wisdom
13 Jan 2019
1.1k · Aug 2018
Feline friend
Our life has moved ahead,
From little tiny red beans,
And little talking birds,
And we have welcomed home,
A beautiful little pet

She just walked into our home,
And became part of our
My daughter, Tini,
Christened her
Our very own Mini....!

A white and grey baby feline,
Is a sure live toy,
Who likes to walk in between our legs,
Giving us joy,
A furry mass of ball,
Whom Tini refuses to free,
She picks her back and dosn't let it flee.

Life has become more easy,
In this new house,
Which now has started to become 'old house',
With stories weaving around inside
The house is becoming a novel indeed!

But I need to wait,
Till I pack to return to home land,
These tiny two TINI, MINI
will throw big tantrum,

When Tini demands to take Mini,
To the world she belongs and calls home,
To explain the reason
My life will go upside down,

I am yet to find a proper excuse,
That will not beak my daughter's heart,
And which will make her understand,
That life has to move on...!

Sparkle In Wisdom
Just 10 days back, a baby cat has started frequenting our house, and my daughter and the cat are inseparable.
1.0k · Dec 2018
If someone bully you,
You don't REACT by bullying back..
Spread peace instead...!!

If someone mistreats you,
You don't REACT by foul mouthing...
Spread forgiveness instead..!!

If someone hates you,
You don't REACT with hatred,
Spread love instead..!!

You can't choose someone's ACTIONS...
You create your REACTIONS instead!!

React with wisdom you are groomed with ...!!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
Dec 2018
One can't control the way others speak to them... They speak with their teaching, upbringing, background, wisdom.

But one can control the way was REACT...!!

Another message for my daughter..!!
On her question, how should I react if someone's foul-mouth with me??
1.0k · Dec 2018
Amidst endless cyclones
I kept moving with
dreams in my eyes,

Without stopping
Without bending
Without tiring

I just kept walking
Always moving..

I heard voices
But I kept walking
To achieve my dreams

I moved forward
Unknown roads
Unknown twists & turns
Unknown crossroads
Unknown hillocks

To achieve the impossible
To set an example
Filled with positivity
  in my heart..
Telling always it's
Attitude that's important

I kept moving

Sparkle In Wisdom
Dec 2018
1000 · Nov 2018
What did you say...
Am I a human or an animal??
Let me ask the same thing to you...
Are you not an animal??

Why do we call ourselves,
Greatest of all,
Supreme than the rest?

Why do we consider us,
The intelligent tribe,
The species with communication power,
With knowledge and wisdom..?

How do we underestimate
The memory of an elephant,
The hearing capabilities of horse,
The sense to smell of dog,
The power to live for ages of trees?

Why do we judge other living beings and rate SELF the best??

Do we ever think how animals communicate?
And what do they talk?
Do animals call us HUMANS too??

Did we ask a dog,
What do they call us??
Do they all call themselves dog??
Does dog ever call us HUMANS??

Did we ask a donkey ever,
What name had they given to us?
Are we intelligent enough for them..?
Do they call there naughty kids ...
Oh insane humans!!

What do they talk about humans?
What do they feel humans to be like?
Do they consider us the same intelligent as we feel for us?
They think we are
Fool, insane, adamant..
And make us a laughing stock..!!

Whenever you call someone an animal !!

Are we all not the same,

Sparkle In Wisdom
Nov 2018
Random thinking, if animals had language that we understood.
928 · Aug 2019

Lightens the tension,
Relieves the pain
Brightens the spirits,
Heightens the desires,
Power of rain,
Restores the life,
In purest form,
Abundance of greens,
Purity sublimes.
Soaking in rain,
Love the rain drops,
Drowning the face,
Walk with nature,
Energises the soul,
Beauty of nature,
Paints the sketch,
With brushes of freshness,
Blossoms the life,
With colors unlimited,

Sparkle In Wisdom.
915 · Jul 2019
By the way someone
reacts to our loved ones..


Don't be judgemental,
Don't look at the world
by someone's eyes,
Remember there's
always another side,


Take time out to,
in others..


Let it be justified !

Sparkle In Wisdom
873 · Jan 2019
My Son..!!
I thinks of my son who had left me void,

When I am WALKING alone in street
I remember my son and time well spent,

When I am COOKING I feel guilty of leaving my son alone at times,

My son who was special
My son who was dependent on me,
My son who left me early.

My son,
For some doctors he was classic example VEGETABLE,
For others he was point of research,
They told her so point blank on my face,
He will not live beyond 10 or 11,
he passed at 11&1/2...!

My son, whose passing away,
I could not grieve..
I held back my tears
I held back my tears to
At times when I am
I spend my time

When people see me DOING NOTHING,
They call me NAMES,

LAZY for some
FREE for some
HAPPY for some
LIBERATED for some
LUCKY for some....!!!
to cry my heart out
is not just me...!

Do they see ME
Watching movies
Enjoying parties

When I do nothing,
Let me be,
Let me be in memory of my son...
My mind needs no DISTRACTION,
My body needs no REPAIRS,
My face needs no FACIALS,
My hair needs no MASSAGING...!

I am fine by myself
LET ME BE...!!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
Dedicated to all mom s who have born special kids.
847 · Mar 2019
Visit To the Park.
Went to the old park
Just after a month's break,
But the park is renewed
With even the faces of visitors changed.

The complete make over it had got,
All new gym machinery in place,
It's used to be kids park but now all age group throng it plenty.

The place is busy as bee,
People waiting in que,
For the exercise is a thought
That has already made it's mark.

Now with feeling to get fit
People walk and jog
Cycle and abs crunches
Crowd is becoming young and sound.

I like to be here in morning and in evening,
I have made friends here,
I like to smile and spread joy,
With different groups that I meet here.

Mornings are of oldies and freer people,
Evening are younger more like me,
But I fit in both..
Morning I walk and listen to news,
Evening I watch my kids become smarter...

A visit to the park
rejuvenate my mood,
Just like a cup of perfectly
brewed latte coffee...!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
March 2019
A light hearted piece to just relax.
822 · Oct 2018
Let Love Prevail!
Love is Emotion
Love is Passion
Love is Rejection
Love is Obssession
Love is Transition..

Love is
Going through the pain
Again and again
Over and over,
yet again !!

Being in love is the best phase
The Missing,
The Craving,
The Feeling
The Thinking,
The Caring,
The Loving....

But soon the phase is over...
And Then follows

The Guilt
The Pain
The Hurting
The Blaming
The Shaming
The Hating
The Name calling..

This is acceptable
The parting shots

Where does it all lead to??
The worst is yet to begin,

The Obsession..
The Rejection
The Vengeance...
The Stalking
The Blackmailing....
The Threatening...

Then the worst phase begins
Love is Lost..
Love is Dreaded..
Love is Goaded..
Love is Loaded
Love is Roasted.
The memory is darkened..
The torment awakened..

The once beautiful Love turns
Suffocating emotion..

Love becomes Unsettling
Love becomes Unnerving
Love becomes Unstoppable
Love becomes Unsympathising
Love becomes Unwanted..
Love becomes Unrequited

Love becomes a question
An unsolved emotion..!!

It becomes a simple
gone wrong forever,

Failing to believe
The love can end..
The relation can die..
The fizz can evaporate..
The things can come to end...

If you ever
loved someone,
wish them happiness,
If you ever
loved someone let it go
If you ever
loved someone then

Sparkle In Wisdom
Oct 2018
Edited... Reposting... Was not satisfied with first version.. "Love dies sometimes".

Thank you for reading.
815 · Feb 2019
God's Court!
You are a unique
Amongst common,
Don't waste your time
explaining your self,

Your list of good
deeds is humongously big,
The commoners
is just too shrink.

To find a flaw in you is not
there habit but a source of there life,
For them,
To become like you is
just not possible.

To wipe you off from the
canvas is there try,
To imitate you is impossible.

You are unique in house of common,
You are a model of God's

History is witness,
God always chose tough
exams for special people.
Just you keep praying to the
One who created you.

He will do the debate,
HE will be guard,
Court will be His,
Witness will be Him,
Counts will be His
Conviction will be His!

You are UNIQUE amongst Commons
Definitely, life be
For you!

Life will never be this way for you,
But, in HIS COURT you will be the ultimate winner!

Sparkle In Wisdom
7 Feb 2019
785 · Jun 2018
Bud.. Rose bud..
When a rose bud is born... It slowly raises it's head...
Like wise was my tiny baby s sleeping closed eyes.. deep in sleep..

The stark deep red rose bud comes out of the green...
The same was the brightness of my son... Spotless, shining, serene..

The bud blooms,
That bright, glowing, strong petals
Likewise was the skin of my son... Like a shining sun..

But alas we love the young buds a far too much
We cut it and put in in vase
I am here staring at a bud like that in a hospital,
From behind the glass wall I am staring both.... I am reading innocence of both...

In NICU, my son is sleeping, lost in between the pipes which is giving him life,
The bud too in the vase thinking of it's mother...yearning to be in arms of it's mother..
The *** that holds it's mother out side.. Is also waiting for it to return...maybe!!
May be scared to bloom another bud....
The pain of losing is thr for both of us...
To loose is easy
To live in uncertainty is not...

How does a new born baby feel...I  know not...
How to satisfy day old baby s hunger ....I know not..
How is a 6th day* celebration done I know not...
How does it feel to bathe a new born...I know not...

What I know though
Is that my new born is sleeping in NICU
I have been staring him from glass for past one month
I will wear clean, sterilized clothes am ushered to be near him..
For few seconds... Once in 24 hrs... My maternal love becomes alive...
Though I go near him, cameras are thr, I cannot touch him, I can feel his breathing..I can see him sleeping...
My hands behind..
Face covered with mask..
I gaze at him with blurred eyes,
I give him love of both his dad* and myself...

Just for that moment...
Both of us again stand behind that glass wall
We show our son to all those who pass by
We hide our tears behind our smiles..
We stand again in wait thr...

When I took my month old baby in my arms for first time....
He is still the same, he looks still the same...
How are these wonders of universe, the creators..
How can a colorful life become color-less..
Each day, each moment some where a new bud is born..
A new creation everyday...

Sparkle in Wisdom
* sixth day...a celebration done in India.. done after 6th day of birth of new born... When they start wearing new dresses..

*Daddy was not allowed inside NICU.. Only I was allowed to go in. Once a day for few seconds.

I translated this from the original nanhi Kali... That I posted in Hindi...

The original I wrote after 5 years of birth of my son... While I remembered... The time spent in hospital at his birth.
757 · Nov 2018
It's that time of the year..
When it's supposed to be me time
The day I left my single life
And entered the coupled zone..

It's that time of the year
When I want to pamper my self
The day I left my care less self
To become a responsible partner..

It's that time of the year..
When life opened it's arm for me
New horizons ..
New adventures..
New difficulties..
New challenges..
All my text books failed to give me
An idea on how to prepare
For what's in store for me
After I come onboard..

It's that time of the year..
When I celebrate getting married..
On this day some 15 years ago...
I became Mrs. Of my Mr....
And life has never been similar again..
The carefree girl is no where to be seen..
The lady thats me today is so totally changed..
But, I love the new me..
The all grown, "wisdomised" me!!

364 days of a year I decide to be grown up,
Giving my kids commands and advices,
And getting up for my duties
But today is the day
I want to celebrate
Just like, I used to celebrate before being married,
So reasoning and all patience
All wisdom I want to bury under the carpet..

It's that time of the year..
When I want to celebrate, dance and party...
For becoming Mrs.... Of my Mr.
back then...!!!

Happy anniversary !!!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
November 2018
#not my anniversary... But of my cousin...!!
Wish you a long happy married life sis.
688 · Sep 2018
Divine Presence
Sometimes I wonder
Who is walking with me
Holding my hand with each step
My path may have potholes
My road may be hard
My life may be troubled
My life may be in tough situation...
Each time I rise in morning
I feel a 'Divine Presence'
Who make my walk effortless...
I see the potholes
but suspension are too strong...
I don't feel any ****...
The 'Divine Presence' takes care of me...

No praise is needed
No prayers needed too
No Thanksgiving either
No mention of Him too...
No rememberance...

Just one thing I do..
I feel his presence beside me,
I behave, as if someone is watching..
I respect, everyone around me
I smile, always...

No reason is given to start a quarrel,
No objection is taken at someone's betrayal..
To live with perfection is not easy..
But in presence of 'The Divine'.. it's just so easy.

Sparkle In Wisdom
Sep 2018
675 · Jun 2018
Passion for success
'Difficulty' is the time

When testing is done
For patience

When you are demanded
For your presence

When misunderstanding increases
From your carelessness...

When expectations increases from all quarters...
All your problem taken as excuses..

At times of difficulties when you want to excel

Your passion is considered your foolishness,

Your dream is considered meaningless..

You are worthless judged by all...

To fight against all odds is what the situation is..
When difficulty arise and you fight....

Sparkle in Wisdom
It's an extempore try in response to a post on WhatsApp... Which said-

In Times of Difficulty......!!!!
Some People Break Down,
While some Break Records.

Performers are Always Born in Difficult Situations
And Not in Comfort Zones!!

Good Morning
643 · Sep 2018
Day One
Tiny legs
And tiny hands,
And the thick crop of black hair on your head
Small little nose
And cute red lips
You were born with loaded sweetness...
Twinkling eyes
And twitching ears..
You were born with loaded passion and possession..

The day I saw you ..
I got entangled..
In your beauty and shine...

With day one of your birth
My sweet doll,
You have assassinated the whole me....!!!

Again came the day one,
When you went to nursery..
Cute little legs walking on its own
Smile turned in crying
Twinkling eyes briming with tears
The first good bye I can't forget..
The first good bye you never did...
The Splendid Care School where you and me
Together we learnt our phonics & abc's..

With your journey of nursery,
I repeated my basics too

With the first year of nursery
My dear,
You have overpowered the whole me..!!

Today again is the day one ..
When you start your primary school...
Bright white shirt, green checked skirt...
And shining in a deep green Blazer...
You set the whole school ablaze...
You dazzle with your charm
You smile and run along...
Happy yet again with
Twinkle in your eyes..
You turned around to be so mesmerizing charm...
Spreading laughter and warmth .....

I will wait to write yet another ' day one' when you enter secondary School ...
Till then my dear one you bedazzle me with your magic...

With your first day in primary
My enchantress,
You have entrapped the whole me..!!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
Sep 2018.
My daughter's first day's in various life stages.
639 · Jan 2019
Does "Dress" Have Life??
In transition,
A body holds a possession,
A beautiful dress..
Gets praises for the beauty,
It fades away and ruined
Thrown in garbage in the end...
Merges in soil to become one...!

Ever imagine the value of it
In your eye?
In others eye...?

Is not the same
we are into?
Our SOUL got
a "DRESS" in our body

We forget and nurture
the body,
Dress it double
Decorate with colors
But it will fade away too..
Pass away and merge
In soil to become one

Don't bother of the body..
Or other wise...
All are just
Fancy colorful dresses...
Any BODY has no
LIFE of it's own...!!

Praise the Creator
Believe in Him
Decorate the humanity
Fulfill the life

Nurture the SOUL..
Do the best in one life time
638 · Sep 2019
The loss of worldly things can be calculated,

What about those emotions that went with those stored things.

The ink on letters were erased away in flood,
The old stored letters washed away too.

People are crying for the loss of
their house,
I had left my heart long ago.

I had been living a life of
Love, I had left long ago.

I was engrossed in life full of responsibilities,
Did not had time to remember my memories.

Today the whole city is filled with flood,
They are crying for their loss.

But I had lost my beloved's letters, poems, memories,
And today I am crying for the loss
of him.

The relation was lost long ago,
Emotions got water burial today,
For that loss of mine
I got the freedom to cry today.

Sparkle In Wisdom
(A translation of Hindi poem Sailab)
(The speaker parted ways with her beloved, got married and was living with adjustments in new life for years, in flood she loses all her belongings but the most painful was loosing old letters of her beloved.
She did not get freedom to cry when she left her beloved, today under the disguise of crying for lost worldly things, she is actually crying for her long lost relationship)
623 · Dec 2018
Just Words
W o r d s,
They can make someone's day...
Break someone's heart...
Once spoken,
They can never be undone....!!

Formed from A-Z...
From vowels
And consonants

Can be inspiration
If given in discourse
Can be humiliating
If thrashed in fight..
Can change someones life..
Can make someone do suicide..

Can create a Buddha..
Or create a terrorist..

Just the formation of
these 26 letters...
Can make history
Can break history..

Powerful tool...
Creates Identity ..
Gives dignity..
Imparts morals..
Satisfies love..
Assures child..
Fulfills dream
Generates magic..
Seldom ..
It creates Mahatma..
A super human being...

Choose ..

Sparkle In Wisdom
Nov 2018
602 · Nov 2020
Celebrations in Heavens!
Heavens celebrate
Silver gates,
Silver flowers,
Silver crowns,
Silver tiaras,

Silver curtains,
Silver gowns,
Silver capes,
Silver drapes,

Shining blossoms,
Fragrance filled,
Echoing smiles,
Pearly clouds,

Angels clad in
brightest silver,
Fairies dancing around,
Harp with it's
silver strands,
Playing it's tune and sound.
Flute echoing from
far behind,
The ambience full
of cheer.

Stars assembled to bedazzle each and
every turn,
Moon brightens the nook and corner of the big heaven,
You are running around in the pristine silver attire.
Today's your 16th birthday,
Celebrations are planned in heaven, my dear!

All the Gods and Goddesses are invited,
Cakes are bigger than the tallest tree,
Trees are laden with chocolates and truffles,
Eateries bright and silvery too.
Making the atmosphere prestine and pure.

It's your birthday
dear son,
Celebrations are planned in Heavens!
Mom & Dad sends you love, hugs and kisses,
They wish you the
best of today
Lots of love travels  your way down here from,
The Earth.
Celebrations are planned for your birthday in Heavens.

Sparkle In Wisdom
My son Aayush had his birthday today.
He left for heaven 5 years ago.
592 · Apr 2018
Life Of A Girl

She gets up in the morning worried and messed up,
The mood is hot and flared up,
Today is the annual day and she is not ready,
With manicured, pedicured nails,
And with skin brushed to shine,
How to did she even forget to wash her hair?
The worries shows in the frizz of her hair,
Off she runs to shampoo on chilled winter morning.. Cold is the last thing to deter her today...
She has to be best, the most beautiful...She echoes..
Oh! She is so self obsessed careless yet careful teenager around...!!!

She enters the college with dreams and colors all around,
She can't repeat yellow she wore it on Monday,
Jeans, Shorts, Skirts - ankle length, knee and thigh,
Traditional or not is the fight with mom all the while,
Purses of various colors, shapes and sizes,
Shoes to fit each out fit add up each day,
Watches have thr day too,
With ear ring tossed in the loss of a stud,
With necklace rejected as it's gold not silver,
Nail color should change every alternate day..
Oh! She is so self obsessed careless yet careful girl around..!!

The marriage mellows her down a bit,
With duties to perform, with office to attend,
She still can't repeat a dress in a week,
And nail colors too have to change each week,
But purse remain same barring occasions,
And shoes also have to go for comfort of the day,
Yet in all her small ways
She tries to find that carefree moment of her life,
The life when she is she and not what is expected of her..!!

Kids bring another angle to her story,
The task is humongous, the responsibility huge,
The hair is always frizzled, the eyes sleep deprived,
Yet she manages to bring her she side out,
She maintains her  composure but is deeply worried,
All her flawless skin, her nails, her figure,
Have gone for a infinite  ride, a vacation, a break,
She doesn't throw her old clothes away,
Rather tries to fit in high school jeans be proud to feel she can indeed fit and enter...
Oh!  she is so self obsessed care free yet careful girl around!!!

The I Must Too foreign tour is round the corner,
Her self obsessed brain tickles oh! just four months to go,

She has to invite back her hair, nail and figure,
Plead, Beg, Order whatever she can BUT to have them back she must..

She plans out it's never too late,
Starts with yoga and aerobics too,
Green tea is a part of her life whole day now,
Compliments are coming and she is overjoyed
With new found glory she is queen again,

Tours have to must have 'shorts pic', and a 'Frock pic'  and a 'running around with kids' pic for sure ,
The fact that husband has aged, bald,and *** -bellied doesn't even scare...
Oh! What a self obsessed carefree yet careful girl she is!!

Things that keep her strong are,
The taunts that come along...
From high school till today she grew up on them,
They are the multivitamin and have been that way,
Will they only see you? they ask,
And she is sure they will, they always did...
With all the tasks,the deadlines and the kids growing,
She reminds herself she is still the queen,
She cannot forget and move on as this is she that she has grown on...
Ageing doesn't scare her as she is still beautiful in her own eyes,
"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" they say,

She is you, she is me,
she is the daughter born yesterday, and the daughter who will born tomorrow, and she is the grand mother too...

Oh! She is so self obsessed carefree girl anyone ever did see...!!!

Sparkle in Wisdom
*Sparkle in Wisdom* will be my pen name here.
584 · Mar 2019
A Special Soul
A gifted soul

The beauty resides
in the soul,

The one who
understands this
is pristine.

The one who
imbibes this
is ageless.

The one who
absorbs this
is a Mahatma.

A beautiful soul
reverberates sounds
harmony and peace

Sparkle In Wisdom
15 March 2019
Artificial world
Under the sun...

Living beings started living
on this mother Earth,
Under the sky,
Covered with trees,
Iluminated by stars,
Path shone by Moon

All natural things gives
the strength
For one to
Live and Survive...!

Then came humans,
We created an
artificial world ,

A world of

False lights to replace stars,
False cover to replace trees,
False roof to cover sky,
False routes to cover Moon,
False AC to cover breeze,
False TV to cover nature,
False need of money
to cover freedom,
Slowly they became
slaves to it's own inventions.

Why do we have to live in boxes?
Sprayed with artificial colors,
Tiled with glazed tiles,
Comforted with useless furniture...!!

Life will not be
So uncomfortable,
So distressing ,
So meaningless,
Artificiality is taken off..!!

No poor, no rich
No big, no small
No black, no white,
No brown either...
No castle, no huts,
No schools, no illiteracy..
Just humans

Under the sun...!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
Be real, be natural.
559 · Apr 2019

Small word,
Hard to gain,
Harder to maintain,
Think hard
Before giving it to someone!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
559 · Aug 2019
You charm around the crowd
They start branding you,

You sparkle in brilliance
They start cornering you,

You shine among the people
They start breaking you,

You listen to them more
The more they weaken you,

You change for them more
The more they tame you,

You begin to understand them
They start manipulating you,

You start feeling yourself worthless
They start being generous with you,

You embrace the thought of dependency
They begin to treat you like Royalty,

You start enjoying being pampered
They start criticizing you,

You start accepting bullying
They start torturing you,

You speak their language
They call you foolish,

You shrink in wisdom
They brand you invalid,

You changed your perception,
They thought you were dumb.

This is a life of women,
Don't let this happen to you,

Don't change your thinking,
Overpowered by anyone,
Listen to all but,
Speak as you want,
Don't give back but,
don't listen harsh

You have a brain of yourself,
You always had,
Use it harder.

Women, you are half of the world,
The better world holds you strong,

Don't wait for anyone to
Your beautiful presence on PLANET.

Sparkle In Wisdom
558 · Mar 2019
Magical Sunshine

Success can be credited to you,
Failure will be ours.

One to boost confidence,
Another to ward off depression.

Life can be a tough journey,
Together it can become ride full of adventure.

Believe me,
Believe in you,
Trust you,
With my life.

It's our story,
A little bit of YOU in ME
A little bit of ME in YOU
Together we create US.

Together we can, and we will weave the magic,
The sunshine.

Sparkle In Wisdom
March 2019
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