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Nothing can justify your silence,
Unless you really don't want to talk about it.
memory is often joining the dots
all the way back to the dot your sitting on
Last night,
when I closed my eyes,
I saw the moon
so full and so bright.
I fell asleep smiling.
Our music doesn't age like us;
It ages with us.
Honest people
Never win popularity contests
vulnerability either kicks you in the *** or deeply rewards you. there’s no in between.
We parted ways after awhile. We had differences.
   I didn't hate or love you. We went our own ways.
   30 years later and you still haunt my dreams.
   Try as I will I can't forget how yours tastes.
I'm a white rose,
with a black shadow.
I'm the moon,
with a black mark.
I'm the poetry,
with all painful words.
I'm the sky full of scars,
My heart is filled with love,
While my mind is haunting me,
My soul is Galaxy which feels empty in space.
This poem has published in a book, "Bloom"
On Nov.5th,2018 ❤️
With your wintry ways with me,
I would rather tumble and retreat,
And wait for someone's spring love,
So that I can bloom and bud again.
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