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9.3k · Jan 2019
Visit my place
Come in summer
Taste "Rabri"sweet n sour
Enjoy daytime sleeps for sure
Lunch with green sangri,
fofliya and rayata cups
with amazing bajra cakes
Dinner with dish of
" Moth-Bajra kheech"
with a lot of cheese
See how "Rohida" flowers rocks
amidst hot air strokes

Come in rain
Sketch on beautiful brown sand
by your fingers using as pen
engrave your foot prints for fun
and smell heart touching scent
of this warriors mother-land
Eat" gurrhvani churma" with
Ker-sangri, fofliya taste of
this  wonderland
And see camel ploughing fields
Walking in their full speeds

Come in "shishir"
Taste Matira, Kakar
And ber seasonal fruits
Chew roasted bajra grains
for checking teeth roots

Come in winter
Eat buffalo milk curd full of bowls
Taste "Kachar - Fali "veggies
Dal- Baati- Churma sweet dishes
Have  fair n festival funfares
and traditional marriages cheers
wearing colouful wears
singing folk songs
n lots of chances
of rocking in ghumar dances

Come in spring
Rock and roll in" Holi"fest airs
and visit  lovely" Gangour" fairs
Eat " kheer-dhokla "layers
Visit black buck sanctuary
to see animal cares.
8.1k · Sep 2019
An Engineer
Engineer's thinking
Arrives at the drawing
Makes design from drawing
Design When comes to field
It joins humanity
Engineer's from here
Preferences begin.

Engineer a true secular
Its purpose is relative to humanity
Irrespective of America or Iran
Measure is the same everywhere
This is his religion & faith.

Engineer's passion
Earth, Sky and Sea
Made the possibilities
Everywhere was he
Realities to him
Can not hide for a moment
That's where he becomes
A machine only
Involved in consciousness
Efficiency becomes everything

Eating, drinking, living
There is no avoiding them
Mountains,plains, sea
Becomes his home
Vegetarian, non-vegetarian
Same for him
Engineer is complete global
Where he finds interesting work
Becomes a citizen there.
Today is birthday of Bharatratna Er M. visvesvaraya which is celebrated as Engineers day in India.
3.0k · Jul 2019
Lamp of duel
Keep on burning
World war
Ever at ego
Ever at animate
Sometime on Marxism
Ever on capitalism
Duality is the reality of world.

Even losing of saffron T-shirts in cricket match to Black T-shirt's sometimes seen as Black Magic
while sometimes as ability
Sometime Marxists
Stand for water conservation
And sometimes for free waters
It is all duality.
Duality is in our thoughts.

Sometimes we see with one eye
And test by the another eye
Sometimes we acquire bearded look
It is the part of the duality
Duality is the story of life of everyone
One who has learned to read such inner conflicts
Life is a joke for him
Writing on the inner conflicts is unique
But it is the truth of life
And therefore duality is the life.
It is in Hindu mythology
Shiva is the god of immortality
Today is Mahashivratri
Marking it as marriage anniversary
of lord shiva and goddess Parvati
Day is celebrated with
worship of Lord Shiva
by fasting ,meditation
and performing yoga
Night is spent keeping awake
and singing devotional songs
to receive great compassions
What a nice ritual of
detoxification in India
With so much fun fair
and scientific idea.
1.6k · Dec 2019
Feelings matter
Sunny and Honey
Both are funny
Sunny is free
Honey on working spree
Sunny is social
Honey a bit introvert
Sunny loves wine
That too with pals
Sunny suffered from leg pain
This made him parties abstain
Seeing this Honey came into action
Started Sunny's leg massage in morning
But faced infidelity to his leg by Sunny in evening after drinking
Recurrence of intolerable pain in the morning
Again hot massage by Honey in the morning
The drama continues
None of both speak anything
Cause Sunny loves evening ambience While Honey knows mental pain
is far worse than physical pain
That is why Honey is enduring Sunny's handiwork without tiredness
This brought in my eyes tears of happiness
Truly, relationship servives when one recognises the heart pain of another
Body is not so important but feelings matter.
1.3k · Dec 2018
Cold & cough
Cold n cough,cold n cough,
very tough, very tough.
caught on 16th december
Amid  cold and thick fog cover.
first made sore throat,
Then made nose tight.
In the night  robbed rest,
That led to lose sleep the best.
Tried  haldi-milk of grandma
But  sleep was still away .
Tried tulsi kwath of mama
that led pass  the night anyway.
In the morning nose started
  Used the  wife's formula of
Warm salty water gurggles
As sun started setting down
Cold n cough again  grown.
Amid this   called to daughter
She advised to go to a doctor.
Doc  gave antibiotics n advised rest,
O my god what a bad  taste.
You made recall  four generations ,
You're  great for those nice reasons.
Lack of sleep led introspection
That led scanning thought congestion
That is why thanks  for coming, 
For the  reasons of my inner cleaning.
Forced to wear coat n jackets
Paving  the way for hot snack- packets
Reminded me to  stop sour & curd
Start milk ,cheese and bread.
One week surrendered to you,
But still I owe a lot of you.
Dress well and eat warm .
You would be whole year in form.
1.3k · Oct 2019
Happy diwali HPians
Drive away darkness
Invite lights
Wear always goodness
Acquire kindness
Lead for rights
Intake natural diets.
Pray to diwali to
Bring this role
to one and all.
Diwali a popular festival in India.
1.2k · Mar 2019
Indian polity
It is not a game of Hide and Seek
rather it should be considered at peak
Yesterday those were secular
today have become rightists
Amazing game is Indian polity
Having not any type of quality
Representative of more than thousand millions
have no any party loyalty
What role do you expect to play
from such members of parliament
Who change their faces within moments
Every party promises laptop,cycle and cash type temporary toffee
But don't have firm plan to curb
unemployment, inflation and corruption seen in abundant quantity
Voters are helpless in selection of right candidates
Where there is self-interests clearly visible to their daily updates
It is for great indian voters to
learn them right lessons
To safeguard indian democracy and cherish youths passions.
1.1k · Jun 2019
June 29 & 29 years
With you I enjoyed
World as if your smiling face
World's activities as if
your beautiful fingers running on knitting yarns
World's jewellery as if
Your beautiful sceneries
World's goodness as if
Your lovely sweetness
World's greenery as if
Your yummy culinary
World's annoyance as if
Your innocence

I never thought
The days will be so harsh
World's colour will be so dark
My wounds will be so invisible
Days will add salt to injuries
I will see no end to my miseries
Only your ideals will heal the wounds
Your memories will be boons
1.1k · Jan 2019
Kite fest message
Travel with Facebook
to know better  tinks
Travel with twitter
to have big links
Travel with HP
to know better inks
Travel to the world
to solve life kinks.
1.0k · Feb 2019
Romantic you feel
Romantic you feel
... When in the morning
Bumblebee humming over the flowers
And ******* juice slower n slower
... When two parrots sitting on a tree
pecking on  a fine spree
... When you meet someone very sweet
With your children
And trying to stare
but don't dare
... When you meet
Someone you like the most
at a café in a fine skirt
and suddenly you brust into joy
Closing your mouth and
speaking hoo...hoo...hoo..
Making the beauty turning modest
It is an occasion when
you see modesty, beauty and
dignity caring for each other
While maintaining smile
is difficult but is the need for  her.
A dagger pierces the heart
When a cheater comes to talk
If meeting goes ahead
Saturn's invitation comes to afraid
Some Monsters become catalysts
And destruction comes in installments
The catalysts separate up
And time starts eating up
Marks of destruction leaves on generations
Better escape even now from cheater
Price may be paid whatsoever
May be there is a lamp of hope at the end
Or will meet with a comfort end.
अक्कल नै बाड़ी नीपजै , हेत नै हाट बिकाय।
Means wisdom doesn't grow in bed & love isn't found in the market.
895 · May 2019
Tobacco Loop
Tobacco is slow killer
It is nobody's lover
It first hits the palm of smoker
and turns it brown and darker
At next stage it makes lung slurry
Odor begins to come from the body
Makes difficult to breathe in old age
By Coughing and coughing causes
Ultimately smoker's room is separated from others
Due to uncompromisable health reasons
That room is found always filled with mucus and unbearable pains

Those who chew tobacco
They spit all day
Keep their palm ***** all the day
Make home and public walls filthy
And become victims of disdain
Finally they lose their own jaw, teeth and the mouth skin.

Those who inhale tobacco
They always keeps their fingers in the nose
Keep sneezing all the day without any pause
Turning their nose black as hose
Sneezing and sneezing fills their last days

All the above three types of tobacco addicts
make passive addicts to whom they meet
Those who work in the factory lose their lives bit by bit
It is wise to quit tobacco
do swear to quit tobacco
It is necessary to save us
as well as generation which comes
850 · Jun 2019
A Woman
A woman is flower bed on earth
Every flower bloom in it
Never dry up its floral
No matter how much weather cruel
Whenever weather is harsh
She puts double effort to nourish
She has flexible body
Same is her views for everybody
She takes on every hardness
With her flexibility
And bends the world always
by her character of Sita
Tara and Draupadi
Today the mind is upset
Coz time for a mom is bad
I'm sure she will win
She defeats every evil
She is frustrated
But never hopeless .
657 · Mar 2019
Theme: IWD-2019
Let us support
the purple colour on march eight
For making the world
gender balanced n smart built
For the success of this theme
Let's wonder what it mean
... Gender balanced board room
Gender balanced government
Gender balanced media
Gender balanced employment
Gender balance in wealth
Gender balanced Sports
Gender balance is essential for economies and communities to thrive
And it will get the planet
really at 50- 50 to arrive.
646 · Mar 2019
Inclusive growth
Take difficulties as a challange
never as a sorrow
Share with others with zeal
never with gloom and
Play with children
Always to bloom
Lead the team with big theme
never for a selfish regime
Give others as if it were theirs
never to expect something favours
On festivals record your presences
never try for lame pretentions
Go slow with firm determinations
never fall to false appreciations
Guide right to even opponents
never try take them with cruel hands
Try to learn in an easy way
never go for it in a crazy way
That is a nice red carpet
where you lead n hope better result
611 · Apr 2023
I welcome English
I welcome English
May it flourish
This is my wish
I am happy with
My Indian English
I'm a good learner but
When it comes to pronunciation
I am a very poor level earner.
#Rich tributes to William Shakespeare on world English language day
559 · Jan 2019
World Hindi Day Jan 10
Today is world Hindi Day.
I devote a little thought on this topic with the beautiful Lines of Allama Iqbal "हिंदी हैं हम हिंदुस्तान हमारा"
And भारतेंदु हरिश्चंद्र की पंक्ति " निज भाषा उन्नति अहै, सब उन्नति को मूल"।
The World Hindi Day is being celebrated on January 10th marking the anniversary of the first World Hindi conference which was celebrated on 10th January 1975 and Was chaired by the then PM Smt. Indira Gandhi. The purpose of World Hindi Day is to promote the Hindi on the world Arena.
Officially the World Hindi Day Was commenced on 10th January 2006 by the then PM Dr.Manmohan Singh.
I am writing some lines about the beauty and nature of the Hindi language on this auspicious occasion.

हिंदी में वही लिखा जाता ,
जो जुबान से बोला जाता।
हिंदी में भाव है भारतीयता का
जैसे पट्टी- बरते का
या साड़ी - पगड़ी का
या फिर सब्जी- रोटी का।
हिंदी में भाव है खेलों का
जैसे होकी-छड़ी का
या चील-झपट्टे का
या फिर रस्सा-कशी का।
हिंदी में भाव है संगीत का
जैसे ढोल - ताशे का
या तबले- बाजे का
या फिर बीन-बांसुरी का।
हिंदी में भाव है रिश्तों का
जैसे छोटे - बड़े का
या मर्द -लुगाई का
या फिर आप- अपनत्व का।
हिंदी में भाव है सच्ची सीख का
जैसे ज्ञान -विज्ञान का
या अखबार - किताब का
या फिर आचार -विचार का।
हिंदी में भाव है मौसम का
जैसी सर्दी- गर्मी का
या बारिस- सूखे का
या फिर अकाल- जमाने का।
हिंदी में भाव है नैतिकता का
जैसे साधु- संत का
या राजा- रंक का
या फिर ज्ञानी- मूर्ख का।
हिंदी में भाव है सहजता का
जैसे सीधे- सरल का
या मीठे - खट्टे का
या फिर लंबे- नाटे का।
545 · Feb 2019
Rose day
Many roses will be plucked
Their plucking will bring together
Many hearts forever
This is a unique kind of sacrifice
Which in human seen never
  This should be essence of learning from rose and  practiced over.
526 · Jun 2021
Simple is unbeatable
It is difficult to be simple
But simple is unbeatable.
तीन शब्दों का यह वाक्य
जिसने पिछले तीन‌ दिन से
उड़ा दी थी मेरी नींद
आया है जो कौटिल्य अर्थशास्त्र से
सदियों से होकर प्रवीण
आज भरी जब आय विवरणी तो
पाया नहीं‌‌ कोई‌ कागज इससे विहीन
बातें की‌ और गूगल किया
तो पाया कुछ ऐसा सार
साझा कर रहा हूं सबसे
आप करना इस पर विचार
कोष तो है राजस्व
मूल से मतलब आधार
दण्ड प्रतीक है
राज्य प्रशासन का
जिससे विकास बनता साकार
इस तरह इस वाक्य का मतलब है
"राजस्व राज्य प्रशासन‌ का आधार "
इसलिए बिना डर करें इसका सत्कार
और बनें देश के विकास में भागीदार।।
511 · Jun 2019
Love moments
In the love moments
Rhymed the unsung song
Heart beats actuated
Singing ding ding ****

With pouring in of moon light
Dreams became lovely kite
Language of eyes changed
As if melody of life was arranged

Sweet and sour together
It was a natural weather
There was no duality
only unity altogether.
510 · May 2019
The height of richness
A rural lady
With her ten year old baby
Comes in the market
Wearing old chappal in feet
and ghaghra- lugdi on body
While daughter in salwar-suit
Both are walking on the road
Without any fear of heat strokes
of forty five high temperatures
Looking at a confectionery shop on the way
Child's heart is tempting
Mother understands the matter of her mind
Without worrying about her poverty
She bought her a "kachori" for ten
Baby takes "kachori" in her hand
and walks with pride n all smiles
Soon baby starts eating
the "kachri " during moving on their way
It is the beauty of childhood
Which do not see the place
Just finishes the purse of mind anywhere it finds a space
This is the thing that shows the height of the relationship
That makes parents god for children
So maybe God is also pleased
Because in the summer we
avoid eating oil made items
On the other hand mother feeding goodwill probably do not harm health
Rupees Money Jewelry Clothing Is not anything
Only mother is everything
Winter heat rain can't break
the mother's protection
Because mother's love is pure
supreme of the super
Which is formidable
to every weather and obstacle
508 · Sep 2019
Age never teaches to live
but difficulties do
Age is just that treasure
Where living experiences are preserved
In future difficulties
Which may be referred
500 · Feb 2019
Lemon tea
Take one glass water in a pan
Add two tea spoon(tsp) sugar
And half tsp of tea leaves to it
Boil the mixture to reduce three forth
Filter the mixture then
Add juice of half lemon to it
Enjoy it warm with healthy thought
It will give relief to sore throat.
481 · Apr 2021
He said
I were a scapegoat
But then he took me
to a swimming boat
There we had fun a lot
But at the end I found him
in a little slot
There he needed
my escort
Now he felt role revert
Actually he was scapegoat
436 · Aug 2019
The Poetry
is the best passion
There we find
words of creation
friends for motivation
flowers of imagination
partners for love & emotion
Sources to get rid of desperation
Only missing is the feeling
everything physically
That has been left over to
Our self realization
435 · Jul 2023
Role of Lust & love
When lust turns into love
Life is beautiful
When love turns back to lust
Life becomes pitiful
When lust & love are balanced
Life becomes insightful
when only and only lust remains
Life becomes revangeful
433 · Apr 2019
April fools of life
As a child
Lived Hale and hearty
      Went to school
Came into discipline
April fools of childhood
        Completed study
Received degree & became happy
But did not get a job
April fools of degree
          Got a job
Became happy and confident
Got responsibilities & became vigilent
April fools of job
            Got married
Had a partner & became satisfy
Had children felt as if touched the sky
Children got education and married
They went away to get their dreams fulfilled
April fools of the life
      Now it feels as if
We are this World's big fools who make blunders
       Only first April is true and
Remaining 364 days for us like plunders
हिंदी करती संस्कृति को आलोकित
लिखो, पढ़ो और हो जाओ रोमांचित
अंतरा-अंतरा बसे मिठास
समास-समास शब्द विलोप
छंद- छंद है श्रुति मूलक
अलंकार -अलंकार सौंदर्यपरक
जानो भेद करो विश्व व्यापित
लिखो,पढ़ो और हो जाओ रोमांचित
मुहावरा-मुहावरा गुणों की खान
रस - रस बोले व्यक्तित्व महान
श्लोक - श्लोक स्वास्थ्य
यह है संपूर्ण जीवन पथ्य
लेकर खुराक करो जीवन आनंदित
लिखो, पढ़ो और हो जाओ रोमांचित
जिसने किया इसमें काम
उसका बना अलग मुकाम
बच्चन,नीरज या प्रेमचंद नाम
ये काल को दे गए पैगाम
हिंद है हिंदी का मुल्क
बोलो हिंदी होकर दत्तचित
पढ़ो, लिखो और हो जाओ रोमांचित
# Hindi Diwas: 14th September
430 · Feb 2019
Rowing as it goes
By Childhood haryanvi
By profile flowing as jahnavi
Dhundhari in dhundhar
Saurashtrian in saurashtra
Moved from there to hawra
Manufacturing insulators
Glistering and dark gray
That is the base of
Electricity to move its way
By naure soft & sweet
for his well-being always pray
430 · Nov 2019
Winter's bedtime armour
Dinner early
Have a walk slowly
Drink some warm
Read for charm
Go early to bed
Switch on to light
of pink shade
Bond with partner
as butter & bread
This makes winter charmer
Turns it into a sleep armour.
412 · Feb 2019
Ode to widow remarriage
I am fifty four
She is forty six
She is waving
Should we go for a fix
And break away
loneliness stings
As per Indian philosophy
this is time to
go for solitude
But I can't follow
this attitude
How would world
react to this decision
While we both
have two children
Feelings are young
but conditions are junk
One addicted to dwell in city
while another for a village
How can we cover
this long mileage
This is a forum of tender heart poets
Kindly suggest your viable logics
409 · Feb 2021
Happy Hug Day
A hug shows a feeling of love
and protection for loved one
It is a best cure for loneliness
and distress for everyone
In India it is practised from
centuries in the form of a "jhappy"
When we meet to our dear ones
both in the state of sad & happy.
408 · Feb 2019
Propose day
Review earlier promises
Refresh them by sweet memories
Open your heart generously
Purify it with fresh V-week air briskly
Open new space for intimacy
Support her without any diplomacy
Elevate your level of decency.
406 · Apr 2019
Soul of today
No true love
But only agreements are seen
in this well decorated world
            No true lovers
But only experts in negotiations
are seen in huddles
              No true health
But only clothes are fashionable
               No true promises
But only rhetoric is sustainable
               No rites do survive
But only social media status are viable
                No patience & serenity
But only untenable noise is audible
                 Only truth about today
Greed n greed has captured everyone.
398 · Oct 2019
Law & Governance
Natural law of Justice
Cause invites decision
Law of politics
Decision invites cause
Law of happy married life
Avoid decision, fulfill cause
Law of religion
No cause, no decision
Everything is a perception
Law of poetry
Imagery is everything
बादल गरजे बिजली चमके
सावन बरसे सब कुछ सरसे
मयूरा नाचे पपीहरा बोले
पीहू पीहू की ध्वनि गूंजे
      घुंघट पार साजन ही सूझे

हरियाली ने सेज बिछाई
तितलियां रंग भरने को आई
देख देख कर मैं शर्माई
सखियां करें सवाल अनूठे
‌        जवाब इनका एक न सूझे

साजन लगे सरोवर सा प्यारा
मेरी आंखें चंचल लहरें
रह - रह कर साहिल पर ठहरें
यह प्यार की पहेली कैसे सुलझे
       साजन मेरे सीमा पर उलझे।।
379 · May 2021
Preference matters
A man can make
a difference
But a woman may change
his preference
379 · Apr 2019
नजाकत का खेल निराला है
यह अंधेरे में भी उजाला है
इससे कोई बच ना पाए
इसका पूरा प्रबंध तेरे पास है
कुछ नजाकत हमें तेरी याद हैं
जो हमारी अद्भुत पूंजी हैं
जिसका हम कर रहे निवेश आज हैं
रेस्टोरेंट में मेनू पर
धीरे धीरे फिसलती उंगलियां
एक नजाकत है
साथ बैठकर लंच करना
तेरा मुंह ही मुंह में कोर चबाना
एक नजाकत है
भीड़ में शांत रहकर
गाने सुनते -सुनते
फंसी हुई गाड़ी निकालना
एक नजाकत है
कीमती स्टोन की माला में
पेंडल जैसे गोगल लगाना
एक नजाकत है
जादुई खुशबू लिए पास से गुजरना
जो सबको प्यारा लगता है
ऊपर से तेरा "एक्सक्यूज मी" बोलना
एक नजाकत है
आंखों को खास काजल लगाना
और उनको सजल बनाना
ऊपर से तेरा कनखियों से देखना
एक नजाकत है
तारीफ सुनकर भी अनसुना करना
फिर दोहराने पर धीरे से
तेरा वह मुस्कुराना
एक नजाकत है।
370 · Jan 2019
पतझड़ में फूल खिलते नहीं
प्रौढ़ावस्था में दिल दोबारा मिलते नहीं।
ना सपनों का अंबार होता है
ना जवानी का ताव होता है
बस बुझी - बुझी आंखें होती हैं
लरजते होंठ
आने वाली कमजोरी का भान होता है
ऐसे में कोई कैसे साथ हो सकता है
फिर भी यूं ही हालात बयां करते - करते
दिल ख्वाबों का बगीचा देखता है
सच यही है पतझड़ में फूल खिलते नहीं
प्रौढ़ावस्था में दिल दोबारा मिलते नहीं।

जुड़ाव का समय गुजर चुका है
अब तो दांत,बाल,नाखून झड़ रहे हैं
ना चाहते हुए भी कुछ आदतें बिगड़ रही हैं
शरीर रूपी भूमि में रसायन भरने की तैयारी है
ऐसे में कहां खेती - खलिहानी की बारी है
दोस्त भी अब बाग नहीं सैर की बात करते हैं
ऐसे में कौन फूलों वाली पास आती है
सच यही है पतझड़ में फूल खिलते नहीं
प्रौढ़ावस्था में दिल दोबारा मिलते नहीं।

बस इल्तजा इतनी है सैर में
मिल जाए कोई अमृता
तो हो जाए दो - चार कविता
और सफर बन जाए आसान
अंतर्मन में मचे ना घमासान
बनाऊं चाय उसके लिए
रोटी का कहां है अब गुमान
इस रोजी-रोटी के खेल में
कभी - कभी ख्वाब हो जाते हैं जवां
पर सच यही है पतझड़ में फूल खिलते नहीं
प्रौढ़ावस्था में दिल दोबारा मिलते नहीं।।
370 · Feb 2019
Mushy feelings
Teddy day teddy day
Something say something say
Come on way come on way
This is fourth day fourth day
Express yours way yours way
Bring some mushy gushy sway
Time is going away going away
Rose , chocolate passed away
Similarly done the propose day
Now it is for mushy teddy
to pave a way
Please teddy bring her to my way
So that we can have true teddy day
And keep on going long way
that too in easy way easy way.
369 · Mar 2020
It made myself freak
For magic words of
love , read and lyric
Which brought
Me a handy hat-trick
Thanks to all including Fawn,perry, cj love, carlo c gomez, jahanti khare, poorvi, katelyn, jamdhi, ben etc. for sharing so much of their works. The read is the most powerful word  and appreciation is the biggest reward .
365 · Aug 2019
My brother
I see
Your pure affection
In the redness of the dawn

I feel
the taste of
Childhood days
Spent with you
In the first bite of
breakfast everyday

I see
Your aura in
heat of the full
bloomed sun

I wish for you
the same sound sleep
as you enjoyed in serene
Mother's lap
in the every night

Please never see
as a compulsion
Rather it is the
name of that purity
And affection
Which exists between us
by god's good blessings

If you have anything to gift
Return me those childhood days
Spent with you without rage
The rest of the world
Now I know all the ways.
On the occasion of festival of brothers and sisters and their pious bonding.
364 · Feb 2019
Her Scent
Her scent is very sweet
which creates a positive heat
I went mad to have her scent
again and again
This created
a long dating chain
and encouraging for a big event
Once I dared  for close scent
and put my nose close to her ear
This made a magical effect
in bringing us more near
357 · Apr 2019
A mirage
The scorching Heat
made a mirage on the road
For a shelter
One went under the shade
There he sees
A beautiful bottle of beverages
That has revived a fire
Of unending memories
Like a panorama in showcases
It is said that Memories
are neither viewable
nor audible
Still eyes always see them
and sad heart hears them.
बापू आज आपके देश में
सत्य , अहिंसा ‌ शरणार्थी है
और अहम् के हाथ में लाठी है
इसलिए मारे शर्म के अब
आपकी मूर्ति के सामने आने की
मेरी हिम्मत नहीं जुट पाती है ।।
Rich tributes to the Mahatma Gandhi on martyrs day.
चंदन‌ हो तो माथे लगाऊं
फूल हो तो जेब सजाऊं
तेरी यादों का बेसकीमती हार
गले‌ लगाऊं तो रूके आवाज
हृदय सजाऊं, नैना छोड़े लाज।।
ना पेट हिलाना योग है
ना व्यायाम करना योग है
ना उपदेश देना योग है
ना गायन वादन योग है
स्वंय को केंद्र में ना रख कर
दूसरों के हित के लिए कार्य योग है।

आज इस योग दिवस पर
कुछ योगियों को सलाम करता हूं
मेरे लिए तो बस यही योग है
इतिहास में कृष्ण कर्म योगी थे
जिन्होंने दुराचार मिटाया
स्वयं का कोई हित नहीं था
दूसरों के हित के लिए युद्ध को भी
दुनिया के उद्धार का मार्ग बनाया।

इस आर्थिक युग में रामदेव योगी है
जिसने योग में स्थित होकर भी
व्यापार का बेड़ा पार लगाया
और मानवता को निराशा से
उबारने का योग को जरिया बनाया व
विश्व में योग नाम फिर से बुलंद कराया।

व्यक्तिगत जीवन में दो योगी‌‌ हैं
जिनसे बार-बार मुखातिब हुआ
एक हैं भीमनाथ जिन्होंने वकालत
को भी समता में जीने का जरिया बनाया
दूसरा भुवनेश कुमार
जिसने नौकरशाह के टैग से हटकर
दोस्ती के धर्म को जीवन का आधार बनाया।

#योग दिवस पर योगियों को सलाम
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