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दिल झरना‌ है
दिल पत्थर भी
दिल की आग
एक नश्तर भी
दिल पर ना ले
वह अविजित
दिल टूटे तो
जीवन‌ खंडित।।
जब तुम थे तो
दुनियां देखकर लगता था
जैसे यह तुम्हारा मुस्कुराता हुआ चेहरा
दुनियां की हलचल
जैसे तुम्हारे हाथों की लय पर
पूर्ण होते कार्य हर पल
दुनियां के आभूषण
जैसे तुम्हारे प्यार का सम्मोहन
दुनियां की अच्छाई
जैसे तुम्हारे तन की परछाईं
दुनियां की हरियाली
जैसे तूने प्यार की इबारत लिख डाली
दुनियां द्वारा अवहेलना
जैसे तुम्हारा आंखें तरेरना
और वापस गृहस्थी में डूबना
यों था ना‌ कभी भान
ऐसा भी आता है तूफान
दुनियां की रंगत
अब लगती है फीकी
घाव मेरे गहरे
किसी को न दिखी
पर मुझे ऐसा लगता है
जैसे उनमें भरी हो मिर्च तीखी
बस तुम्हारे आदर्श और संस्कार
झुंझलाती जिंदगी को देते हैं रफ्तार
विनती हमारी प्रभु से दोनों कर जोड़
बता देना उनको हम हैं प्रसन्न चित्त
वरना आज वह भी होंगीं बहुत विचलित।
Writers words get light
When readers read
and take words as diet
It takes writers to Heights
When readers give loves and likes
Writers are inspired
When appreciations are received
Writers are blessed
When followers are increased
That's why today I feel uplifted
When 2H followers mark reached.
Life is three tier
Childhood without fear
Youth for career
Old age wisdom
with health gear.
अट्ठावन कल पूर्ण किये
धरा का धरते ध्यान
जब भी बाजी दांव लगी
धरा से ही मिले तीर कमान।।
What is scheduled to happen
Would certainly come to our way
We are only the characters
in this life's little play
Yesterday I was a hero
Today they think I am zero
Bless me the god
If I met with an odd
God save the truth
It is very bitter
It is not a cheater
It is also ****
And not very shrewd
Before you met
The world was like
An inkpot
Dark and packed
And I was like
A blank note book
Racked & decked
But then you met
Made me a writer
And you have been
a character
Every house has a chef
The health of the house is by its chef
The house whose chef is sensible
That house is the most happy & beautiful.
Nature is supreme
It was tampered a lot
We exploited it
Without giving a thought
When it came nature's
turn of reaction
We are feeling sad
But it is not like that
The nature is detoxifying our habitat
And telling us our limits are what
It is time to understand
Nature is the mother of all of us
When it teaches us
It is completely calm
And we feel ****
When nature teaches it is calm all over.
Chat on social media
Get influenced
by each other
He comes from five
she comes from one
Promise to meet
at a garden

       At Garden
she takes him all around
She might hoped of
holding her hand
But to her surprise
it never happened
Taken pics of each other
But never happened
that of together
      At restaurants
she took him to bar
But he refused
It cleared her
doubts of drinks
       At lunch
they sat at table
He stared in her dull eyes
She shyly said
please don't look in Eyes
Meanwhile rings the cell
Which toggles the conversation
And brings some hesitation
       At the end
she decides menu
Veg manchurian and veg rice
They feel to eat it happy and nice
       On departure
she gives her coat to him
To know his feelings
He returns it back
With the remark
          It is heavy
That ends all this gravy.
A common man
with broad vision
Happy with his work
in every season
Often enjoyed
seeing him working
Always starved for
being ready for helping
Shared everything
but said just joking
Helped smilingly but
shown as if done nothing
Pratapnagar is today
deeply shocked
I feel today as if
My blood has dried
and tongue is tied .
# Mohan Karnani
A humble tribute
Age never teaches to live
but difficulties do
Age is just that treasure
Where living experiences are preserved
In future difficulties
Which may be referred
Laziness and laxity
are a grave for
for a living person
where no body
offers floral tribute
and no body is
willing to contribute
My poem is
a' article today
Avast ye!
My ***** is
full of poems
Today I'm
One day cap'n
I'm firing
in the hole
No prey No pay
No quarter given
Yo- **- **
September 19 is talk like a pirate day. Read , enjoy and keep on wondering HPians.
A hug
The best way to
show emotions,
Control emotions
and to Come
out of emotions.
It has nothing
to do with language,
Caste, creed & gender
It may also be used
to show Love ,
console in sorrow &
for complete surrender.
# hugday
A hug shows a feeling of love and protection for loved one
It is a best cure for loneliness and distress of everyone
Keeping cool is
the basic key to
come to a remedy
Keeping busy is
the basic key to
come out of any
kind of tragedy
I want to be happy
in an environment
Where fear is growing on
while show is going on
Nothing is wrong
But nobody can song
Hospitals are full
But other activities
are silent & dull
Seeing this
I keep lull &
Scratch my
Simplicity catches
Action teaches
Words sound fine
Only when they suit our calls
Without love *** is
Only a lust that
Leaves marks on our souls
Who has truth in his heart
The world calls him a child
The thieves & miscreants have
Powers in their hands
They consider the world a child
This world is an amazing boat
Hopes lie in the hearts of children
While it is rowed by the evil elders
Sometimes it is good
to meet unknown persons
They don't have
prejudices n unsaid reasons
Whether it is a bus terminal
o r a hotel cubical
there will always be natural feelings
New scene and depth in eyes
New dimensions to imaginary dreams
New energy to slow beating hearts
New thoughts to drudgery minds
May be it does not result in love
but certainly prepares land for love
When it passes so long lonely
go for an unscheduled meet
with someone unknown and
realise a fresh air to breathe
this will give a moment of ease.

Positivity & Inspiration
Can't be Learnt
These can only be earned
from the company
of an able mentor.
The scorching Heat
made a mirage on the road
For a shelter
One went under the shade
There he sees
A beautiful bottle of beverages
That has revived a fire
Of unending memories
Like a panorama in showcases
It is said that Memories
are neither viewable
nor audible
Still eyes always see them
and sad heart hears them.
Revenue stamp
an autobiography
A grief story
Paper & canvas
is a symbol of
Women power
and patience
On your hundredth
birth anniversary
We wish you
Once again
Take birth on
This Indian land
Of love,peace
And tolerance.
A writer's tears of sorrow or happiness creates a poem
While his pain forms a story
His worries make a philosophy
And his blood makes a history
This is a writer's mystery
A newspaper
The sharpest weapon
against all kinds of atrocities
From racism to
All kinds of slaveries
It is also
the most effective guide
in dealing with calamities
From plague to
Covid transmities
Its hawker
A constant source
of confidence and consistency
in this period of all oddities.
I am missing my today's copy and that prompted me to narrate its importance
Wondering alone
Youth gone
Morning late
Evening soon
Eating no charm
Sleeping no warm
Money is alarm
Changed tone
Hairs gray
Pale skin
Lights dim
Traffic thin
Changed inner voice
Travels taken
Roles done
Tools dumped
Recalled Conscience
That is Eccence
Engineer's thinking
Arrives at the drawing
Makes design from drawing
Design When comes to field
It joins humanity
Engineer's from here
Preferences begin.

Engineer a true secular
Its purpose is relative to humanity
Irrespective of America or Iran
Measure is the same everywhere
This is his religion & faith.

Engineer's passion
Earth, Sky and Sea
Made the possibilities
Everywhere was he
Realities to him
Can not hide for a moment
That's where he becomes
A machine only
Involved in consciousness
Efficiency becomes everything

Eating, drinking, living
There is no avoiding them
Mountains,plains, sea
Becomes his home
Vegetarian, non-vegetarian
Same for him
Engineer is complete global
Where he finds interesting work
Becomes a citizen there.
Today is birthday of Bharatratna Er M. visvesvaraya which is celebrated as Engineers day in India.
What name should be given
to that enquiry
Which gets fever
Seeing baseless lies
Many are involved
some knowns and
some unknown ties
Enquiry is affected
by all those mighties
who know all loopholes
and associated anxietis
Investigations are too handed over
to those pat loyals
who can't show faces of
their all time royals
The fire of truth is dim
while lie now beams
How can that boat maybe rowed
whose rower is under
manoeuvred streams
Seeing is believing
Working is living
Eating is fueling
Speaking is expressing
Laughing is recharging
Recharge with laughs
Express with nice words
Fuel with good foods
Live with interesting works
Believe in what you see
This is life's important key.
We are in isolation with our mobiles
But we oppose to isolation at homes.
Hunger is cooked
On the fire of poverty
It is immediately taken
by politics and in turn
It is made captive
to throw away
its solidarity
Stop taking the earth
for granted for peaceful
life and good health
Otherwise the mother earth
will not let us worth of it
Today is 50th earth day. I think  the root cause of incurable diseases is over exploitation of mother earth without thinking about consequences.
Love is in the air
It will blow
Love is in the river
It will flow
Love is in the sun
It will shine
Love is in the sky
It will be very high
Love is on the earth
It will certainly die
Whatever we do
during the love
is governed by nature
Therefore an expression
of a reaction on
the nature's action
is beyond our
scope of imagination
World Poetry Day
A Languages Promotion Way

A Poet's Pride
Coz he never hide
Anything on his side

World's Guide
In knowing best
Fiction &
Regards to all HP Fellow Poets on our this special day i.e. today.
Moms create
Wives mould
Our lives
As a child
Lived Hale and hearty
      Went to school
Came into discipline
April fools of childhood
        Completed study
Received degree & became happy
But did not get a job
April fools of degree
          Got a job
Became happy and confident
Got responsibilities & became vigilent
April fools of job
            Got married
Had a partner & became satisfy
Had children felt as if touched the sky
Children got education and married
They went away to get their dreams fulfilled
April fools of the life
      Now it feels as if
We are this World's big fools who make blunders
       Only first April is true and
Remaining 364 days for us like plunders
February fabulous
Romantic & Passionate
Colourful embience
A true love carpet
Soothing temperature
An accurate google map
to eat,dance,drink and
sing quartet
Your dream
was a boon
But on awakening
finding alone
was a ruin
O' morning
I may be
A silent
Character in
Your play,
but hope you
Will appreciate
Till it
reaches to its
Morning is the.centre of hopes.
Water to thirsty
Food to hungry
Light to dark
Love to hate
May change
the fate but
it is not
a usual trait
Winter ! Winter!
You Made me a sprinter
from bed to the kitchen
Shower seems
a haunted flower
and tap seems as
a whistle blower
One message from you
brings Thousands of glowing fireflies in my eyes
And feel as if in this colourless world bloom many orchards under the sky
Though your mood is quite different like that of a crazy weather
Out of Twenty-four hours
eight time you come to desires
and eight time to despairs
Challenge to me is to recognize your desires by redemption
And to identify the despairs by reconciliation
Catching your right mood brings to my life a good luck
Otherwise it all seems
like losing a golden duck
When you are sad
Staring at the
Ceiling of the room
Can inspire you to
Continue your race
like a fan
Though without new route
But still good
To forget your
Unsaid pain
For your surroundings
May gain
Rain arouses my
all inner and outer senses
Electric sparks in sky
as if a love gesture
rain without sweetheart  is a teaser.

Sound of falling drops
Like love music unsurpassed
Creepers wrapped in trees
Looks as if soul mating soul
This takes away pleasure
  rain without sweetheart is a teaser.

Dark clouds deepen and
Make the day as the night
Heart beats are now rushing fast
I wonder how will the night last
The whole atmosphere is an Ignitor
rain without sweetheart is a teaser

Beautiful peacock and peahen
started renewing their love again
Been sweetheart there
I would have placed my own sign
And had been your chaser
rain without sweetheart is a teaser.
Boon finds its way
Bearing the sorrows
Moth gets salvation
Burning in flames
This is the truth which is
forgotten in fascination.
Earns value
Value takes
You away
from truly you
This game
World always
Plays with you
You simply
bear it
But your
Heart want to
get rid of it
Women with attitudes
are moving poetry
Men who afford them
should have a lot of
Colours of imagery
To enjoy that poetry.
Love you
like swimming
Want to Kiss like
Cool breeze
Miss you like
Wish for you
as rain
So that
is certain
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