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Mercedeze Marsh Dec 2014
The way you hold my hand,
Tell me everything will be alright,
You're my best friend,
Always til the end.

Through thick,
Through thin,
You're Always there,
In the end.

We have our ups,
Our downs,
But no matter what,
You can cure a frown.

You have amazing blue eyes,
A big white smile,
Dark hair,
Fair skin.

I know your flaws,
I know your secrets,
I know everything,
And I'll keep them my secrets.

I love you no matter what,
Even if you hate me.
You're my best friend,
And you'll always be perfect.
This is for my best friend who's been there always for me.
Mercedeze Marsh Dec 2014
People complain,
about their sucky jobs.
I laugh and say;
"Come carry what I do."
They don't understand,
I leave with a smile on my face
Just knowing...

The lives I save,
I protect each and one of you,
Every day.

I may not be around,
But I'll be forever found.
At base,
I'm a soldier,
Each day.

I carry a rifle by my side,
I hold secrets til I die.
My family doesn't like the choice I made,
But I know I'm happy,
Each and every day.

I've set myself a part,
From each and one of you,
I know I'll be in your hearts,
When the day comes that I die,
Protecting you.
I am apart of the of the military. I love doing my job, I may not see my family every day, but hey. I'm doing one better.
Mercedeze Marsh Dec 2014
I'm standing alone,
The darkness has grown.
My heart is the depth of the universe.
I'm all alone.

Don't plead to me,
I've been dead too long.
Nothing is right for me,
The cuts on my wrist are deeper than your words on art.

Challenge me?
I dare you.
For I will tare you apart.
Once again, another to my family. It *****, but I have to get through it
Mercedeze Marsh Dec 2014
I hear them whisper,
They've come back again,
I'm no longer me,
I'm just dared.

The dates,
They're ticking.
My clock is running out,
But I'm no longer here.

My heart is long gone,
Like the depths of hell.
I can no longer feel,
So they come to me.

They hold me in my sleep,
I try to drown them,
But my demons,
They know how to swim.

I keep trying,
But it's no use.
I'm now one of them.
In a particular use.
This means a lot. I'm not wanted in my family, but I am in another, but it haunts my family the way I'm no longer around
Mercedeze Marsh Dec 2014
You held my hand,
You gave me hope,
You said I'll never be alone.

You called me yours,
I called you mine.
Throughout time,
It became a lie.

She popped up,
Like a jack-in-the-box.
She took your hand,
She showed you her ways,
You left me for her.
Today was the day

I cried,
My eyes turned red,
I no longer can cry,
I feel dead.

You said forever,
I said it too,
But baby,
You knew the truth.

I fell in love,
I gave it my all.
But in the end,
I was always alone.
This is a poem about betrayal. Some girls have to interfere with lovers, some don't know how to count.
Mercedeze Marsh Dec 2014
I try to leave,
I try to go,
But every time I try,
It's a no go.

My heart is set on you,
Yet there's nothing I can do.
I keep trying to leave,
But it's not as easy as;

You keep reeling me back in,
I keep trying to fight it,
But those blue eyes,
I can't fight it.

Something about you,
Has got me hooked on you,
Someone as great as you,
Who am I kidding?
You are you.
This is about the guy I like. He's been there for me when no one else has.
Mercedeze Marsh Dec 2014
Sweet and silent,
A girls hardest moment,
We keep quiet,
Just for a moment.

We know when something's up,
We know how you feel,
Could you give us a chance?
To show you the real.

Not all of us are the same,
Not all of us are perfect,
Give a girl you wouldn't a chance,
She might be real.

We may have the temper,
We might have tears,
But when we say
I love you,
You better believe.

We mean what we say,
We say what we mean,
If you don't believe us,
Well hunny you're leaving.

We may be independent,
But we want that strong hand,
We need help,
From an actual man.
This goes out to someone I care about, who thinks of a girl with perfect *****, ****, etc.
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