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my enemy never hurts me
as much as you do
and you are supposed to be my
The time when,
The self-belief system is down
And you are running on autopilot,
Is the time to start asking some real questions.
I keep telling people
I’ve moved on.

but every time
I close my eyes,
I still see you.

there are visions of you
still trapped in the
back of my eyelids.

you’re gone.
you’re not coming back.
you’re not here.
I know that.
so why haven’t you left me?

I keep telling people
I’ve moved on.
and I’m not lying
when I say that.

I’m telling the truth.
I have moved on.

...but maybe my mind hasn’t.
Down in the canyon
Where the sun falls
Onto a stone, the light
Of autumn.
Down in
The shadow of the
Stone’s deep signs
Small birds sing.
On the wind
I know the time
When everything dies
I know the time
When everything lives
On the wind.
The trees become themselves.
Quiet as deeper into
The night you go
Never leaving your feet
You float.
The genie gives three wishes, but I need only one.
I'd wish to have never existed. Exceptions? Bar none.
lack of progression within your mind
all show the signs of a broken mental
create self pity to remedy
no one cares secretly
I’m just being nice

it’s just that I like you a lot
please don’t go
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