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19/F    not a poetic person
xavier thomas
25/M    Instagram: Zay_rose20 ~Chicago kid🏙 ~Poetry book “ It’s Just Us” 📕✨
30/F    on a journey
Sarah Flynn
F/Pennsylvania, USA    my writing isn’t always pretty, or even poetic. I can’t promise that you’ll enjoy it. but I can promise you that it is always honest, ...
F    Meet me under the rain
matthew Hulinsky
Kurt Philip Behm    The Death Of The Playground' (2007) 'The Sword Of Ichiban' (2010) 'Searching For Crazy Horse' (2011) 'An Anthology Of Perception' Vol's 1 & 2 (2013) ...
Jason Paul Klenetsky
46/M/Florida    Published Poet, Artist, Writer, Creative Thinker. Twitter: @GonzoJ40
Kenlum Michaelson
25/M/Port Elizabeth/ SA    I write when I feel like it it has to come from within not only from a deep dark place but also from the bright ...
F/Europa    It took a day to build the city,I had to stop for fear, of walking on the mines I’d laid, And if I build this ...
23/M/Belgium    Tortured by hopes and insecurities, susceptible to mania and depression, I am trying to catch the light
101    poems posted on only the finest of lamp posts...
20/F/mind and heart   
23/F    sorry i want to have some alone time. i love you though and i will call you later and sorry i always say later
Lyna Salman
Wye Valley, South Wales,   
50/F/England    New to poetry, I recently came to HePo to explore, to share, to experiment and to learn. Now finding my voice, I am sharing my ...
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