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Azure Aug 11
butterflies aside,
there is beauty ahead.
cozy reconnection,
combat boots treading season-old-trodden paths,
baby, let’s rekindle by that kindling fire
and over coffee,
accents of cinnamon and pumpkin
how warm.
those inferno tones,
breeze biting at
cream sherpa that won’t relent.
it might not glisten
or present with port-side flavours of ice cream,
but there is beauty ahead.
Azure Jun 25
Hating myself because
I can't make you love me.
Azure Jun 22
when I'm telling you i love you
i'll say that grass in drought is green
that Thames water is clean
my 50p coin
it glistens
it gleams
Azure Jun 22
In these moments we called fate,
Well, stars aligned and
We found ourselves on
Opposite sides.

Border, bridge,
My fair lady.
Azure Jun 22
Unfastened too quickly
I caught myself by surprise
That I could yell out your name
And pretend I was the same.
I know your bed
But I forgot to learn your game
Azure Jun 22
Another leaf wilts.
It quits the collective.
Choosing solitude over
ancestral pain.
No longer indebted to
this things we call fame.
Azure Jun 22
I light a candle over wishes that
you're in my past.
Lets see how long this
candle has to burn
for that promise to last.
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