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Safana Jul 2020
It's paining,
My heart is aching
Something is sadden
Because I am feeling,
a Joylessness and hurting,
If I see you,
I am boring
I am suffering
I am nagging
Feeling hatred
Fall in hatred
But is but, but but is better than but
swaggmaster Feb 2019
I know I can have some fun without
waking up the sheep

without turning my soul
into that of a drone

just trust your close friends
and only them.

Keep others on good terms
but dont worry about sifting through their worms.

All you need is a close few
and an animal to take your chew

so lest get real loud
lets get ****** and proud
swaying from the constriction
of the justice so fiction

we'll drive some folks wild
cause not everyone likes us
but thats the lesson of a child
you can always choose who you
entrust with your trust.
And just as the season changes; so does she.
As the sun goes down mid day, so do her thoughts.
Her emotions are raw and brisk, just as the wind in the night.
She applies layers to herself, as if she were going into a blizzard.
But this isn’t a bundling up that you can see.
She builds thick walls to protect herself from more than the cold.
Darkness seeps in and covers her.
She is consumed by her despair and she remains frozen.

Belle Victoria Apr 2015
it was on this summer day in the middle of August

I saw you standing in the middle of the city
you were surrounded by all kinds of people
but I only had eye for you, you were so beautiful

in my dreams you were talking to me
in my dreams everything was alright

yesterday I saw you again, standing in the city
playing music on your guitar, the streets were your home
and I was singing along with the sound you made

two kids not realizing what was coming
our love was like a pink flower field
we were beautiful but we were dying

that day I saw you standing there
I knew everything was going to change

it was a road that led nowhere
but all I wanted to do is go there
we were two kids just trying to get out..
Cheyenne W Nov 2014
this winter will be not be easy
it’s only 35 degrees
and i can’t even make the trip out to my car
the cold air tastes like regret
and it freezes in my lungs and
i’m having trouble breathing
i’m having trouble breathing
and all i’m seeing is black and all i’m hearing
is laughter that’s not my own
and i’ve been home now for hours and i still feel the chill in my bones
i will never be warm
i will never be warm

— The End —