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Apr 2019 · 378
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
He was the first man in my life.
It was upto him to make me smile
I used squeal as he threw me up,
And when I swung away I was assured
I' d swing back.
Somehow, before I returned, he just went too far.
He was my dad.
Apr 2019 · 158
The game called love
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
We all play the game,
                   Quite a risky one.
This time it involved my heart
                    And someone's.
Once you hold on,
                     You never let go.
That's a rule, most don't know.
Sharing glances stolen, ceased moments of pride and glee,
These are times, one is forced to believe, in a magic, a miracle only those involved can see.

— The End —