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Kyra Embers Dec 2019
Its 11:11,
I close my eyes,
wishing your presence by my side
Holding in my tears,
tried a feeble smile,
I hope for miracles
That constantly happens,
to evade my eye.
make a wish!
Kyra Embers Jul 2019
And once again,
I forgot to breathe looking at you,
Once again forgot all that I had to say,
then remembered it all,
But, you had left by then.
Happens, alot
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
For all the times I ran.
All the times I pushed you away,
All the times you were hurt
Here we are, just to begin all over again.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
The thing about being alone is,
That's exactly what you wanted.
And, When they leave you be,
You don't really like it.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
I know I m bound to fall.
And, when I fall I shall break.
But when I m up I m sure,
You ll be there.
Kyra Embers Sep 2020
How would it be,
to be anyone but me?
A falling rain drop,
Part of the mighty sea.
How would it be,
to be anything but me?
A moth drawn to a flame.
Willing to burn down,
fall into abyss.
How would it be,
to be anything but me?
A little grape that makes
Addicting, filled with toxicity.
How would it be,
to be anything but me?
a withering leaf,
paving way to a new tree.
How would it be,  
to be anything but me?
Someone's priority.
maybe a snowflake?
at least a piece of cake.
How would it be to be,
anything but me?
A happy someone,
In a happy somewhere?
quarantine moods
Kyra Embers Dec 2019
The story of two lives,
intertwined with eternity.
She his bride,
He the oasis to her insanity.
The veils of uncertainty lifted,
as threads of love strung them together,
sculpted as rings rested on their fingers.
Miles apart they love remained unscathed,
And when he finally saw his bride again,
she lay translucent, eyes closed,
Lips pale, their smile absent,
tucked safely,
beneath a pane of glass.
and only when you lose what you had you realise the feel of its presence
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
Everything was bright but now I ain't  so sure.
I want you to know, no matter where I go, my heart is yours,
The moments we had were too beautiful to shatter,
Tell me you ve got my back,
Despite the facts.
Keep believing in me, no matter what, troubles come past.
This might not be an actual poem. The thing is, I owe an apology.. I m not sure what to do, And so I wrote like you all did.
Kyra Embers Jan 8
And just when I began hating
the terms of love.
You came back as an aubade
to me.
I miss you.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
If being in pain is scary,
letting the world see what,'s on your head is worse.
A regular battle between the dearest brain and heart.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
I m not sure which is worse.
You lying because you can't say the truth and then getting judged for it
telling the truth and then getting burnt by the weight of it.
#truth #lie #confussed.
Kyra Embers Sep 2020
Let me sit on your lap,
my legs around your

Your hands tracing
my back, tugging
at my hoodie.
Reaching my neck,
fingers tangled in my hair.

One palm cupping my
Your thumb leaving caresses,
on my lips, jaw,

Your eyes hold mine,
and my breaths come
in sharp bursts

Move in to kiss my lips
Adorn my neck instead.
Pepper me with kisses
Pamper me, into becoming
a spoilt brat

Hear me sigh into
your ears.
Hear me whisper,
"Can we do this
all the time?"
little fantasies
Kyra Embers Jul 2020
Can I be your old cardigan?
holding your scent,
your sweetest memories?

Can I be that cardigan?
the one you'd ditch
cool clothes for?

Can I be that cardigan?
The one who keeps that you warm,
even when the world keeps moving on?

Will you let me be that old cardigan?
part of your unchangeable past
The solace, you keep asking for?
Kyra Embers Jul 2020
Our bodies fit perfectly
hearts racing rapidly
lips harmonising ceaselessly

Nebula gawks
making asteroids stop
No evidences,
just stars,

No one but You and I

Gleaming stones dull
In comparison,
set aside to our
brewing passion

You light my day
like carousels do
to a carnival
developed from the verses of a close friend, Inspired from my life
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
No matter what you'd have to say
Your heart ll eventually leap to the choices,
you missed to make.
truth in the irony
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
Like bright sunrises, scarlet roses and every star within our reach.
The world bustles with opportunities with each sip from my cup of coffee
coffee addict..
Kyra Embers Aug 2019
It was supposed to be a game,
Turned out to be a curare,
Hit by the same dart,
Only I writhe in pain,
I m glad you got away.

It was supposed to be a game,
Turned out to be a curare,
The hunter became the hunted,
You are to be blamed.

It was supposed to be a game,
Turned out to be a curare,
Your footsteps left my side long ago,
The memories refuse to follow.

It was supposed to be a game,
Turned out to be a curare,
It's pulled me down i dont think there's any coming back,

It's supposed to be a game,
Turned out to be a curare,
Fare thee well dear one
Fare thee well.

This is worse than any snare known,
Fare thee well dear one,
Fare thee well.

After all
It isn't as bad as your absence.
I assumed it was a game
Turned  out to be a curare
The game called love.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
He was the first man in my life.
It was upto him to make me smile
I used squeal as he threw me up,
And when I swung away I was assured
I' d swing back.
Somehow, before I returned, he just went too far.
He was my dad.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
Best friend- you wanna **** her/him and then die for them
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
She waxes, she wanes.
Grows and descends.
Such beauty such elegance.
The moon, really is the sun's descendant.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
Perhaps we re all diamonds.
Hurt to beauty,
breath-taking eventually.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
They say "you never know what you had unless it's gone."
That's not the thing.
You knew what you had.
What you did not know is
It was the main aspect of your life
And, that you can't possibly live without it.
You d survive. Not live.
There is a difference.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
She opened the door and looked down an isle
There stood a little something
"Who are you?" she asked
The thing was small the size of her fist but seemed to smile, she wondered why.
"I m your heart" it replied.
"What are you doing outside me?" She pondered.
Now it laughed and said,
"I m looking for home my dear, i ve concluded that you, are'nt even close to it"
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
My Life assume is like a thread that makes a dream catcher.
Most of the time I spend wondering if there will be enough to make the web,
But, when I m done making it'd be a splendid article.
For those who don't know what a dreamcatcher is, it was used by native American tribes. Believed to fend of bad dreams.. it's an intricate design made inside mainly a circular object. And it looks beautiful.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
She was drowning she knew it.
But that was nt what hurt.
He pretended like he was nt the reason.
That was what did.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
They moved along the expanse of my back,
Nipping my skin here and there.
No matter how hard I tried it happens each night.
Wait, I was talking about those
"Bed Bugs".
What'd you think?
Lol, I know. That just came out of nowhere
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
She fell from the cliff,
Her heart drummed hard.
But something happened,
She was surprised!
When she fell, her wings
Flapped hard
Before she knew she glided past the vast ocean,
In the calm of the blue sky.
She found joy in her fall.
She had realised, you learn to fly,
Only when you
Kyra Embers Jun 2019
You fare thee well only to those you wanna see again.
I hope to come back soon enough.
This is, good bye.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
I was close, so close I smelled it on my hair.
It smelled like ash, not everyone likes it, but I did.
It's my element.
Part of who I am.
We re all fire.
Rather a match than the forest.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
Glass and ice are pretty much the same.
When hard, and sculpted they seem flawless.
Only, one cuts, the other melts.
To me they are the same. Your opinions are yours.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
I know forever is a longtime.
And that happy endings are for Disney,
But I really want you.
Just you, Forever
Kyra Embers Nov 2019
Our hearts drummed in harmony
Souls synced invariably,
If this is 'nt love
what could be?
we re in love(feeble reminders:))
Kyra Embers Apr 2020
Unyielding, familiar walls,
A damp cloth, wet.
Dyed in red.
The air, stale, still,
Witness, to a defeated battle.

It seemed calm.
Eerie, quiet.
Unsettling, like her
drowning heart.
its thud slowly fading out.
Chaos had won, she gave in.

This was a first,
more like the last.
Her King was dead,
it was her turn now.
She stood staring at the furnace.
The one which burned
him down.

It did'nt matter.
Not anymore.
Just a little further.
Slicing her skin deeper.
She thought she'd make it home.

He, was home
suicidal. (no worries exploring genres)
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
I don't really know how,
But, every star spoke of him.
Every thought led to him.
And, everything I saw, screamed of him.
Somehow it was beautiful.
I asked him what this was, he smiled
In his way, almost shyly.

And whispered against my cheek sweetly "It's called loved"
And I believed him almost instantly.
#love #him.
Kyra Embers Oct 2019
I still feel your lips,
Pressing against mine.
It's slight pressure, erases the bad
Gives me hope to go through this night
Beautiful kisses
Kyra Embers Nov 2020
Hope had aileron.
Deceitful extensions.

"Oh I know"
She nodded slow

fluttering in her chest
It grasped her neck
Left her feeling hollow.
Here's to hope🥂
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
He was walking a little behind me.
"Hey" he called out for me to come back,
I look around, to find a serious, look in his eyes
I run back to him and asked " you okay?"
And he nodded then said,
" you got a little something there.."
I hid my face,
**** humiliation levels all time high!
He chuckled a little then held me tight  and said, "I meant me"
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
That one moment, when your stuck.
Your heart screams, and your brain says "hush".
That moment where tears press hot against your eyelids, but don't fall.
That moment you wish if you could do it all, over again.
Only this time, choose him,
And not let him walk away.
#brain #heart #war.
Kyra Embers Jan 10
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Tell no lies of who I am.

Mirror on the wall.
Stop showing my fragmented self.
A broken me, is perhaps all there is to see.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
You're the past I craved for.
The present I adore.
The future I want.
I love you.
It s better than anything I ve written so... Here goes.
Kyra Embers Sep 2019
i need one more of that kiss
you've burned into my memory,
some more of the warmth,
accustomed from within your arms.
I need you, i really do.
Kyra Embers Apr 2020
Dear child. tucked in safety
of Morpheus's arms,
tell sweet sleep, I said "hi".
Been long since we've crossed paths
tell her, i' m willing to amend out past.
Tired and weary, restless
all night.
I' m thinking its time we met
made things right
sleep deprived since over a fortnight
Kyra Embers Jul 2020
Sipping on Hennessy.
dripping with greed.

Every decision I made,
means to mess with me.

Don't need no shots,
Are n't you competent substitute.

You get me high
tripping with jealousy.

My little flask of poison,
why is thou,
so intoxicating?
recent try.
Kyra Embers May 2019
In between your arms
Wrapped to your heart,
I heard it beat.
It went thud, thud, thud.
With each exhaling breath,
The rhythm played soft.
I smiled against your neck
Feeling your grip.
If I belonged,
It was here, close to you.
The rhythm was slow,
Our hearts synched.
I smiled some more hearing what I thought,
I heard you say,
"this is home"
Kyra Embers Jun 2019
I don't know how,
If the sound of my heart troubles me,
I believe,
yours will ease the fear
and soothe me.
For times where life made no sense but still continued invariably.
Kyra Embers Jul 2019
The tomorrow l live  for,
The dream I strive for,
And the reason I smile.
It'd all be you.
You know who you are :)
Kyra Embers Jan 4
If our tongues were blades,
They'd be hiraeth lulling me to sleep.
An exotic dance, a battlefield
haiku attempt 101
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