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4.8k · Apr 2019
I love you.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
You're the past I craved for.
The present I adore.
The future I want.
I love you.
It s better than anything I ve written so... Here goes.
2.0k · Apr 2019
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
She looked me in the eye and gave me a grin.
She held me by my arms and said listen.
I pressed my ear to her tummy and heard a weird rhythm.
I looked up with wide eyes as if to question.
She hugged me and said "say hello you're having a sister!"
I remember squealing in joy,
here we are six years later,
she s grown up so much,
to be an imp now,
May I add?
the most entertaining one.
1.2k · Jul 2019
Kyra Embers Jul 2019
It was embarrassment sometimes,
And, blush in some others.
Both times she was pink,
the latter was because of him.
he just adored it.
Those who can relate, lemme know
985 · Apr 2019
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
She falls like caress on the ground.
Washing the bad,
spreading joy.
Each speck of her speaks of love.
She was gifted perhaps from the moon,
dearest monsoon.
914 · Jun 2019
Kyra Embers Jun 2019
Scent of perfume stops me dead.
I stand there frozen unaware,
I turn around hoping
It's you who is here.
859 · Dec 2019
A pane of glass
Kyra Embers Dec 2019
The story of two lives,
intertwined with eternity.
She his bride,
He the oasis to her insanity.
The veils of uncertainty lifted,
as threads of love strung them together,
sculpted as rings rested on their fingers.
Miles apart they love remained unscathed,
And when he finally saw his bride again,
she lay translucent, eyes closed,
Lips pale, their smile absent,
tucked safely,
beneath a pane of glass.
and only when you lose what you had you realise the feel of its presence
851 · Jul 2019
Kyra Embers Jul 2019
I knew I was looking, It took me time to realise I was searching.
My eyes now have a brain of its own, they look for nothing but you.
I missed you.
851 · Apr 2019
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
Perhaps we re all diamonds.
Hurt to beauty,
breath-taking eventually.
829 · Apr 2019
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
He was walking a little behind me.
"Hey" he called out for me to come back,
I look around, to find a serious, look in his eyes
I run back to him and asked " you okay?"
And he nodded then said,
" you got a little something there.."
I hid my face,
**** humiliation levels all time high!
He chuckled a little then held me tight  and said, "I meant me"
715 · Apr 2019
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
My mess,
somehow became ours.
I m glad you were along.
679 · Apr 2019
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
I sit by the window of my train,
There's a sweet lullaby of screaming kids,
They keep me awake.
I look out, not stargazing, not seeing,
don't know what to look
or what I m searching.
If there is one thing constant it's the sway,
it keeps moving, all through the way.
She's sweet enough to sway my dear train,
but I was not weary enough to give in to the call of tired.
It was a weird trip without a blink of sleep.
Long train trips :)
677 · Sep 2019
Kyra Embers Sep 2019
Lonely each night,
lost in thoughts,
I have a gazillion wishes,
every single one
without fail asks for you.
hey, i miss you. i really do
672 · Apr 2019
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
Everything was bright but now I ain't  so sure.
I want you to know, no matter where I go, my heart is yours,
The moments we had were too beautiful to shatter,
Tell me you ve got my back,
Despite the facts.
Keep believing in me, no matter what, troubles come past.
This might not be an actual poem. The thing is, I owe an apology.. I m not sure what to do, And so I wrote like you all did.
631 · Apr 2019
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
My Life assume is like a thread that makes a dream catcher.
Most of the time I spend wondering if there will be enough to make the web,
But, when I m done making it'd be a splendid article.
For those who don't know what a dreamcatcher is, it was used by native American tribes. Believed to fend of bad dreams.. it's an intricate design made inside mainly a circular object. And it looks beautiful.
612 · Apr 2019
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
No matter what you'd have to say
Your heart ll eventually leap to the choices,
you missed to make.
truth in the irony
608 · Apr 2019
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
Best friend- you wanna **** her/him and then die for them
527 · Nov 2019
Kyra Embers Nov 2019
She called him, close to midnight,
his hello thawed her damp heart.
She stood silently, gripping it tight,
her knuckles, close to white.
She stood waiting some more,
unwilling to put the phone down, cut the call.
She heard a rattling breath followed by an "are you there?"
Tears fell fast as she said "forever and beyond"
She willed to give him,
a second chance.
i ve tried a narration within a poem... not very confident about it, a feeble effort, if it made you smile, please lemme know :)
523 · Jul 2020
The colours up my rainbow
Kyra Embers Jul 2020
Gradients of grey,
me in dismay.
Another random day
my heart had a harder day.

Tinges of teal
You keep walking over me.
After all I mean nothing,
mere fallen leaves.

Scarlet showers,
Scar my soul.
Was fear, a stupid confession,
Or you being the reason?

Blinding black nights,
engulfing bright lights.
Wish I could say,
a polite good bye.
Here's my poem. @sreeyasndilkumar there you go. Satisfied now?
498 · Jul 2019
Kyra Embers Jul 2019
I was meant to steal your heart,
Meant to make you smile real wide.
It was me all along.
Missed you
496 · Apr 2019
All the times.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
For all the times I ran.
All the times I pushed you away,
All the times you were hurt
Here we are, just to begin all over again.
493 · Nov 2019
Kyra Embers Nov 2019
Our hearts drummed in harmony
Souls synced invariably,
If this is 'nt love
what could be?
we re in love(feeble reminders:))
491 · Jun 2019
Kyra Embers Jun 2019
I don't know how,
If the sound of my heart troubles me,
I believe,
yours will ease the fear
and soothe me.
For times where life made no sense but still continued invariably.
473 · Apr 2019
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
She stood before the mirror.
Her face had no scars as such.
Her heart did.
457 · Apr 2019
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
If being in pain is scary,
letting the world see what,'s on your head is worse.
A regular battle between the dearest brain and heart.
445 · Aug 2020
Love online
Kyra Embers Aug 2020
Stranger behind this digital veil,
I am assuming this is another one of
Cupid’s play
Tell me, it’s one other summer fling
Or do I anticipate it to be a real thing?

Will you detest my individuality
And try castigating my intellect?
Would you be the supportive Prince Charming
Only heard of?

Would I hear guitar strings strum,
As love crawls in to find its way,
Even then,
Would it, be love?

Could we possibly Make up to the distance?
The warmth, the fireworks of each other’s presence
Amidst the epidemic that has interfered

Would we  Rave endlessly?
Talking all night,
Choosing each other
Over Morpheous’s arms.
Obsessing over little that are suddenly cute

Would we look deranged, with a constant smile?
Hushed voices, muffled giggles,
Lost, chuckling into our phones.
The very type I’ve always made fun of.

Would it be a Disney movie?
Say, a tad more magical?
Could I really judge you,
with a mere photo?

It could be the a summer drizzle
Or go down the drain.
Farce and adherence
Have been my metier
Assuring amazement
To be mundane.

Dear new immigrant,
Enrolling for my heart,
Hoping you’re the yin,
To my yang.
one other poem
445 · Jul 2020
Kyra Embers Jul 2020
I morosely chew on my pencil top.
silently sigh at the damage done.

I look at him, my breath stops,

the bandage to my broken heart.
Drizzle of glitter from the stars

My version of pixie dust.
Hey... I miss you..
386 · Apr 2019
Too good to last.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
Into the dense canopy of a bamboo forest.
It smelt of spring on the summer leaves.
A silence accompanied our little stroll,
Each word we spoke came back as an echo.
A full moon looked down on us, the breeze blew bringing hints of muted snow.
I leaned Onto your shoulder and thought "this was too good to last"
384 · Jun 2019
Kyra Embers Jun 2019
It was never the night that scared me,
The trees hold the darkness,
that terrifies me.
Nothing is scary by itself. The by factors, aid the element of fear
376 · Apr 2019
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
He was the first man in my life.
It was upto him to make me smile
I used squeal as he threw me up,
And when I swung away I was assured
I' d swing back.
Somehow, before I returned, he just went too far.
He was my dad.
375 · Jan 4
Kyra Embers Jan 4
If our tongues were blades,
They'd be hiraeth lulling me to sleep.
An exotic dance, a battlefield
haiku attempt 101
366 · Apr 2019
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
Glass and ice are pretty much the same.
When hard, and sculpted they seem flawless.
Only, one cuts, the other melts.
To me they are the same. Your opinions are yours.
361 · Apr 2019
Down an isle
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
She opened the door and looked down an isle
There stood a little something
"Who are you?" she asked
The thing was small the size of her fist but seemed to smile, she wondered why.
"I m your heart" it replied.
"What are you doing outside me?" She pondered.
Now it laughed and said,
"I m looking for home my dear, i ve concluded that you, are'nt even close to it"
361 · Nov 2019
Kyra Embers Nov 2019
Drying tears,
healing scars,
Dark circles beneath sunken eyes,
Chapped lips from
biting hard,
Nightmares and panic in
abundant form
Of my broken heart.
For all the times we were hurt, and broken.
Kyra Embers Sep 2020
Let me sit on your lap,
my legs around your

Your hands tracing
my back, tugging
at my hoodie.
Reaching my neck,
fingers tangled in my hair.

One palm cupping my
Your thumb leaving caresses,
on my lips, jaw,

Your eyes hold mine,
and my breaths come
in sharp bursts

Move in to kiss my lips
Adorn my neck instead.
Pepper me with kisses
Pamper me, into becoming
a spoilt brat

Hear me sigh into
your ears.
Hear me whisper,
"Can we do this
all the time?"
little fantasies
355 · Jun 2019
Kyra Embers Jun 2019
I m ten foot beneath,
Far away from light,
drowning deeper,
Struggling for breath.
If feeling lost,
is like falling,
I ve reached the beds,
To the ocean of nowhere
352 · May 2019
Kyra Embers May 2019
Stand or fall together,
I ll be yours forever.
And if there s beyond,
I ll be there too.
351 · Jun 2019
Kyra Embers Jun 2019
I ll burn out in a minute or so,
I m just a part of a flickering star
348 · Apr 2019
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
I whispered not to him but to myself,
"Your the best of what I have close to truth"
He heard me raised his eyebrows and replied
"Well, I love you"
314 · Jul 2019
Thank you.
Kyra Embers Jul 2019
Today d be there in my mind,
all life long
And for that, atheist me says,
"god, I thank you"
We re perfect.
304 · Sep 2020
Lemme cry
Kyra Embers Sep 2020
My body shudders
as my hands shake.
I'm crying I'm crying.
I'm crying again.

My senses are flooding
as my eyes sting.
I'm crying, I'm crying.
I'm crying again.

My heart is screaming
limbs stay frozen.
I'm crying, I'm crying.
I'm crying again.

Set me on fire,
burn me down.
Do me a favour,
I want out.

I'm crying I'm crying.

I'm tired of crying again.
It really do be like that now.
274 · Jul 2019
Kyra Embers Jul 2019
And once again,
I forgot to breathe looking at you,
Once again forgot all that I had to say,
then remembered it all,
But, you had left by then.
Happens, alot
269 · Nov 2019
Kyra Embers Nov 2019
Sometimes its wishing you featured in my dreams,
And, Sometimes its wanting you real bad by my side...
i miss you
243 · Apr 2019
No matter,
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
No matter how far I go, I d come back to you,
No matter who says no, I ll still belong to you,
No matter what, I m never letting go of you.
Happy year one, for the more to come.
234 · Oct 2019
Kyra Embers Oct 2019
And, the sky too shall cry   
The silent tears I can't scream.   
Each tear drop hence,    
Shall fall down as rain with the breeze.    
Silver spindles, bright and sharp.   
Pouring down soft and slow.   
Beautiful like fading a rainbow.
Rainy seasons
232 · Jul 2019
It'd be you
Kyra Embers Jul 2019
The tomorrow l live  for,
The dream I strive for,
And the reason I smile.
It'd all be you.
You know who you are :)
231 · Sep 2019
Kyra Embers Sep 2019
i need one more of that kiss
you've burned into my memory,
some more of the warmth,
accustomed from within your arms.
I need you, i really do.
226 · Apr 2019
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
She waxes, she wanes.
Grows and descends.
Such beauty such elegance.
The moon, really is the sun's descendant.
215 · Jun 2019
Kyra Embers Jun 2019
Each click marks the beginning and the end.
Every one I see are in past continuous.
And I miss everything that has happened so far,
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