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 Sep 2018 Ken
Ashari Ty

I will be the spectral incandescence
Along the grey bellies
Of a post-typhoon grim sky;
The prism Isaac Newton used
To make the white light,
The white noise of scientific wisdom,
Split into dazzling colours.
"I reflect like how light reflected in Fizeau's mirrors in his light speed experiment."
 May 2017 Ken
She's planting out her window box
Young shoots are showing through
She thinks about the Springtime
And the garden she once knew

There were primroses and daffodils
Sweet violets white and blue
She thinks about her husband
And when their love was new

Buds and blooms open up
They scent and colour Summer long
She thinks about those happy days
When they were young and strong

Sunset's falling sooner now
Petals drop, the show is done
She gathers up her Winter shawl
Tries not to dwell on things to come
Delighted to be the daily
Thank you He Po
And thank you Eli Yo

— The End —