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Jaceeyy Oct 2017
Its 1:00 am in the morning
I just finished my school works and sitting in front of me is the finished project I put my heart and soul in

I turned off my computer
And went straight to bed for slumber
Tomorrow, I will wake up at 7:00 am
That is roughly six hours given to me for sleep

Six hours to feel the cold breeze of the night
Six hours to temporarily forget everything in sight
Six hours to heal my tired mind and body
Six hours to dream and escape reality

But I will take that six hours, thank you very much
Because I will rest knowing that I have done my part
And that tomorrow is another day for another fresh start
Jaceeyy Sep 2017
Another beauty product that was tried and tested
by models who are made to be perfected
Setting unreachable standards of beauty
To gain profit through everyone's insecurity

I have doubted myself, the process was hard and rough
I tried to conform to their standards but it was really tough
Until I realized I am not happy anymore, so I decided that I had enough.

I will not succumb to their standards anymore
I will instead love myself and see what's in store
And if ever my insecurities will strike again,
I will remind myself that I am strong and won't be broken

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that is true
So don't doubt yourself for no one can be like you
Being different is beautiful too
And someone will yet appreciate you
Jaceeyy Sep 2017
Whispers lingering in the air
Gossips flying here and there
Judgemental eyes and deadly stares
Throw every word at me, I don't care

Is minding your own business, such a hard thing to do?
Is your life too boring for you to take interest in mine too?
What did I do to you to deserve this?
You back stabbed me and left me wondering in an abyss

Some parts of the story might be true
But everything else you say is completely taboo
The secrets I kept were carelessly divulged
And so my reputation was completely misjudged

You don't think of the consequences of your lies
How it could end in someone's demise
Though I guess a part of it is my fault too
For I was dumb enough to give my trust to you

Now I know your tricks when you play
You enjoy hearing the secrets that other people say
Then these people are also the ones you betray
Expect my revenge, I will make you pay
Jaceeyy Sep 2017
This serves as a formal greeting
To all of those who are reading,
I am but another human being
that just wants to express his feelings
I hope my poems will be able to send your senses tingling
Through its heart felt and true meaning

I have not much to offer but this
May it give you mixed emotions of sadness and bliss
I may not be a known poet yet
But I hope my poems are the ones you won't forget

That will be all, it was truly a pleasure
May the days to come be filled with wonder
As my ending, I say to all of thee
Hello to everyone!! My name is jaceeyy!!

— The End —