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Inevitable Dec 2021
this app needs serious bug issues fixed with logging in and in the write screen. the single and double star options to edit your text don't work properly and there's still avid writers on this app, lets get it together. what can we do to help?
Inevitable Dec 2021
I miss you

I miss you too. I've missed you ever minute I was without. but that phone call spun my mind and you know it no doubt.

*she could never compare to what I feel with you

so why would you stay? and why did you call me just to say you're still walking away....

I can't make impulsive decisions

Why not? Is love not impulsive? I texted you compulsively with a slowed paced heartbeat. You called me..... why?
Is this not what you want?
Inevitable Dec 2021
This blanket you got me last year still serves as your body double.
The beds empty now and all i have left is regret.
I have this platform youll never read but i still write to you.
Christmas wasnt so Merry without driving around our home town.

Just tell me one thing, do you miss me?
Do you feel better now that its with someone else or could it never compare?
I feel like you were hand made for me,
picked from the heavens and dropped so carefully,
yet i still fumbled you, misreading the signs that were actually celebrations.

I always missed you. Im hoping i wont have to always miss you

All for the love of a Poet.
Inevitable Dec 2021
Closed doors to open shores.
The tides long gone and i cant get myself to walk away.

The moons pulled the water and im dying of thirst.
I never shouldve walked away; shouldve treated her first,

but what more can i do now that its gone besides wait
when the sun tells me to leave and my faith starts to shake.

I asked for angel numbers and they spelled it out clearly.
im being treated fairly but baby i miss you dearly.

Im not asking to be saved.
I'll wait till it hits me like a tidal wave.
Inevitable Sep 2021
I talk to my therapist about a hypothetical girl.

but you’re not hypothetical at all.

I talk to my therapist about the good feelings more than the bad and I talk about how I think you got away.

My therapist talks to me.

She thinks i’m in an  
emotionally abusive relationship
i think she could be right

Then I think about you and how you are only a dream now. but

I talk to my therapist about you.
Inevitable Sep 2021
My karmic may have ruined my twin flame connection.
the angels have confused me but maybe because it was in your name.

she gave me the world and I left her with nothing near a goodbye to abide by you who stripped me down to nothing once again and left me with nothing and no one.

*i’m alone
Inevitable Sep 2021
you took every little light that flickered inside me and smothered them until they were no more.

Then you told me how much you wished I was the old me,

but You killed her.
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