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Sive Myeki Jul 2016
Never have I felt this way.
Torn apart by conflicting certainties.
Not by any means did I foresee this day,
A sterling heart pillaged and rendered speechless.

Purged of freedom I bend a knee to silence;
In worship of a cowardice tongue.
Now I lay in wait for a priestess sent to cushion my tears
And wrinkle my fears like a prune beneath the sun.

When words fail you, as they have I, like drought stricken
Crops; look no further than your heart.
Listen not for words, but to the pulsating rhythm
Of wanting to be alive. Therein lies the sought.

And In this fitting union of unorthodox souls;
Carry the torch and I'll see to it that this flame endures.
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
For four timeless seconds,
The skies were eyes and his were mine to bode.
A cold and bold stare beckons
A stranger unravelling the gravel road.

We meet; he greets and halts the shuffle
Of his feet. Pairs my glare
When I take his hand as we stifle
The fear from one another with care.

"Because of my lode I shall lighten
The load you carry without cause.
My eyes belong to you my brethren
Like a trespassing truth troubling stumbling paws."

Bitten by hunger, the vulture's eyes steady the path of the wild dog.
"I have seen your herd
Prancing through the fog
Dancing like a headless bird

Through the pass afore the lean,
Past the crest of sacred grounds
Steering where your soles have been.
The graze astray from barking hounds."

And there goes my hope
In tatters and ragged apparel.
Effortless and careless he paces his lope
As though the path he crumbles was a familiar carol.
  Jul 2016 Sive Myeki
as the world
are living in fear
we are
by its restricting arms
sung to sleep with
lullabies and hymns
of shrieking souls
and scorching tongues
our hair is stroked
by the claws
of fear
by the piercing nails
it sharpens
to pick the locks
into our minds
fear has erased our memories
it has made a place inside of us
it has set up its bed
it has turned out the light
and it has sincerely
wished us all
Day after day there is a new incident. Something needs to change.
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
Whether it will happen or not,
Choose your attitude wisely.
Like the flower that saw grey clouds
Hovering above, swept in by thirst.
Yet went through the day without a drop.
An inch she grew, without a slant.
Her petals glistening with glee.
Sparing her last for the company of bees.
That night she payed homage
To the soil that fed her roots,
The trees that broke the wind
And the hills that braved the storm.
"Best you play your part," said the moon to the flower,
"And leave the rest to the circle of life."
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
Hell is not a fiery pit
Or the great hall of a seasoned furnace
And demons striking flint.

It is not the final resting place
Of kin and foe who disobeyed
The crown and cross.

It is the unnatural state of mind
Congruent with coin and a toss.
It's the game of chance;

Taking on maleficent advisory,
Abandoning silence for a predisposed penance.
Prescribing your breath as one hoards immortality.
Sive Myeki Jul 2016
A person will make a mistake
And mistakes will create the persona.
A person will wear this fake
Guise to musk the odour.

The scent of an imperfect idea.
A spontaneous thought so mighty
As to command action without fear,
Yet atrophies in the absence of sovereignty.

The fearless becomes the fearsome;
Tactful and timid we conceive a new face.
From the angst of letting go; we succumb
To duality, tightening the noose

Around our inner gumption.
All this for an artificial reputation.
Sive Myeki Jun 2016
I'm not from this world.
And my presence brings about discord.
I look at the stars with rendition
And I see my own reflection.
When I look at the sun
I am blinded by my own loved one.
I have misplaced my home.
Betwixt and between. I am destined to roam
This plane with false convictions.
Drowning my pain in addictions.
I want to go home, but this
Body, this cage; still breathes.
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