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harmony crescent Mar 2019
another week is over
i look in the mirror
well ****
it says
thats a waste
harmony crescent Feb 2019
its like i have a shadow
except you make me choke
my words are not your clearance
my sitting down is not your opportunity
get off me
go away
let me take this label off my chest
i am not your safe place
i think we all have someone who makes us feel this way
no ones perfect but that doesn't mean you're not perfect for me
written by a dear friend
harmony crescent Dec 2018
you feel so far away
what changed
we used to go for weeks, just texts
its strange
now i ache after an afternoon
knowing youre states away
not safe
for me to feel this way
ill work on being fine
instead of convincing myself that my state is fine
  Dec 2018 harmony crescent
Emma Price
Going nowhere fast,
no idea where I'm going; all I know is I can't be last.
Time seems to have come and gone in a blast,
when I look back at the past,
my lack of productivity leaves me aghast.
~much love
All that we Are
All we've become
In a moment
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