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Dimitri Leye Jan 2016
With emotions caused by stress,
Leaves the wires tense,
Love is my only desire,
In my eyes, I see fire.

Cause no pain or hurt,
Alone, feeling nothing but burns,
With eyes raining with clouds choir,
Beneath my feet, I see fire.

Love causes pain,
As it awakens embers,
Although my shields dismember,
I try to love and remember,
My path is all I require,
When I walk, I see fire.

Trapped in myself,
A rage deep encaged,
Just looking for a way,
To be released from pain,
This road from which I get tired,
All around, I see fire.
Dimitri Leye Mar 2015
This is my life, my ****** life.
I have no friends, no social life.
And the world has gone against me.
I feel so miserable, all alone.
I have nobody, I’m on my own.

My life is so ****** up.
THIS WORLD is completely ****** up.
There has never been a day, where I haven't questioned my purpose of life.
And not wished that it was over.

Why me?
Will things ever get better?
Right now, it seems like never.

I try.
I always try.
But for how long can one try,
And still remain optimistic?!

I can't do this anymore,
I can't go on.
I want to give in,
I just...
Want to give up!

But, I can't...

I have to keep moving forward.
I have to keep trying.
I have to keep going... It’s the only way.
However long it takes, I'm willing to wait.

Life is short; you got to make the most of it.

However, today is over and is coming to an end.
And there is nothing to do about it.

All that can be done; is to wait and pray.
And hope…
That tomorrow will be a better day.
Dimitri Leye Mar 2015
Welcome to the maze, the maze of life.
Solve the puzzle, get to the end.
And your efforts will be rewarded.
There are no rules to this maze,
but here are a few to help you along.

Rule number 1: The maze is forever changing.
So always be alert!

Rule number 2: Be careful who you trust, and those you befriend.

And rule number 3, the most important rule:
NEVER mess with the maze!
And you can be assured that the same will be done for you.

Make a wrong move; you've reached a dead end.
Stray off the path, now you're ******.
Every exit, Leads to an entrance.
Just another puzzle...
Waiting patiently to be solved

A few last words, before you begin

This is the maze of life.
It may appear seamlessly endless,
But don't be fooled.

Good luck, and always stay strong.

And just remember this;
For there ever to be a beginning…
There must always be an end.
Dimitri Leye Feb 2015
Books. What are books?
What purposes do they serve?
Are they just there for their appealing looks? Or, do they serve a more significant purpose?
If a book could talk, what would it say?
If a book could walk, where would it  go? and what would it do?
If a book could write a book, what would it be about? And more importantly what would it contain?...
If books weren't books, what would they be?
They would be the unknown thief.

(the last part is about the notion of how,      ' books give you knowledge' and it's basically saying if there weren't books...)
Dimitri Leye Feb 2015
You are the sunrise and sunset, in my every day.
You are the light in darkness, where only darkness can be seen.
The hope, in my despair, and the comfort, in my pain and misery.
you are irreplaceable, the one and only, that there shall ever be.
My dearest. My darling, forever beautiful.
Yours truly...
© Dion Lambert. All rights reserved, 25/02/2015
Dimitri Leye Feb 2015
In the night sky, the wind blew;
shaking the leaves on branches of trees nearby.
* 'oh, how those leaves fell! Like teardrops falling from the sky'. *
Yet, no one was there to save or catch them, as they fell to the cold merciless ground, and died.
Those leaves, those beautiful autumn leaves!
They reminded me of how, the same way in life.
Nothing is permanent, and in the end, we all die.
© Dion Lambert. All rights reserved, 25/02/2015

— The End —