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Apr 24 · 155
Born of a love so bittersweet
Photos of you with your hands on mom's growing tummy
Her sweater says "yes I am" and you look so happy - you also cared for the other two that came with the package - decisions were made some not your own and we packed up and moved to our new home - mom thought you were coming but you had once last go and got into trouble that much I know
Either way your time ended too early for me to find you and tell you " I love you Daddy "
In progress
Apr 24 · 601
For my siblings
I hope you embraced the time you had, you'll never get it back
I'm trying my best to forgive you for the love and support that you lacked
At the time when our mom needed us most
you turned your backs on us and now you're all ghosts
I hope you'll find peace when it slowly creeps up and I hope that you cry when that pains' in your gut
For me I'm still grieving not only for mom but the loss of the family I thought was my own
But I'm thankful and grateful for the time that I spent every day that I could by the side of her bed
We laughed and we cried and I was able to be with my best friend and momma just watching TV.
Not finished
A handful of Memories
A cupful of sorrow
A flagon of happiness
Faith in tomorrow
A measure of taking
A measure of giving
A curious jumble
This business of living
Moms Poems and writings
Apr 24 · 485
Can you hear me? Can you hear my lonely cry?
Momma? Can you feel me? I'm all broken up inside
Momma can you see me?
I'll never be the same
Momma I can't wait til the day I see you again
I don't know how to do life without you mom
Gingers' Ginger Jul 2013
Once when I was younger
I had a broken heart
I couldn't find all the pieces
I didn't know where to start
The rain started pouring
Just in time to hide my tears
I was crying for you Daddy,
Wishing you were here
To show me Real daddy's Love
And how it's supposed to feel
To be a "Daddys Little Princess"
And how to tell when the love is real
I looked for you everywhere
all day and night
I'd even think I'd found you
But it was never you or right
I prayed you'd hear my calling,
We would reunite at last
Well eventually I found you Dad,
But our time had already passed
Still I kept on searching
There might be someone else
Who'd share a part of you with me and offer me some help
As the years went by I collected pieces along the way
I still I felt a little empty
But I still hoped and prayed
One day a prayer was answered Dad
Much to my surprise
Aunt Mel and cousin Donna
Had found my desperate pleas online
Through them I've got to know you
Thank God they found me too
I get to see another side of me
And a part of me that's you
My heart is on it's way now Dad
And all I can say
is that you've got my Mom in Heaven now too - so wishing you Happiest of Birthdays today
a poem for my dad I never got to meet edited for his birthday 4/23 -

— The End —