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CL Fjell Jul 2019
Gritting grinding
Bare bone to bone
Like the gnashing of two rocks
Trying to force through another
Until sudden sharp jolts of electricity
Shoot through blistered nerve endings
Pounding drums inside, no one's home
Sharp, alert and now awake
No pain anymore
Until eyes close shut once more
CL Fjell Jul 2019
Thoughts shatter this green glass ceiling
Smiling, I wait for the shards to fall
For my fate I wait for forces to pull
Meet my smiling face
Just this once
A real smiling face
All at once
And at once a blink of bliss
That's all I needed before the fall
CL Fjell Jul 2019
I thought it was near
The passing of this cloud. Alas
Shimmers of the sun disappear
Rain yet came ever near

Still this cloud it looms
Closer and closer I fear
Like a fat kid welling tear and
Rain yet came ever near

Darkness is now lurking here
Shadows are one with evil God
The air holds that humid stench
Too late to hide from guiltless drench
CL Fjell Jul 2019
Taking back seat.
I called shotgun.
I can't remember,
I don't want to remember?
No, I can't remember.

Shadows fill in the gaps,
Blanket the little lamb.
Sleep now insipid child,
Dream while you are awake,
When awake you will be grown.

A shaman showed him a past,
One that seemed so distant
It was fake;
No, it was fact.
It was him, and only him.
Trauma took hold,
And with it, a child.

The night brings him ghosts of past.
(Know it will only pass)
If they lived what you had lived,
(No, it will only pass)
Life would be easy then.

He'd rather be paranoid,
Than be a saint.
He'd rather be out his mind,
But he can't remember.
CL Fjell Jul 2019
Reoccurring dreams of someone
Kidnapping me
Every time they catch me, it resets
Each chase a new sense of anxiety
While knowing it'll just become anew
Once they finally catch me.

Is it my inability to escape my future,
The want for something more than my
Destined path,
Or is it simply the fear that my past
Will catch me,
No matter where I escape to?
CL Fjell Jul 2019
Stuck like honey,
The budding lily shrinks and quivers.
Those sticky fingers
Grab at her colours.
At every angle they pick and choose,
And pinch at her delicate petals.
They, starving customers
And she, a farmer's market.
Breath hot like summer suns,
Mouth dripping like spring rains.
Where can she go, trapped here
Surrounded by sticky fingers.
Endure it a little longer Lily,
Your stop is up next!
Personal experience
CL Fjell Jul 2019
Ants gathered round a hill
By the seaside town
Salt on the tongue with breaths;
A storm blew through here long,
And took with it the ants.
I'm shivering now,
And I miss my aunty.
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