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  Apr 4 Mykenzie
most people see me as
a happy person because
i laugh easily,
i smile a lot,
i joke a lot.

but deep down
in my heart,
i am fragile,
i can get hurt easily,
but i choose to not
show it to the world.

instead of being sad,
i choose to laugh to cover it.
maybe you can call me
"the queen of the mask"

by this,
you can tell
that most of the time
when I'm laughing,
I'm not really laughing,
i was trying so hard to hide
my sadness.
Mykenzie Apr 2
are simply that..

are daydreams

can be reality,

are unlikely
Mykenzie Apr 1
Pain is a strife
With strife,
I write.
Mykenzie Mar 29
Self love
is not measuring yourself
to other people.

Self love
is not measuring your worth
depending on how others see you.

Self love
isn't spa days and ignoring the world.

Self love
is facing your problems.
It's getting out of bed and being productive.

Self love
is cleaning your house, and going out.
It's talking to someone.

Self love
is looking in the mirror and being able to say
"I'm not perfect, but I am enough"
Self love is definitely something I need to work on. :|
Mykenzie Mar 29
I really, really like your hugs....
Can I have more?
Mykenzie Mar 29
I think about all the things
that I could've done differently.

My mind wonders back to you,
to me, to us.

All the time,
I think about why we ended
and how I could've stopped it.
Mykenzie Mar 27
All good things must come to an end..
That being said,
family don't end in blood.
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