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Mykenzie Dec 2017
When we first met,
The very first thing I noticed were your eyes.
They were blue-
and not rhe color blue like the sky,
or sea.
They were their own color.
The color that soon became my favorite.

Then I noticed your voice.
The way you said my name,
The way you talked to your friends.
Anything that you said sounded like a song.

Then, the way you treated people.
You were always so kind,
even when the person didn't deserve it.

I realized that
whenever I'm with you,
I can't think straight,
I can't talk right.

You made my stomach fill with butterflies,
my mind fill with your face, your voice, just you in general.

Whenever you were around,
I was happy,
despite what had happened with anything.

You smile,
I'll smile.
You laugh,
I laugh.
You cry,
I'll punch a dude for you,
even though you're the guy.
I don't care,
who made steriotypes anyway,
They're stupid.
So the ending is kinda funny, but I will punch someone for him, whether it be boy, girl, dog, or fish. Black, white, green, or pink.
Mykenzie Nov 2018
in three words alone
you could either destroy my life
or build it
Mykenzie Nov 2018
I would tell you my favorite color
but it's not like it would matter
My favorite shade of green won't take away your pain
My preferred blue isn't going to change the past

The red that spills from your wrists is the only color you can see
or think about.
The way it feels as it empties you.

I would tell you my favorite color,
but I know it's not important.
You don't care if I dream about your dark eyes
or your ebony hair
or the soft pink of your lips.
Because you're too caught up in your own head
to think about what you're doing to me.
Mykenzie Dec 2017
Roses are red, Violets are blue,
That's what they say, but it really isn't true.
Roses are red, and apples are too.
But violets are violet, not really blue.
Oranges are orange, but Greenland's not green.
A pinky's not pink, so what does it mean?
To call something blue when it's not is to defile it,
But what the heck, it's hard to rhyme with 'violet'
Mykenzie Feb 1
1 year can change alot
about me, and you,
and just stuuf in general
I just realized I've been on HP for over a year.
I joined in October of 2017
Mykenzie Nov 2018
When I count my blessing,
I make sure to count you twice.
This one is dedicated to a few of my friends. I am so thankful for them all.
Even the one I have never met before, he knows who he is. In the few short months, he has become one of my best friends. He is like an older brother that I never had. Thank you!
Mykenzie Apr 2018
They find better people,
and I become distant and forgotten.
Every single time
Mykenzie Nov 2018
-November 20, 2016-
                                   It began with you
-November 20, 2018-
                 ­                 This is me, ending it.

I am done
Mykenzie Feb 2018
The funny thing is,
is that my addiction isn't
****, *******, or alcohol.
My addiction is something much worse.
My addiction is Y-O-U.
Mykenzie Feb 15
I've been talking to the moon,
hoping you were talking to him too...

I asked of you,
and hoped you had asked of me too...

I told him how much you meant to me,
and hoped he told you.
Mykenzie May 2
14 days
336 hours
16 years
140,160 hours
of life
I'm officially 16 in 14 days
Mykenzie Sep 2018
your past does not define you. yesterday’s mistakes are not today’s. we can always be better.

2. be humble. do not boast in how you look or how you dress. do not brag in your talents or your skills. you can be proud, but do not become prideful. always stay kind.

3. do not let someone else define your worth, talent or value because of what they do or do not give you.

4. be patient. all good things come in time and never stop working hard in what you’re striving to achieve.

5. words and music connect us. don’t ever stop telling stories, always keep writing, always keep sharing.

6. love your friends and family hard. appreciate them everyday and never give up on them.

7. you are cherished even if you feel like you’re not seen. when you don’t think your parts matter, widen your perspective and look at the bigger picture. they can’t make it happen without you.

8. you are more than just a body or face. your heart and soul is more beautiful than any outward appearance could ever be. don’t let first impresses be limited to only physical.

9. it’s okay to show affection to those that you love. let them know how you feel, and don’t be afraid to love big.

10. hard work and determination always pay off, even if it takes a while. you will get to where you’re going if you’re diligent and passionate. don’t wait to follow your dreams.

11. laugh loud. don’t worry about what others may think of you, happiness isn’t to be confined, you’re meant to express it.

12. let yourself be loved by others. you can’t give until you’ve been filled, always let others pour into you with adorations and affections so you can do the same.

13. don’t let people look down on you because you are young, don’t let them limit your potential because of your age. your young age does mean you’re any less talented, wise or valued than those older than you.

14. be confident in who you are. there is no one else on Earth like you, be proud of the progress you’ve made.

15. being quiet is okay, being reserved does not mean you’re lacking anything. there is beauty in the silence.

16. always express yourself. express your feelings and your love. don’t repress them.

17. don’t let a set back keep you down forever. rest, recover and jump right back where you left off. work hard, practice hard.

18. love yourself and love your friends more. never stop learning and always keep growing.
Mykenzie Sep 2018
1, for the slumber that tumbles us round,
2, for the remedy, the musics bold sound.
3, for the tree that became your canoe
4, for the rain, it's ambiguous blue.

5, to escape, to a world we contrive,
6 for the tricks that I played to survive.
7, because heaven, is supposedly on earth,
& 8 for my mother, and her unknown worth.
9 for the failures, the faults & mistakes,
10 for the fears that keep us awake.

11, for my stepfather, consoles me each night, whispers advice crystal clear, filled with insight- words on courage & kindness, love & delight.
12- when you wake but it's already night.
13 forever, with strength glory and might,
14 with wisdom, discretion, insight-
both numbers together sizing up every fight.

15, for my little sister, and all her turmoil,
15, for her spirit, the last one to spoil,
she and the world but water and oil,
15 for her soul, and like the mighty cobra it's coil,
deadly & graceful defends its home soil.

16 for the evil- the wicked & cruel, the endless hate they spin into fuel.
17, for reason, justice & art,
and all the other virtues life etched on my heart,
18, to redeem, to admit your mistake, to truly move on then perhaps to retake.
19 for that shame, always the same, so familiar it almost comforts my brain. 19, for the suffering, agony & betrayal.
19 true stories retold as mere tales- how they surpass logic and induce other's fails.

20. For my years. For the moment, for now. For to the past I salute, and to the future I bow; All with the hope that next year I'll know how
to do what everyone else can.
Mykenzie Sep 2018
My story is not over.
My story has just come to a pause

The sentence is not finished
The sentence is just seperated

One final product
separated by a barrier to show the good and the bad

But it's all good
It helped form me

A semicolon is used when the author could have ended the sentence, but didn't
The author is me, and my life is the sentence :)
Mykenzie Oct 2017
Broken, shattered, life filled with pain
Lonely, forgotten, eyes filled with shame
Lost, confused, heart filled with hurt
Praying, longing, for life not to get worse.
Mykenzie Apr 2018
A little girls world
is full of happiness.

It consists of fairies, and princesses,
princes, and dolls.

Tears are from joy,
and sadness is a dragon,
that was slain to set her free.

A little girls world
is the purest place on Earth,
where there is no pain,
sadness, or hurt.

A little girls world,
should never be crumbled.
Mykenzie Feb 21
It’s cold

The end
Mykenzie Oct 2018
An eraser
goes through its life
caring about all the tiny details
but not about itself.
it degrades itself trying
to fix others mistakes
until suddenly
it’s gone.

it knows it’s dying,
it know it,
and it doesn’t care.
it cares too much about other people
to care about itself.

Some people say an eraser
would be a model human.
i don’t.

If everyone was like an eraser,
if everyone cared about others
just a little too much,
how would life work?

People would degrade
just like the eraser,
not caring
about themselves.

an eraser plays an important role in art.
so it does.
you can care about other people,
but don't
not care about yourself.
do not be an eraser,
you need loved too.
Mykenzie Jan 15
You were sweet
Something changed. You changed.

Now you're cold
I don't know
what to do now.
Because you're not
who I thought you were.
Mykenzie Apr 2018
we've discovered another bare and transparent soul like us.
We hear and fear the silence, unable to be one with the crowd.
I too once wanted the whole world to hear me,
to praise me,
to remember me,
giving them all and feeling emptier than ever.
I have sought after souls like me,
but I forgot that loud souls like us are the least to be heard.

And indeed,
it was in the moment,
in the fleeting,
that I noticed a quiet soul that must have felt everything,
and reflected their pain upon an indifferent world.

They must have seemed so distant and untouchable to the world,
but I can hear their pain, I can see their soul.
Every line every word of theirs is beautiful.

But, they are also so fragile,
so prone to pain that to love them,
I must never give up,
to make them feel warm,
to make them feel safe.

I have to love them like I have never been loved before.
Mykenzie Apr 2018
Best Friends
The title we chose
But what does it mean to be "best friends"?
You should see each other every day?
Well that's not true for you and me
Should silly little fights get in our way?
Only if that's how it's meant to be
Should we give?
Should we borrow?
Should we dance like there's not tomorrow?
Secrets are traded
Privacy invaded
Hugs and smiles are shared
Tears are shed
Love is spread
We know that we both really cared

I smile
You smile

You cry.
I cry

I wish.
You wish

You die
I die

If you fall
I'll help you up

And if you call
I'll always pick up

Best Friends Forever
The promise we made
And I know in my heart
That it will never fade
Mykenzie Apr 2018
Best friends are angels
That God sent along.
They always stay beside you
Whenever things go wrong.

I'm glad that God blessed me,
With a good friend such as you.
A person to be there,
A person to get me through.

Never turn away from me.
I can't bear to be apart.
All the pain and suffering
Will be too much for my heart.

You are my best friend,
The one who brightens my day.
The one who cheers me up,
The one who's here to stay.
Mykenzie Nov 2017
I thought I'd be this way forever.
You left, he came.
He asked me to promise,
I did.
He was just afriend,
then it grew to be more.
Now I'm over you,
But falling for him.
You wanna come back,
It's too late now.
I'm sorry.
Should've tried a couple weeks ago,
or better yet, never left
I'm better now.
I'm happier now.
I'm me again.
Mykenzie Sep 2018
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My messge can be decoded using the link
Mykenzie Jan 2018
is a weird thing.
It's like everything is perfect,
when it really not.
It's like there isn't a problem to face.
when there is.
Yet, it is a thing.
Supposedly common.
People use it to describe food, other human,
and so much more.
But how can a human be bliss?
How can the earth be in a state of bliss?
When there are so many problems to face:
Hunger, Homelessness, Abuse,
and so much more.
I don't understand
Mykenzie Nov 2018
something in my bones
tell me you don't want me anymore
Mykenzie Jan 18
Boys will come and go
but friends are forever.
Thats why friends and forever both start with 'F'

So when given the chance,
make sure you don't lose the forever.
Mykenzie Feb 2018
Watch it fog up windows,.
Watch it go from your mouth and nose
on a cold winter day.
We need to breath.
I dont realy like this one but oh well.....
My poetry ***** anyways
Mykenzie Mar 2018

Be careful when trying to fix a broken person
You may cut yourself on the pieces

Mykenzie Mar 27
All good things must come to an end..
That being said,
family don't end in blood.
Mykenzie Apr 2018
The past is the past for a reason.
That is where it is supposed to stay,
But some cannot let it go.
In their heads it eats away

Until all their focus becomes
The person they used to be,
The mistakes they made in their life.
Oh, if only they could see

That you cannot change what happened,
No matter how hard you try,
No matter how much you think about it,
No matter how much you cry.

What happens in your lifetime
Happens for reasons unknown,
So you have to let the cards unfold
Let your story be shown.

Don't get wrapped up in the negative.
Be happy with what you have been given.
Live for today not tomorrow.
Get up, get out, and start living,

Because the past is the past for a reason.
It's been, and now it is gone,
So stop trying to think of ways to fix it.
It's done, it's unchangeable, move on.
Mykenzie Feb 1
Mykenzie Oct 2018
Your eyes
Are the most gorgeous shade
Of home,

Complemented perfectly
A smile the color of love.
Mykenzie Sep 2018


Mykenzie Jan 2018
I am coming.
I am coming of a lot of things.
Of age,
of beauty.
I am comig
to a point where I don't need your love.
Where I can embrace my scars
and stretchmarks,
and love them.
Like you loved me,
way back when.
Mykenzie Apr 18
Birthdays are happy days,
untill they fall on the sad days.

Easter this year is my moms 35
Middle age,
grey hair,
wisdom beyond years.

easter this year is my nanas second.
57 years,
6 feet under,
Counting my tears.
Mykenzie Nov 2018
I'm sorry i smother you
You're everything I need,
please don't leave me like everyone else.

I'm trying to find an answer.
an answer to the sufering,
but not just us...
to me as well...

don't be scared.
It's all going to be ok.

I love you, wihtout a doubt.

Midnight thoughts are all I have when you are a milliong miles
away from me
Mykenzie Nov 2018
You are amazing
and I'm sorry for pushing you away...

I miss you
I changed myself for someone and now I am missing the girl I used to be
Mykenzie Mar 20
Diamonds dont turn to dust
or fade away..

you say I am your diamiond,
yet I am fading.

I miss you.
Mykenzie Nov 2018
i like to think about
the time before
my life was familiar to me.
remember when the tiles of this
hallway had never
seen my footsteps?
remember when the buttons of this
elevator had never
felt my fingertips?
remember when the music that
filled this hall had never
been made by me?
my memory of the flags in the windows
and the trees breaking up
the pavement in the parking lot
and the glass doors made of
piano keys
it never meant anything then.
i only thought i understood
what i was seeing
when i thought i’d never
see it again.
the painting in front of me
has changed me as much
as i changed it.
just think
if i saw the same things a year ago
as what i’m seeing today
and nothing seems the same
how different will everything be
Mykenzie Oct 2018
you came
you left

 and yet the trees still sway
     and summer still comes
all that remains is a strange longing,
 memori­es that rose like cyclops in the
the trapdoors of desire,
 the black-holes of our sharpened

if you could be god, and
               come back - if only for a moment, to tell me I was right,
 then I would make your words my epitaph)

my purpled lover, like  a
bulbous flower protruding from it's
you have eaten all the breadcrumbs,
so how will I find you again?

­ even if you had disappeared like
  an evening ghost,
      our souls had touched,
  and for the first time
  I could see the stars in other  peoples' eyes
Mykenzie Oct 2017
You asked me the other day
if I loved you.
I didn't know, so I quietly told you so
I've been thinking,
whenever you're around, I can't think straight
I love being around you, I think of you 25/8
Is that what you call Love?
Because, if it is,
yes, I do love you.
I love you so much more than I thought I would at first.
I Love You more than I love most other people
But Is this love?
Mykenzie May 2018
Never fall in love with a poet
for their words are sometimes lies
on occasions they're a shield
on occasions a disguise

They will take you on a journey
upon which they bare their soul
in a bid to ease your burdens
in a bid to make you whole

But in every word they choose
for the stories that they tell
lies a little piece of heaven
and a little piece of hell

Tormented souls we poets are
sometimes quite broken and despaired
in search of lost expressions
missed by others who once cared

Never fall in love with a poet
unless you're prepared to share their pain
to hold them close on the darkest nights
over and again
Mykenzie Feb 2018
they say a dream
can have a meaning.
That recurring dreams
try to send you a message.
But what if the dream
happens to be nightmare?
What does that mean?
Mykenzie Oct 2017
They always said,
"Drugs are bad, don't do drugs"
Then they said,
"Drugs **** people."

Yet, they failed to mention,
that love was a drug as well,
that love would eat you up slowly,
killing you, nevertheless,

Love was my drug,
I got addicted to your love,
You were my dealer,
and I was nothing but the addict
Mykenzie Apr 2018
In the kitchen I was called.
"How do you feel about death" Mom asked
I didn't really know how to respond. Such a weird question.
I was only 13, and had little experience with the topic in question.
I shrugged, "I don't know"

"Mary died"
the 2 words that ruined my once favorite holiday.
My nana, my best friend.
The one who took some secrets to the grave.

4 years ago
That's when I last saw her.
4 years ago.
She was healthy, aside form MS.
She ate healthy,
didn't drink alchohol.
We went on walks,
she helped me practice for baseball,
football, and softball.

Life doesn't last forever,
I knew that.
I just didn't know it'd end so soon for someone so loved.

Mary Wilson
Mom, daughter, sister, Nana.
January 14, 1960- April 15, 2017
She was my best friend.
This is over a year late and its poorly written. Sorry
Mykenzie Jan 2018
Embrace your flaws.
Whatever they may be.
The scars,
the marks,
the signs of all the pain.
The crooked smile,
The hair.
All of them,
because they are beautiful.
You are beautiful.
Mykenzie Apr 2018
I could ask you to stay,
But there's really nothing left to say.

This breakup has been emotional and long,
But I know I'm strong.

I guess we naturally grew apart,
But it still hurts in my heart.

We went days without speaking or sending a text,
And I could only wonder what was next.

There were times we couldn't look each other in the eye.
How did we get this far, and why did something so special have to die?

As I write this, memories flood me.
They remind of all we used to be.

Even when things were bad, I never thought this relationship would end.
Our broken hearts I thought we could mend.

Now you've left without a goodbye.
I've got no energy to even cry.

I knew it was over when we started doing things on our own.
You got so distant and I was alone.

I tried getting you to notice that I was still there,
But you made up your mind and didn't care.

There are many nights when you're all that's on my mind.
I hope happiness is what you find.

There are days when I just can't get out of bed.
But "try" is what you always said.

So every day I try to put on a smile.
Even if it's not a real one for a while.

We were together for so many years, so do you ever shed tears?
I know I've got to let you go,

And someday I will,
But mixed emotions are what I feel.

We both made our fair share of mistakes.
It feels like I'm drowning in sadness, anger, and resentment, all in different lakes.

I honestly wish you nothing but the best
As my strength and endurance is put to the test.
Mykenzie Nov 2018
Insert 'Only' at any place in the sentence:
"She told him that she loved him"
Yes, English can be weird. It can be understood through tough thorough thought though.
If 'womb' is pronounced 'woom' and 'tomb' is pronounced 'toom', shouldn't 'bomb' be pronoused 'boom'?
Australia has 3 'A's.. each pronounced differently.
In every other language (Other than English), pineapples are called ananas
The following sentence has 7 different meaning based on the stressed word:
"I never said she stole my money"
Cough, Rough, Though, Through. Why don't these words rhyme, but for some god forsaken reason, Pony and Bologna do?!
Word: Queue
Pronunciation: Kyoo
Write down 5 letter. Only pronouce the first.
Laid is pronounced like paid, but not said. Said is pronounced like bread, but not bead. Bead is pronounced like lead, but not lead.
Mykenzie Mar 2018
You are ever changing.
But I am never changing.
The change is inevitable.
No matter how hard one tries.
The world is ever changing
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