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35/M/Japan    β€œIt occurs to me that our survival may depend upon our talking to one another.” ― Dan Simmons, Hyperion
F/Voie Des Papillons    growing, you know and learning too
neth jones
Montreal    no soul at all [TheThinBookOfSelf-Distraction]
David Huggett
60/M/Regina, Saskatchewan    I am looking to collaborate just send me link to you quoting your favorite poetry. I very much would like that. I will add the ...
Wandering and wondering, around and about.
25/M    Poisoned words can also nourish To taste requires courage.
David P Carroll
M/Ireland    David P Carroll Poems All Poetry is copyrighted to David P Carroll under a Dublin and European Union court of law. Was on TV ...
Carl Fynn
32/M/Elmina    The unseen seen - The seen unseen
Hi, I like to write occasionally and you might like it - If you're here, thank you for reading my silly thoughts
Imran Islam
30/M/πŸβœ“Lure Pot βœ“πŸ    MY BooKs [] and I develop websites, design and format Amazon Kindle books
Arthur Blank
20/M/London    If you have any strong feelings comment, I'd like to hear your opinions if you have to read my dumbass poems
27/F/in a body and mind.    /eh-nai-lee/ since the beginning ~ a never ending time

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