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Mia Feb 2021
Dear Future Me,

Someday you will be, the sun moon and stars.
To one lucky man.
And he will know, that he found a treasure.
You will be just right, and your needs will be his priority.
You will find love, and it will be everything you wanted.
I know it doesnt feel like it right now.
But someone will look at you, and see you for who you are.
And he will deserve your pure heart
And know what a gift it is when you give it to him.
Until then, don't give up on love.
Someday, maybe.
Mia Feb 2021
His arms around me when i am weary.
His kiss upon my lips to ignite.
His desire fueling mine.
To an inferno of need.

I long to be by his side.
Day and night and in between.
Our passion smolders between the sheets.
The tenderness of each touch
Coupled with the insatiable wildness.

His gaze on my body.
Like a starved man seeing an oasis.
His hunger to taste and partake
Of the wet goodness moist for him.
Every moment together we are lost.
And yet apart we long for a moment more.
For Matt whose passion burns bright
Mia Nov 2020
Missing you every minute the clock ticks away.
Hoping the time will fly a little faster. That this ache from being apart
will be lessened when you hold me. When you look into my eyes
and tell me I'm the one.
I think about you endlessly.
You stole my heart away.
I know our love is here to stay.
There's nothing I want more.
I promise to love you till the end.
And some more after that.
They say love knocks you off your feet. But I fell into your arms.
And I know I am safe when you hold me.
I am yours
Every minute apart is agony Maximus
Mia Nov 2020
Your voice is what I need.
I long to hear you whisper
good morning in my ear.
I long to hear your moans when we touch.
To hear you beg for more when we make love.
Its your touch I need at night.
Your arms around me.
Your body pressed against mine.
The fire that burns when you and I touch.
Our need inflamed with each kiss.
Our certainty that we are loved and desired in turn.
I want all your tomorrows.
Every kiss under the night sky.
Every dance that needs to a night of insatiable passion.
I want every memory.
I want you.
For Maximus who I love
Mia Nov 2020
It just seems to fit, you and I.
With every kiss, every touch,
I feel you inside me.
My loneliness is no more
when you surround me.
I yearn for you every minute.
You're the only one who sees me.
Who knows how to unravel my knots. Who releases my love.
In a tide I cant hold back.
My love overflows for you.  
My need for you is insatiable.
I long for you like my next breath.
I yearn for every tomorrow.
I never want to stop dreaming of you.
All my pain made this moment worth it.
You are my world.
For Maximus, you made me love again
Mia Nov 2020
As the minutes pass,
my skin tenses.
Missing the one who rouses it.
And my soul reaches,
across the distance.
Hoping that it will reach you.
That you will feel my fingers across the distance.
Hear my voice whisper in your ear. My love, come to me.
I long for you.
More and more every minute
Every minute away from you stretches
Mia Nov 2020
The darkness calls
Except this time it sounds warm
Deliciously wicked even.
Like a tongue licking down my pleasure spots.

I answer the call.
First by my eyes widening
The hint of a mischievous smile on my lips,
My body responding.
Knowing that it is you to whom I come.

Step by step I sink into the pool.
Gazing into your eyes
Becoming less than I am.
Only what you need me to be.

Shedding my doubts.
Fear a thing of the past.
All i have is now.
My heart beating fast as i bare myself.
Open chest, open heart, open love.

Yours to do with as you will.
Yours to conquer and destroy.
You are my salvation and damnation.
You are the dark night and I the moon.
Only together are we complete.
Fade into me as i sink into your abyss.
For the dragon I love. Thank you for another chance
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