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Elle Jul 19
Wind rustled leaves
Are the only sound
In the canopied dark
Concealing memories
Of dizzying nights
Spent wild in the woods
  Jul 19 Elle
the stars will not light up tonight
they seem to fear the dark.
they realised the sky is just a trap
and people are too small to care about.

so this night i will live my life
because darkness is now in all of us
and i feel so beautiful and wild.

the world is violet, black and blue
so i do not care if you once pretended
to be a sane sad dreamer too.
dance your own dance and then fly.

now i can touch all my ilussions,
i decide whats poisonous for my mind
now the wind is playing with my hair
and the world that used to know me is far
far away.
get free!
  Jul 19 Elle
Infamous one
In the dark thinking
Woke up from slumber
Change was coming
Not sure when
Or where he'd end up
Working to be safe
Trying not to end up
On the outs forgotten
Little time left
Making the most of it
Most that was given
Elle Jul 18
Sometimes I touch upon
The rippled waves
And fresh salt smell
Careless and free
I swim
In the blue lagoons
Listening to the hum
Of a busy earth
That passes too fast
Around me.
Sometimes I feel the sun
Its warmth pricking
Against my skin
Reminding me
To breathe spring in.
Elle Jul 18
The clock beats
In a slow dance
The sound, reverberating,
In my ears
The world's in slow-motion
Circling and revolving
Around me.
Without me.
The ticking,
Drumming at my skull,
Reminds me to move.
I start to shuffle.
Elle Jul 17
Splash water on my face
To feel more awake
Alert to the murmur of bees
Humming across the flower stems
A gentle breeze
Wrapping my cold cold skin.
Search for energy;
The dance of spring
Calm the ripples in the water
- Gurgled anxiety, lapping at the shore
Splash water on my face -
Wait to feel alive.
Elle Jul 17
Come - Brave this slow dance
Shuffle slowly to the beat
Long are the days
Of high powered jazz
Smiles and trumpet bands
Of tiptoe dancing
Over the concrete rooftops
You make your own music now
Listen to yourself
Try to dance in time
Try hard not to fall
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