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Feb 2020 · 440
Eleanor Rigby Feb 2020
When he left
Like a taxi
I just paid

He left, with my heart
Inside his reservoir

The mirrors were clouded
With nicotine and gas

Waiting to rain

I waited for the condensation
So I could cry

But I waved
My goodbye.

-- Eleanor
Jan 2020 · 551
Eleanor Rigby Jan 2020
The pain untold -
Widen the hopes,
Hide the dreams and roam
Memories unfold -
Until memories are sold.

To that very one
Far from home.

-- Eleanor
Aug 2019 · 403
Eleanor Rigby Aug 2019
I went fishing everyday
But today I met you,
And it's the first time I learn
That eyes can be hooks, too.

-- Eleanor
Aug 2019 · 704
Small Box
Eleanor Rigby Aug 2019
We built a world
Where eternity exists
In a small box.

-- Eleanor
Aug 2019 · 288
Eleanor Rigby Aug 2019
How should I repent
When my faith is bent.

-- Eleanor
Aug 2019 · 292
Eleanor Rigby Aug 2019
It shuffles and distributes
The golden hand at times
The losing one mostly
And God smiles
At the irony of it all.
The dice rolls and giggles
It is not for us mortals.

-- Eleanor
Aug 2019 · 318
Please be Pleased
Eleanor Rigby Aug 2019
Please be pleased
By the summer breeze
When I died I was taken
From winter to your heaven
Please be pleased
By my death
It is the birth of a new love.

-- Eleanor
Aug 2019 · 207
Eleanor Rigby Aug 2019
As my heart pours liquor on my soul,
My head drops a verse
For that whom is in question --
There could be no substitution.

-- Eleanor
Nov 2018 · 460
Blood Shed Mercy
Eleanor Rigby Nov 2018
It is only at the mercy of God
That I still live rightly
That very same God
To whom I did wrongly.
Should I have died
Before the sun rose
That evening in the war
Where widowed in blood shed pose.

For whom must I live justly
If for those I killed rather softly
At the expense of the fair
I live poor, pale and frail.

-- Eleanor
Nov 2018 · 695
Eleanor Rigby Nov 2018
You grab the thread
And start walking away
And I, still pinned to a twig
Unravel, unravel
And become but a trail
Behind your sail.

-- Eleanor
Oct 2018 · 331
Eleanor Rigby Oct 2018
Glum gobbledygook gush
Somber Sonata hush
Hurricanes in horrid heat
Deadly dot-dwelling defeat
At your ugly feet.

-- Eleanor
Oct 2018 · 442
Belgian Waffles
Eleanor Rigby Oct 2018
German chocolate
And Belgian Waffles.

Maybe French crepes, too.
They all smell like you.

-- Eleanor
Oct 2018 · 511
Eleanor Rigby Oct 2018
Pear on the coffee table
Apple on the counter
A loaf of bread
On the unmade bed.
My heart in your fridge,
Half broken, half dead.

-- Eleanor
Oct 2018 · 998
Eleanor Rigby Oct 2018
If only I could collect the rain,
Put it in a jar
And take it to God.

Then I would say,
Here, I found your tears,
They made the soil breath.

-- Eleanor
Oct 2018 · 632
Coal Black
Eleanor Rigby Oct 2018
Spilling your coal black insides
In coal black ink,
Into a snow white sheet.

Your twisted coal black
Little cunning friends
All have the same breath.

Some are demons,
Some are whispers,
And one of them is death.

-- Eleanor
Sep 2018 · 399
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2018
Dishonest wine
Goes straight to my brain
And tells me "I love you."
That's what you are.

-- Eleanor
Sep 2018 · 724
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2018
She tries
With her wing in a cast
To flutter and take off
But gravity
Pulls her from the core
And smashes
her wing
Against the ground
Her cast shuttered
And her wing free.

- Eleanor
Jul 2018 · 416
Eleanor Rigby Jul 2018
You run your fingers
Over my smooth skin
And turn every bare part
That you touch
Into little shivers
And into little fragments
Of forever.

-- Eleanor
Jul 2018 · 520
Eleanor Rigby Jul 2018

-- Eleanor
Jul 2018 · 1.2k
Eleanor Rigby Jul 2018
Times moves
Like waves.

It comes and goes,
Elongates and

It doesn't exist.

-- Eleanor
Jun 2018 · 683
Two Wolves
Eleanor Rigby Jun 2018
I removed myself
And walked right through
The gates of hell -
I saw it all - blazing in flames
My sins before me -
Like two wolves on my porch
That came back
To devour me.

-- Eleanor
May 2018 · 2.2k
Inferno Desperado
Eleanor Rigby May 2018
You are Tequila shots
In perfect desperado
Your days heavy and long

Your nights, sudden aislado.

I am wine glasses
In bittersweet nocturno
My days short

My nights, eternal inferno.

We always swallowed those notes
Like fire down our throats.

-- Eleanor
Mar 2018 · 825
I Don't Want
Eleanor Rigby Mar 2018
Distant lights at the horizon,
At the shore with longing;
Once a sail, a sail forever.

Hope alike the burning stars,
Afar, afar but dying;
Once a death, a death forever.

Dreams, vibrant with colours,
The real lacking indeed;
Once a grim, a grim forever.

And, you and I will never
Ever, ever, ever
Be together.

-- Eleanor
Feb 2018 · 806
Eleanor Rigby Feb 2018
He thinks he knows me
Like a book he reads.

But God, must I feel
For the metaphors,
The magic, the depth
And the world between the lines
Left unseen...

-- Eleanor
Dec 2017 · 830
Eleanor Rigby Dec 2017
Between you
And me
There is magnet
You are a star
I am a planet.

-- Eleanor
Nov 2017 · 741
Eleanor Rigby Nov 2017
In every story there is a hero
Or multiple
And the God above,
Like a writer,
Picks his
Very carefully

The rest of us
Have got no miracles.

-- Eleanor
Oct 2017 · 854
Eleanor Rigby Oct 2017
the zeal is upside down
i chase the dark sides
not of the moon
not of the story
but of you
and me.

-- Eleanor
Oct 2017 · 912
Umbilical Cord
Eleanor Rigby Oct 2017
umbilical cords i was
born with a pair
one motherly
the latter devilish
one i lost
one i kept with me
steel, forever cursed.
it pulls me
to the destruction path
where i lie with no remorse
and it's the strangest force
that pushes you away
from me.
invisible lives i lead
in the dark
where i keep you the most
but sometimes show you sparks
from a parallel road
i should have taken
right from the womb
but they drag me down
yet attached to hell
by a fine, thin
unbreakable thread

please forgive me
and them
we're one at this point

-- Eleanor
Oct 2017 · 688
Eleanor Rigby Oct 2017
For his gaze a white horse
My insides a little bit
For his hands precise
Shiver inducing
And mine
Gauche disguised.

For the return
In the dream palace
Never the more abiding
Alas, alas!
Anti-clock wise,
Survive the fragments
And the lies.

For my tears crimson
His, unspoken
Ghastly flow of abundant,
Turmoil when apart,
Swagger at ease,
Dies and behaves
Their fears.

For us alone, the devil
May rise
Burial sites
God may reclaim
Two souls in one heart
But they will not

Sep 2017 · 780
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2017
Never be happy,
Said the girl with blue hair
Because then you will become
Very very boring
And you will start to die.

-- Eleanor
Sep 2017 · 774
Sacred Place
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2017
there is a sacred place
that lives in every single
one of us.

i suspect it to be
the very place
Beethoven's music
came from.

and when we have
a late night conversation
in your bathtub
over a bottle of wine
you take me there.

-- Eleanor
Sep 2017 · 619
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2017
how do you make fire,
she asks me.

i steal it off your eyes
every time
you think about him

and it burns.

-- Eleanor
Sep 2017 · 601
Take Me
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2017
he looks at the stars
and back at me
take me, i am yours
he says.

i look at him
and back at the stars

how i wish they
took me.

-- Eleanor
Sep 2017 · 424
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2017
with dirt on your hands
and art on your tongue
you sleep next to me
in the middle of a summer day

you treat my *****
with caresses
left unfelt

and i say,
the day is plain
and the sun is out

and you can't help
but long for the moon
to bring her back.

-- Eleanor
Sep 2017 · 437
Adam's apple
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2017
the lies that she fed him
that night
died in his adam's apple
like a sin
and together
they went to bed
and woke up
in heaven

-- Eleanor
Sep 2017 · 1.7k
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2017
he wrote about
her and
made her

-- Eleanor
Sep 2017 · 913
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2017
and if someday,
some happy day
life grabs you by the collar
and knocks some sense
into your head,
don't think about it
don't fight it.

just remember
that somewhere
in the bottom of a wine glass,
you exist

-- Eleanor
Sep 2017 · 795
Four Letters
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2017
And maybe, just maybe
Love is not the four letters
But the spaces in between them.

-- Eleanor
Sep 2017 · 492
Elephant Prints
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2017
i am lying on my stomach
starring at the blue elephant prints on this duvet
i got from Sri Lanka last year. and there's
a small voice in my head
that says to me, do not fall in love again.

but i do it it anyway.

-- Eleanor
Sep 2017 · 503
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2017
Between the stars
And the million years
Your face appears.

-- Eleanor
Sep 2017 · 582
Much More
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2017
Much More
your words speak to me
of i love you's and i miss you's

but your eyes speak
of much much
much more

-- Eleanor
Jun 2017 · 813
One More Drink
Eleanor Rigby Jun 2017
just one more drink, he said
and i was fine,
one more drink
will go straight to my head
and make me have
six or seven more
and drown me, drown me
six or seven miles offshore.

just one more, i said
and i was fine
with his hand between my *****
i was fine
with his teeth on my neck,
his claws, pointed, *****, *****
all ten of them
all ten of them ripping my shirt off.
all ten of them
scratching my skin with scoff.

one more drink, he said
and i'll take you home.

"you don't have to be alone."

-- Eleanor
Jun 2017 · 1.0k
Eleanor Rigby Jun 2017
it's terribly humid
and this cigarette
is terribly harmful
this life is horrid
it's terribly horrid.

and i terribly die
each time
you kiss my forrid.

-- Eleanor
Jun 2017 · 839
You're Home
Eleanor Rigby Jun 2017
Our minds collapse at the speed of fire
Spreading in the dry forest of our pasts
The dungeons melt into one
And my soul is not mine alone
Now that we've met, it's ours.

You speak the words my mouth hungers for
I seek the moon which longs for your howls
Day and night
At night, alone,
I know you're home.

Burning with desire and lust
You look at me with fiery eyes

Where does the light come from
And where does it go.

I don't know.

-- Eleanor
Jun 2017 · 806
Eleanor Rigby Jun 2017
There's a moon in the sky
And a few stars too.

Which of them is you?

-- Eleanor
Mar 2017 · 1.2k
Eleanor Rigby Mar 2017
Billions and billions
Of possibilities
In a restless, uncertain world.
Your eyes meet mine
And I couldn't think
Of another pair
That could make me
As certain.

-- Eleanor
Mar 2017 · 1.1k
Glass Doors
Eleanor Rigby Mar 2017
From a distance behind glass doors
There he moves elegantly
Then disappears from my sight.

Suddenly at a time and a place
Quite in synch
He smiles at me
A shy smile like never before
Behind no glass door.

Then disappears from my sight

-- Eleanor
The Boy In the Red Shirt
Jan 2017 · 698
Eleanor Rigby Jan 2017
But the light
That beams
Is a beacon
In your eyes.

-- Eleanor
Jan 2017 · 641
Pouring Rain
Eleanor Rigby Jan 2017
When the pouring rain
Hits my face and blends with the tears
I remember you.

-- Eleanor
Jan 2017 · 2.2k
Full of Shit
Eleanor Rigby Jan 2017
In an ugly world
Full of ****
You were made of ****
And beautiful.

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