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Dreaming-Demon Nov 2017
I woke today and thought of you
and all the times you helped me through.
To watch you fade infected me
and turned my outlook gray.

I know your pain then ceased to be,
but cannot grasp lifes mystery.
Of time and space and loss
injecting Gods for us to pray.

You held my hand to walk along
and I held yours to guide you on.
Though never got to say goodbye
it drives my mind astray.

So I know in Death we're free
but cannot for the life of me
find that peace although I try
to dig that dirt away.
Dreaming-Demon Oct 2017
Send your vibe through my veins pulsing
feel your rhythm beat.

Kick the habit, skin convulsing
take me off my feet.

See the living far removed and so
we rot inside.

When there's nowhere left to go
and no one to confide.

Cast your magic down my track
and see our skies explode.

See the young man crawling back
and watch his eyes implode.

Send your chill into my bones
that writhe in memory.

When I'm sinking deep in your
euphoric harmony.

Fear the ghost that begs my view
and sets my soul ablaze.

When the spark ignites anew
as life is just a phase.

Feel you feast upon my flesh like
master over slave.

Take the habit, like my breath
and dig our lonely grave.
Dreaming-Demon Oct 2017
Something still
unkown is working
fast to fetch my being.

Good or ill
it's close and lurking
far beyond my seeing.

Feel the tension start to fuse
itself into my system.

When the demon seeks to use
his host just can't resist em.

Move through me
to cease the chatter
grinding through my jaw.

Let me dwell
on what will matter
forcing me so raw.

Feel the fever set to rising
deepening the thirst.

Every kiss is still surpising
almost as the first.

Something deep
Inside me yearning
as I lay to waste.

Just to keep
our center burning
break me off a taste.
Dreaming-Demon Oct 2017
I want to put my rhyme in you
and tease you with the rhythm.
You grind to feel the meter through
these genes, your hands are in them.

I kiss you with my metaphor,
I tongue your eager mind.
You shake against my structure or
the meaning hid behind.

I want to pound my verse in deep
and haunt you with the feeling.
You buck to feel my flowing seep,
vibrations send you reeling.

Alliteration sets the night,
I slow to read each letter.
I take my time and taste you right,
the poetry gets better.

I want to put my words in you
and force you with their power.
You move to feel the meter out
and charge me by the hour.
Dreaming-Demon Oct 2017
Going in
the wrong direction
              the only intersection.

Circling the block for hours

In the darkness, blind.

Living in
this misdirection
              with little comprehension.

When I'm drained of all my power

stuck inside my mind.
Dreaming-Demon Oct 2017
You step onto my paper tracking
blood across the floor.

When our tired eyes are pleading
to exit the door.

Still I sit in sadness thinking
on this state of mind

Is it okay to keep on looking
though I'll never find

How the time escaped my grasp
when standing near your stone.

When I fetched the biggest *****
to lose the smallest bone.

In the seconds of our living,
hours spent to grieve

Greed still powers over giving
what do you believe?

Still I sit in madness running
fingers down your spine.

Is it okay to keep on riding
or derail the line

When all I know is framed,
to fathom deeply on my own.

How I make it to the moment
that I die alone.
Dreaming-Demon Oct 2017
I dreamt within your atmosphere
our sun and moon collided.
Exploding brilliance everywhere
your ghost and I confided.

Enraptured so inside your glow
there's beauty in your power.
I watched you dance across your web
demanding every hour.

You waved your might to light the night
You've won with no resistance.
Then took flight far out of sight
and left me in your distance.

Suspended in your gravity
our stars and souls divided.
Quick to live the memory
my troubled mind provided.

I woke beyond the summer long
and felt in me your magic.
colors fade, the forest wept
on life so frail and tragic.
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