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Kentucky    life's not measured by the breaths you take but by the one's that take your breath away.
Millington T.N    ABOUT ME Name: Louis Haynes Age:18 State-Tennessee BIO I'm am here to post poems I hope everyone will read and enjoy I'm new here so ...
United States   
Victor Lampert
Brazil    I'm not a poet. I thought I would be more than this. You can see my portuguese stuff on the "Poesia" link in this page ...
CB Hooper
Alabama    i woke up this morning and i got myself a beer woke up this morning and i got myself a beer the future's uncertain and ...
David Flemister
21/Non-binary/Ontario, Canada    lyrics with no music
Zanele Tlali
South Africa    On the path to discovery through the words expressed in my poetry. i write my own poetry, hence why I call myself a spilled ink ...
Providence, RI    I like complex ideas and simple phrases.
Michelle Morgan
Orlando, FL   
24/M/New Jersey   
Sofia, Bulgaria    Love ~ writing ~ reading ~ religion ~ poetry ~ swimming ~ nature ~ sky ~ trees ~ old libraries ~ book`s smell ~ meditation ...
tennessee    In all honesty I'm horrible at transposing this blank page and my thoughts.
Somewhere    neutral evil; All written works on this page belong to me.
Ben Ditmars
Human poet transfixed with love.
New York    You'll know the words but you wont know who said them
Trav Jordan
MN    I sort of just really kinda love to write.
Jeremy Bean
M/Detroit, Michigan    You can find my poetry book, MIND AFIRE on Amazon if you are interested in my further works Other than that I am a songwriter, ...
Ashley Williams
Georgia    Poetry--it just happens. © Ashley Williams
Emily Larrabee
A place    Hola, me amo Emily as you can tell. Want to know about me read my poetry. It’s not that hard. Give me a follow I’ll ...
Hopefully I transfer stupid feelings into something a bit better. whatever All content belongs to me, please don't steal it, not that anyone would.
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